School is closed for 55 million American children due to COVID-19

Former Education Secretary, Arne Duncan talks about the challenges of virtual learning and home-schooling.
6:49 | 04/11/20

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Transcript for School is closed for 55 million American children due to COVID-19
Education struggles are certainly real for so many families right now for 55 million American children school is close to be in its plays virtual learning home schooling and for many. Wade too much screen time but not all families are equally equipped to navigate this new normal so for more we bring in former secretary of education Arnie Duncan. Thanks so much for joining us we appreciate it. Baseless we are tutored. So would children learning from home would families that don't have computers or access to the Internet are you concerned about. Increasing the achieve main gap and what should be done. Well this crisis is doing it is. Let me all of us know exactly. How aren't equal access to educational opportunity is today in our country and if there's any silver lot. This horrible time. And prop. Honestly and courageously to get a. The short term seen amazing animation Austin you know. Every 1002 viruses are all our energy problems you know 100000 boxes since the same bank. This. Synopsis that thousands are rare this is the Internet and support. We re Max it. What education looks like what equal access educational opportunity to. Gain this week to close the digital Barr wants. Brawl. Free school lunches are a lifeline for many families. More so now then with unemployment rising what impact during the school closures having on these children. School superintendent golden ball and food distribution single B excluding costs all day. And actually blown away by the Lola ingenuity. I turned into it compassion and Berkeley school districts nonprofits. Are beating out. Bureau isn't murals are daily basis not just school children or their families are now hasn't community. Are we see unemployment rate skyrocket every single week. Is it where else staple a few weeks ago. The world turned upside. Our schools are this is what is more sixth place our schools our social safety nets. They turn into masses who distribution centers and eat his ball is there didn't seem to grow. But this is serious this is our this year I'll be Nixon who. Oh what we're. And you push in the past states to adopt the common core standards which relies heavily on testing obviously. How that work this year may should schools put all those exams on hold. What do you think yeah testing council support as these standards. We're since we're sinners will be tracked gore college and be successful. An immediate classes so what she listens well and did you assess us. We all don't. Really no news is that people are critical to school Billy this year so it doesn't make any sense whatsoever to do assessments. If we are able to re open school last summer I would love to see lots and lots accuse Iran Turkey shares to go to summer school. It is possible left to see you all want to go online learning going to this summer. There you go back to our physical buildings and all. We standard 20/20 once we here and don't let some it is all so yeah. He's is huge. Are you now what her unborn or this is on children's socially and emotionally. In the cause wrecks their experiences and trauma it's eighty your student's social and emotional needs. He served there and they're hungry after news that the priority is mercy he hears and. It just want to underscore a point that you just made a lot of students and and teachers alike are under the impression that perhaps they may be going back to school in May using that that's not likely. Wouldn't. Love best speed chase is don't know that's realistic or not any idiot we pay for continued this is yet to plan to go stool and. But this war in Jerusalem. Near the brutal rapist who has her. That what do you think of the lasting impact on education is a big news few months outside of school and how should schools consider. On those who are gonna advance. To the next grade for example. Well yeah. You got to do Luis Tristan bat bit. Yeah crisis is this is terrible crisis we are not root your years they focus on getting through this crisis is keeping people. Or balls. All the prices as opportunities to speak about things determined to reenact tender moment. What do you really the year that Google should not be to go to what was there are or. What are what normal because quite be normal wasn't good enough or are too many children are confident. Our educational says is the next level. I don't think about it is that we talker it holds the digital digital blue bar all she needs come back not TO wasn't enough. Let's look at new normal this what's more they are just and equitable in where children across this country BC soc has accessed. On education. Or act. Our aspiration. For your courage to ask those are questions in an accident together in way to death is instant chow and ultimately benefits are our nation. And this well a double back to again the idea of schools reopening do you think of that should be. Something that is a local decision or a national guidelines. Well. I just can't get this virus doesn't. Know what district it's in what city what do you sit well stated Cindy snowy border superiors so we were there. I'll see to close schools ride at a Chicago Public Schools the senate peers who took a single day off. Mary snow of any stripe but this is a different time in our first are you weren't TV warlock. It's so it is absolute miracle that this is who does what it terms of disease and it. Sells more than our holy it makes our physical distance. It's so we're past this beast of Satan where everybody I'm. T let's lose squabbles and keep people who fall and that's part of our. To ensure all we're we're all just this hopes we bring together. For the foreseeable juror we need to keep our physical distance. Beyond that this thing run its course. This are and where it is safe to go back we say we should go back but not a date report. We're all adjusting that's for sure I can't believe that in Chicago you never had a snow day but how her name doesn't get it didn't believe it. Elop nobody nobody is off actually appreciate that make sure those kids are educated are Arnie W thank you so much for your time in your insight.

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{"duration":"6:49","description":"Former Education Secretary, Arne Duncan talks about the challenges of virtual learning and home-schooling. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70096169","title":"School is closed for 55 million American children due to COVID-19","url":"/US/video/school-closed-55-million-american-children-due-covid-70096169"}