UN secretary general: ‘We need a global vaccination plan’

U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres sits down with ABC News’ Juju Chang to discuss efforts to provide COVID-19 vaccines to all countries, and concerns about climate change and misinformation.
4:29 | 02/27/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for UN secretary general: ‘We need a global vaccination plan’
A from the pandemic to climate change our world is well. Frankly challenged so our juju Chang sat down with the United Nations Secretary General to get his take on some of the biggest issues we face no matter where we lynch. And Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez spearheading the United Nations response to every major global crisis since he took office in 2017. As the pandemic ravaged the globe guterres front and center advocating for increased testing and equal access to vaccines for nations. Rich poor who are eight. Called it the biggest moral test before the global economy what do you think about the fact that a 130 countries haven't had a single dose extra easy is. The suicidal approach foot every book we see an olive fighters deputies will take to edit them out of virus spreads. The Mardi changed spend any changes he can become more deadly. More transmissible. But what's more resistant to vaccines. So we shouldn't exceed your country but you forget to vaccine that countries and the united counties lose. Freitas will takes you don't come in the way you'll read since Mike no longer be and relevant so. These is the moment in each I think we need a global vaccination plan. And those of mosques Levy it's mosque needles and have the power and resources. How concerned are you that these variants will pose a long term track if we don't vaccine next. In a short Expedia everybody everywhere. If dividers goes on spending ends changing. It's might be we might come to a situation submitted to the flu. In which we don't get rid of it every year that he's a new single every of the accident the last seeded he's no longer adequate to meet revenue vaccine. That the school doesn't kill us not just coffee it's so we cannot afford to live in that easy is that you so many people wasn't cooperative. The same situation of who we must get through this call it. And to get to that club the best is to concentrate. Capacities our resources and to make sure that's not able to vaccinated everybody everywhere. You monkey chairs as other major priorities urgent action on climate change. A report just released by the UN paints a startling picture of a planet in decline roughly nine million people die from pollution every year. The UN climate report is being described as the starkest report yet on the environments. I'm curious. The US has just this month rejoin the Paris climate records. How do you counter this feeling among everyday people that perhaps it's too late. But it's not too late on the contrary we are on time but it need to delete quickly. At some people say look I mean there's so much holds the temperature in Texas so we'll probably there's no global warming the worst inclement changes not only the warming. He's promising is becoming more extreme. According Kate Snow storms heat waves received his morning same and it's not too late what are the most effective policies you see going forward. I see the technology on all sides and in today's cheaper to produce energy based on. Then based on cold water on other fossil fool us. But of course we need to listen as he shouldn't unit unit keeping that we just these sub indices moved his appear between need to take care of the people. Debt citing faulty those industries so. We need to let's prove gross ticket in economy but let's supports those that come losing with a sect that took third I don't economy is facing adult. But is the world evolves Cutera says an epidemic of misinformation. Is giving rise to this year and he into what can be done. Being in your. You two fight that kind of disinformation that seems to be the core of all of this device that deficit festival. Truth. And I sink. The media. It is a key role to play. We need to re establish. Oh pissed so global commitment to tools to use tools does the daisies. Put trust and the problem of today's world is the lack of trusts. And the lack of trust between people in government the lack of trust between countries the lack of trust between institutions. And these lack of trust he's undermining no capacity to prevent conflicts balk at best if you can solve conflicts all capacity to deal. We did call did what all capacity to be able to face the step of climate change.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres sits down with ABC News’ Juju Chang to discuss efforts to provide COVID-19 vaccines to all countries, and concerns about climate change and misinformation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76147713","title":"UN secretary general: ‘We need a global vaccination plan’","url":"/US/video/secretary-general-global-vaccination-plan-76147713"}