Spotlight on LGBTQ rights in the Trump era

An in-depth look at Trump Administration policies and the effect they have on LGBTQ Americans.
9:37 | 06/07/19

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Transcript for Spotlight on LGBTQ rights in the Trump era
I wanna bring in our guest Charlotte climber she's a spokeswoman for the human rights campaign and an army veteran also joined here to my right are Jerry and Henry she's the executive director. The Log Cabin Republicans the first woman to lead that group a Republican strategist. And over on the White House north lawn right now Chris Johnson White House reporter. I for the Washington blade joins us that's the only LG BT focused outlet in the white house press corps and they're celebrating fifty years. As well Chris let's start with you great to see you so. The pride festivities this afternoon going to be taken place there this week I'd rather just outside the White House the president. I has talked about being the first president pat Republican president in history to recognize pride when he tweeted. The other day. Let's put up that plea for people to take a look and get your reaction to that the president tweeted that he is celebrating pride month from the White House he wants. The nation to know he's standing with LG BT people and particularly focusing on those. Who live in countries where it is a crime to be gay and he says the administration is standing up against. Those efforts calling on the campaign to decriminalize. Homosexuality. Chris what do we know about. That effort. Well. I'm getting that no leopard is being initiated spearheaded by the US ambassador to Germany. Richard Bernal and there's some kind of I don't like a split in the administration about listening throughout the State Department they're gonna say that laws against in the sexuality. That the US government has long opposed them but. But an effort though they insist there there's something behind enemy. Met in a coming to briefing at the State Department now I'm told that Avandia is all over it so who at we'll see if you know today what happened. Charlotte than that for the president likes to embrace these symbols of LG BT writes we saw on the campaign trail he waved the flag he's tweeting. Significant I guess that a Republican presidents recognizing pride month. Chris policies sanded a different message how do you sort of thread you know. When it's not it's not in good faith I mean this is the most aggressively anti of BTQ administration in modern American history by far my mile. And I think it's telling that just you know maybe half an hour ago just Letterman reported that. NBC embassies have been. Ordered not to reply private flights for pride month and so the administration claiming they're trying to encourage other countries to decriminalize homosexuality. Direction say a lot different. And when you look at. You know we have some of those up on the screen is to draw attention to both these are some of just some of the policies that have drawn attention and scrutiny from. Groups like the Human Rights Campaign trump administration has banned openly transgender service members among other things have been a number. Of roll backs of anti discrimination policies are there from homeless shelters have Foster care agencies in the like. Jerry and I mean log cabin didn't endorse president trump and 2016. You support a lot of the anti discrimination policies we should say and marriage equality. Your predecessor called president trump of the most gay friendly Republican president ever do you still think that's true. Well did you know the bar. I say you know we Oakmont Kevin also didn't support or endorse other Republican presidents prior to that for similar reasons so that there has been a lot of work to do in that regard that's one of the things that we work. Very hard to do try and raise that bar and bring more people and you know I don't think that's. We can say it every one of these policies are where they need to be or that. There's not still a lot of work to do. I am a very pleased to see any mention in the modern air act I don't know exactly how long that is there wasn't that we irritable wiley who for Obama to come out. In favor marriage equality he did. And that was significant and huge and as a member of that campaign I was very pleased to see that but. We've come a long way and tried to go back and tell free L Berger found Syria and that I would be sitting here having a discussion about whether or not it was a good. That the threat that a Republican president recognize pride and that that was debate I don't think I would have believed it back in 2015. I just felt rather flimsy anyway you look at the fact that within hours you know this administration removed out of execute webpages from from a web sites. I've made an executive order to remove protections for federal contractors tourists and elderly take you. Ban trans members and military. Has turned away transcendence from an apartment educational civil rights complaints. We're term questions on sexual orientation or entity from surveys of from the commerce department's this census. To turning way trans people merchant from emergency shelters. The most egregious though is these health care policy is the top administration right now is trying to make its medical providers can turn away. LG BTQ patience for no other reason providers personal beliefs. That is not there then that is the furthest thing away from human rights. And