Sen. Joe Manchin: 'Better than 50% chance' of COVID economic relief by year’s end

Sen. Joe Manchin discusses his $908 billion pandemic relief proposal that’s gaining support and why he thinks bipartisan action is now possible.
6:34 | 12/03/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sen. Joe Manchin: 'Better than 50% chance' of COVID economic relief by year’s end
Of hope in the long stalled negotiations over Kobe economic releasing us apprised of today House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader chuck she works back tonight 38 billion dollar bipartisan stimulus framework they say could be the basis for immediate negotiations. Is price and it falls right around the halfway mark of the one point nine trillion dollars passed in the house of touch Republican package it totaled 500 billion dollars meanwhile senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says he's working on a smaller more targeted relief bill this as more Americans are set to lose pandemic benefits on December 31. On the Kobe relief negotiations we bring in democratic senator Joseph Manchin of West Virginia who helped put together the 908 billion dollar bipartisan stimulus frame lurched senator always good to have you on a show thanks so much for talking with us. Would you Lindsay RU I am well so. How important is it the democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer now support your 908 billion dollar proposal at least as a starting point even though your price tag is about. Half the one point eight trillion a day were hoping for. Everyone needs to remember this is a Covert. Emergency relief package gays framework and now we're putting that we're putting the language to a Jamaican bill. But this mind. Bring just the people that we were able to do something in a bipartisan why. And Roy Blunt these are distinguished Republican senator from resort properties said it best he said this 908 million dollars if we can passage today. Probably means more than two trillion dollars in January or march two trillion dollars vs 900 million because of all of the then the dire need of people. And if we let this economy collapsed completely people have nowhere to war. Businesses have been shut down with no support whatsoever. Going to be a hard time having things reopening yet. I know the stock market seems to be doing well for whatever reason but I can show you main street is not rule America is hurting very badly. We just need missed McConnell to allow his Republican colleagues. They're doing it anyway Mitch so you might as well work with us we need all the help we India get this done as quickly as possible. Would you have this finished by next week Lindsay. Well I think what makes you know there's there's not a more better tactician than Mitch understanding how to count votes what's going on I think you'll find out. Then there is Republicans that won't vote. May before the deal that he wants to put up. Because they think this is a much better. And much more needed process that we're doing now with Kobe hitting harder than ever Lindsay we got a basically more demands on our hospital. We have more demands on our front line workers than ever before and again the end of this spending goes into the year. All ceases. So would that next year bill cannot said this for Lindsay. Rural hospitals get nothing. And mentioned skinny bill nursing homes get nothing nutrition assistance truth gets nothing. State and local governments get nothing rental assistance people will be evicted. I was eviction moratorium goes I'll get nothing opiate treatment gets nothing nor does Brock and get anything. There's too much left and too much need. And that's what we're dressing. And I think Mitchell see that many many of his Republican senators agree with this piece of legislation and they've been working all with us number proud of that. And maybe you'll change who knows but then. We have to what you see on Hogan. Better angels inside of us took a mountain broker that happens with Mitch. Now you've also though expressed some concern that progressive members of your heartedly congresswoman AOC could hamper compromise released he'll disclose CN Schumer support change that equation at how do you plan to bring everybody on port. I think you know we just got to deal with that it was the handle we have been hopefully the congresswoman and then and her supporters will understand. We'd love to get a lot more to we think they need is there. But it's just not going to happen because you have to basically work negotiate and compromise. That's what we've been doing. There there's a lot of Republicans don't want to do any more than a five under and there's a lot of Democrats and don't want to do anything less than one point two trillion. But with that that's not sometimes. How you negotiate you get a final deal. We've got a process now that we truly have met the emergency needs of our country. Up and she'll April 1 now that's what you have to realize this is December 1. April law. It's a short period of time the first quarter. Which will be the most challenging time we've ever had with this pandemic on our economy. And the well being of the people as a vaccine starts rolling out. Oakley sooner than later. And you talked about you know the need to get our better angels to it to kind of emerged so. Yeah obviously hoping for the best but realistically what do you think of the odds are that we're gonna get stimulus really by the end of the year. Right today as we should be. I'm giving him better than 50% chance I think I'm well over 50% move in the six year seventy. Cause actual good. I've been around long enough know. It's when you hear the chatter and people voluntarily come up. Usually I'm chasing people down then I. Comfort level walking on the Republican cloakroom and it. Program and talk and all my friends so. I'm kind of a rover on that when they come to me here and come to our other colleagues they know who all been on the Frontline we are doors wrote everyone to commit we got more people participate. So I feel that meant I truly do. And now I saw also where the chamber of commerce United States chamber of commerce. Came out and we have all the labor unions coming out when did you ever get chamber of commerce and labor how many times working or something they say. I might not be what we wanted to. It is best we have right now the week in June and the needs will be met for the emergency time we're talking about and that's what we're trying to do. So more than 50% glass half full that's an issue that I'm yeah I'm always looking. I ask you we like that optimism senator mansion thank you as always appreciate it thank you Lindsey appreciate it.

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{"duration":"6:34","description":"Sen. Joe Manchin discusses his $908 billion pandemic relief proposal that’s gaining support and why he thinks bipartisan action is now possible.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74516429","title":"Sen. Joe Manchin: 'Better than 50% chance' of COVID economic relief by year’s end","url":"/US/video/sen-joe-manchin-50-chance-covid-economic-relief-74516429"}