Senator pushes plan to produce more PPE

Sen. Chuck Schumer’s plan would provide $11 billion towards personal protective equipment for health care workers.
2:58 | 11/22/20

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Transcript for Senator pushes plan to produce more PPE
Second wave of cope it is coming. If they are in lots of parts of the country and it is unfortunately. Coming to New York as well. We have a death total of 250000. People in New York. Some of those deaths were in New York with a number is increasing every part of the country is felt the impact probe. So we need an expansive plan. That helps docs nurses hospital workers providers get the gear they need before before this second wave hits us. Enough is enough. So today we are pushing a plan that we have just introduced in the senate called the protect our heroes act. To ensure that those working on the health care front lines have the PPE they need right now they do. But as things get worse they won't unless we do more. Okay our bill authorizes ten billion dollars for this strategic national stockpile. To purchase large prop large amounts. Bob and 95 bands of gloves of gallons of face shields. So that the stockpile has it in advance that it can be distributed immediately you don't wait for the crisis to hit and then tell them to start making this stuff. Because it often takes a while to make this stuff but especially because of supply line James. If you're making a mask and a certain kind of bolt does not available you're stuck. So that's why it weakens if we can have this strategic stockpile had all of the stop it needs now. Weekends avoid what happened before. Secondly very important as well. We did we invoke the defense production act which would allow the federal government to commandeer factories. And others to make these things it was passed during Truman. During the Korean War. The president trump has not wanted to use it let him use it now. That's very very important. The Biden commitment. Administration's already committed to using it but given that support transition. They're not going to be there for two months. Two months from yesterday till jet till January 20 so we're urging pleading with the trump administration invoked the defense production act. And we're going to try to pass our legislation in the lame duck. So that it's not up to the trump administration. So that the stockpile gets filled and so that the DPA is required to be used. There are shortages it PPP in the rest of the country. That has covic that's gone through the second wave already. So they need this immediately we don't need it today in New York but we could needed into three weeks or months. And we cannot wait we do not want to repeat that.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Sen. Chuck Schumer’s plan would provide $11 billion towards personal protective equipment for health care workers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74347668","title":"Senator pushes plan to produce more PPE ","url":"/US/video/senator-pushes-plan-produce-ppe-74347668"}