it does seem that there's a tension there Chris Johnson in the administration you and alluded to a bunker trump who. Projects herself as a very gay friendly transfer at a friendly member of the administration. Even the president himself from the past. As Donald Trump the business and employed gay people. Spoke fondly of gay people we're embraced Elton John in his marriage back many years ago donated to the. Efforts to combat aids and HIV. And yet these policies were what do you make of that tension from from your observations and sources on the inside. Well it's my impression that a bucket from. Neighbor and it is so Lisa trying to be. Oh to be to support out of airmen are back out during the first through this on an illustration she tweeted out a at message of happy bride the on the occasion but really any sort of and she is a minority in this administration as saying to me like she did and it's sort of a support together at for the us BT community is being drowned out by other voices. And Charlotte Dallas is that many of the entails energy policies are seeing from the administration. That have. Taken hold perhaps despite a bond as was as a transit of military band religious freedom. Actions against we keep middle name of religious freedom. The list goes on on. So obvious you have I commend you always saying but Jesus on a good position act right now. Yeah and in you know overriding all this we go. We saw them come along so far with respect to marriage trends right seem to be sort of the forefront of that kind of social acceptance entrepreneur and the support. Are from the Pew Research Center a couple of years ago sort of wound and older. I'm and I was struck by about a third of Americans according to this course felt that society is gone too far. In accepting transgender people in their right Charlotte I mean art. Didn't want to get you to ask for the transgender community and I know that's a stunning number of our armed. Are you surprised minute how can we get beyond that because it does seem like changing attitudes changing minds be pictures at least part of discussions to be taken in our politics. Not really sure what where this is coming from that they know what line they're looking out in terms of how far we've kind. I mean really the because trans victory in the past ten years. Was the inclusion transcript on the military which came out very significant cited by the Department of Defense which relies a transcript or not a burden. For military leadership who. For trans people in the military but on the management people are viciously under attack by this administration hung up across the board across an armor rights. And not only that but just the target of violence. Nine trans people have been killed this year all of them like trans 126 were killed last year 29 year before that. We are in the middle and a vicious epidemic of anti trans violence discrimination. Not only from our government from from people on the public square and so I'm not sure where this not claim comes from that we've gone to foreign trans rights detonating on started. Yeah yeah it's it's it's stunning that people haven't accepted that in seen the real struggle that turns people are facing an injury and kind of last thought to you on them from the Republican side we have this from Republican administration for two more years or at least a Republican. Majority in the senate another piece of of the pew poll this one more recent from just after the mid terms. Surveyed where people. Felt about LG BT issues how important is it Democrats are obviously find it very important and and context of a policy platform Republicans lesson from pretty steady. What efforts are you undertaking. It with your organization to sort of promote that and give it a boost. Right will you and you kind of mentioned this earlier one of a huge issues that we see among Republicans moderates and independents and sometimes even among Democrats is. People think that after the marriage equality. Supreme Court decision the fight was over it was done extensive work we're all happy go lucky in that those stats that you just mentioned. The violence the discrimination affecting you can still be discriminated against for. I'm your housing. In your workplace etc. those are still major issues so we have we see ourselves as having a major education role. I'm going out to some of these groups people do come to us even sometimes privately and say what's going nine. We hear that we're supposed to do what we hear that there's more going on them we understand. But I don't know please tell us. And so we're trying to do as much as we can to increase awareness. And our bring more attention to some of these issues so that people within the administration can. Be pushed. To Patterson and I think I'm so much for the conversation we are out of time but Charles climber with the Human Rights Campaign can't you tell us tussling inaccurate erroneous call answering and Henry thank you so much of a long cabin Republicans and our thanks to Chris Johnson over at the White House White House reporter for the Washington blade appreciate that very much.

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{"duration":"9:37","description":"An in-depth look at Trump Administration policies and the effect they have on LGBTQ Americans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63566679","title":"Spotlight on LGBTQ rights in the Trump era","url":"/US/video/spotlight-lgbtq-rights-trump-era-63566679"}