Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison

A Pennsylvania judge designated the comedian a "sexually violent predator."
7:29 | 09/25/18

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Transcript for Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison
This is an ABC news special report. Now report. Tom governments. I would come around here now with some breaking news we're the world's best know entertainers appears to be heading to a prison cell very shortly. A judge in Pennsylvania has just sentenced Bill Cosby to no less than three and no more than ten years behind bars. This was video earlier of him arriving to court today he actually had a smile on his face. Until he learned the news that we've just learned moments ago the judge also classified him earlier today as a sexually violent predator. Cause he was convicted in April drugging and sexually assaulting. Andrea Conn stand at his home in 2004. The jury for what was a retrial found Cosby guilty on three felony counts and just moments ago. The same judge and I case judge Steven T O'Neill ruling Bill Cosby need to cern to serve time in prison. Lindsey Davis has been standing bodies covered this case from the get go she was inside court as a judge hand down that sentence Lindsay walk us through this. David you know built concrete remains in motionless he had his head. Forward he sat. Just looking straight ahead. In meanwhile in the back row. It was filled. Where it's and maybe about eight of the other caused the accusers in May it already handed out tissues. Immediately the tears began to flow they were crying quietly so they wouldn't get kicked out of court. In a lot of fingers they were all holding hands they were nodding their heads fervently again and again. But it was quiet you could hear a pin drop in the courtroom. Additionally the judge said the dead he'll have to pay for the prosecution calls for court. Here's a good 25000 dollar fines. Leading up to his sentence he gave some really strong. Quotes directly aimed at bill 'cause be and he said. The jury's verdict must be heard loud and clear. You were convicted of a very serious crime. Again and again he said no one is above the law he talked about. Despite how much money and fame and celebrity you have no one is above the law. And Lindsay when the judge classified him as a sexually violent predator he sent a signal there. That this was not going to be much of any leniency because Pennsylvania State law defines a sexually violent predator as a person. Who has a mental abnormality. Or disorder that makes a person likely to engage in predatory sexually violent offenses. Because his defense seems arguing he was 81 years old he was blinded he was frail but that. Apparently didn't work into the judge's decision. They you're exactly right it didn't it didn't work that you don't think the defense. The district attorney rather head says several times before looking you don't get a judge get out of jail free card because year old you don't get it get out of jail free card because. It's taken this long for justice to catch up so you and look the state prisons are equipped for people who are blind for people who are old. And it seems very clear early on that the judge she gave a lengthy statement be quarry actually gave this sentence that it he wasn't gonna buy that he basically said look. What you're charged it requires. That I give you this total this total confinement. An and kept mentioning. That he would needed to protect the public and also that he would need this prison time basically in order to. Realize that. Rad the gravity of this charge. And Liz you've interviewed Bill Cosby during these proceedings do you think. Once the judge handed down that that sentence that it hit him that he realized he was going to prison this was somebody who at one point. Was one of the most powerful people in Hollywood he was labeled America's dad and now he's going to be behind bars. You know it seems that he had been prepared. For this outcome. And add to your point you know just a kind of talk about the gravity of this situation and there is a quote. In 1981 from a former PR exacted Coca-Cola and he said. That the most believable personalities of our day our god at Walter Cronkite and Bill Cosby and I hope we want. Bill Cosby formerly one of the most credible voices in our society. Now being sentenced to no less than three years but as many as ten years behind bars Tom. An incredible fall from grace sixty women have come forward and accuse him of sexually assaulting them. I want to put up the victim impact statement of the woman at the center of today's sentencing Andrea constant she wrote. Bill Cosby took my beautiful healthy young spirit and crushed it he robbed me of my health and vitality might open nature and my trust. In myself and others and we should point out that Bill Cosby becomes the first convicted. Man in the era of me to a want to bring us any host and now. Our senior legal correspondent in somebody who as a prosecutor you prosecuted criminals like Bill Cosby. Your thoughts. On the sentencing you know insert it certainly is very clear to me that this judge looked at Bill Cosby as he would look at any other defendant he was not above the law. This sentence is completely within the range of what you would suspect someone we get someone that has been convicted as someone that has been classified as a sexually violent predator. The prosecution asked for ten years in prison. A range of three no less than three to ten is completely within the guidelines. An and I think it was very clear once he was classified as a sexually violent predator. That means someone that planned this sort of predation how do you protect the community. From someone that can't control themselves someone that has this sort of fountain malady mental disorder. And that was the turning point today because the argument was he may be 81 years old he may be blind to may be frail. But he made no other women out there and if he's under house arrest he could still attack. That is true one of the meet be psychologists testified that he had a personality disorder and he has an interest in sex with non consenting women and was likely to re offend. And so when you look at that and you look at what you have to do in determining the sort of sentence which as you look at the previous criminal record they'll cost and didn't have one. But the seriousness of the offense this is clearly very serious. Any aggravating factors any mitigating factors he falls squarely. Within this sentence. Any thank you wanna go back to Lindsey Davis for one more question Bill Cosby that was not done fighting Lindsay it's our understanding. He does plan to appeal that appeal process starts right now. Yes exactly and in according to Pennsylvania law you can't start of that appeal process. Until after the sentencing and so there's already a lawyer in court for him to begin that process immediately would also point out that Bill Cosby had the opportunity the judge reminded him they asked him head directly are you sure you don't want to say anything he had the opportunity to have the final word prior to the judge's sentencing. He chose to stay quite this is a clear victory for the district attorney's office they asked for the five to ten years and they're getting that at least three to ten. Lindsey Davis for a sunny host and thank you so much for your reporting on this again if you're just joining us Bill Cosby once what are the most powerful entertainers in this country has just been sentenced to three to ten years behind bars he will be. In a prison cell most likely tonight. We thank you for join us we're gonna return to regular programming right now we will have much more world news tonight with David Muir and we'll continue our coverage right now ABC news live available at And on the ABC news app on Tommy Thomas have a good day. This has been a special. For me peace.

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{"duration":"7:29","description":"A Pennsylvania judge designated the comedian a \"sexually violent predator.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58073025","title":"Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison","url":"/US/video/special-report-bill-cosby-sentenced-10-years-prison-58073025"}