Severe winter weather to affect millions of travelers for Thanksgiving

Heavy snow, rain and flash floods to impact millions of people traveling over the holiday.
2:14 | 11/27/19

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Transcript for Severe winter weather to affect millions of travelers for Thanksgiving
We begin with those dangerous storm systems moving across the US this holiday week bringing damaging winds flooding and lots of heavy snowfall of cities like. Minneapolis Minnesota in blizzard like conditions where we find our Alex Perez. Alex this is just not the best timing for all of this rights. Eight Kimberly mother nature could not have picked a worse time to dump all of this no you might hears a noise behind nor did they don't let you get save. This area or re are already being a loud. That's just one private club group here but. Their entire state has about 800 salt and contracts that have been working around the clock to try to keep up with this note that check this out when we went to bed last night here there was no snow on the ground when we woke up. So there is headed here from six to ten inches of snow at one point it was falling at a rate of about. Two inches in hours of this snow was just coming down thankfully it's stopped for now and this is a fast moving storm. So it's headed to grave problems in other areas but here right now it's all about the cleanup in trying to keep things moving. It's bright before Thanksgiving everyone wants to get to their families. And no one wants to be dealing witness Kimberly yet have you talked anybody on the ground may be frustrated by the situation. Yeah oh you know anyone who has to travel right now who's headed to the airport to Minneapolis and Denver had all those problems we saw yesterday. All of you are very frustrated right now because trying to get from point a to point B. Has been very very difficult but here in Minneapolis you know this is the upper midwest and they're used to cold there used to snow. And you can see by that while cleaning up they deal with it pretty well and they get back on the road as soon as possible so right now it's complete cleanup mode. And try to get this snow ended the roadways cleared up at the roadways have been pretty bad in some areas across the plains and the upper midwest. The icy slick conditions combined with the snow has been creating a lot of problems so crews authorities. Across several states have been working nonstop to they've been pretty busy as well Kimberly. Yes everyone has to say states and Alex we appreciate the updates and hopefully on you're gonna get out of that soon the.

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"Heavy snow, rain and flash floods to impact millions of people traveling over the holiday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67350691","title":"Severe winter weather to affect millions of travelers for Thanksgiving","url":"/US/video/severe-winter-weather-affect-millions-travelers-thanksgiving-67350691"}