Stranded Whale-Watchers Finally Reach Shore in Boston

157 passengers and crew were stuck on a whale-watching boat in the Atlantic Ocean overnight.
5:44 | 07/29/14

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Transcript for Stranded Whale-Watchers Finally Reach Shore in Boston
It was supposed to be and three we're tour instead. What 57 passengers and six crew members aboard a Boston -- -- whale watching boat. Spent a long lonely night about fifteen miles offshore in the Atlantic Ocean. Everyone I'm Dan -- in New York developing at this hour the stranded sightseers did have some company about to Coast Guard cutters bobbing alongside -- all night long until the boat's owner. Got the vessel humming again. To make that long awaited -- home wanna go now live to Boston -- -- -- standing -- -- -- for unions -- -- how exactly does happen. Well apparently when they were out at sea and there were on their way back -- from this three hour tour. They somehow hit some sort of commercial tag line. In the water the propeller got tangled up with -- and so that clearly disable the boat. They couldn't move anymore and so then there were stranded there was a point where they were trying to connect to boats together to try to get passengers transferred over to another boat. That didn't work it was just too dangerous. And divers were trying to cut that line overnight but that was also too risky because you're talking about them. The dark of night here in the opens these fifteen miles off. The Massachusetts coast so all of that was just too dangerous they had to wait for first light. They did. They cut that line those divers went under water they cut that line and were able to free the boat it just got here. Not very long ago and the passengers got off. Some of them were sick but for the most part a lot of them thought that this was an adventure. Yeah and adventures and to say -- -- threat. Every fifteen miles off the coast of Massachusetts and the waves the rocking the C can get a little rough -- their -- it's understandable that some folks were little sick it might -- for being awestruck. Any other injuries though do we know of any thing everyone seemed to be -- okay. Everyone seems to be okay and that is perhaps the best news of the morning here that everyone seems to be okay we spoke to some people who said they were a little seasick. And and that they were still little -- this morning but that it. They felt it was something that they get over so. That's the good news -- was obviously very uncomfortable for a lot of people sleep this is a boat where you're standing and your watching for whale so there was no place for people to sleep. So -- so we have lots of pictures that we saw of of kids sort of you know sleeping on the floor and and and sleeping on their parents. -- fifteen miles offshore is that the typical distance that these whale watch -- go out. Yet you have to go out fart to see these whales and let me just Alia. It is an amazing sight we've seen some of the videos of those wiggles out there seek and understand why people would would go on this and by the way this company here. Happens to be the largest privately owned. Commercial love boating company here in the US so. They are experience in this -- they said this is the very first incident like get they've got like 44. Votes that do this. All the time here in Boston so it's a really big deal here. But thankfully everyone's okay that's that's the good news now obviously inconvenienced -- -- anything that was planned by this but the passengers of the gonna be compensated in some way or refunded. That's right they're gonna get a full refund for this particular trip they're gonna get 500 bucks in cash. They're also gonna get a hundred dollar gift card for other Boston Harbor Cruise -- in the future. And if they miss their flights this morning. They're gonna get the full airfare paid for a whole new flight. To get out there or at least they seem happy about whoever it is that's a video conversation make it's is that they had to spend a night out on the water which is not always the easiest place to spend it. But I also said that they had tried it and it was scary having you have yet kids then you have. You know some of the elderly passengers there a lot of people were were clearly scared in the middle of the night in the middle of you know in the middle of the ocean right now absolutely. And I -- they attempted to actually try to transfer people from that votes to another boat what happens. It was just too dangerous there there was too much going on and -- with the waters they they weren't prepared. To get people transferred over -- mean you're talking about. A hundred and this -- seven passengers plus six other crew members so we're talking about a 163. People to get over. To transfer over and that just they didn't work it was just too dangerous things and they weren't really -- -- that in the middle of the night. Everyone's safe everywhere in sound perhaps a little green and it kills this morning hopefully they'll make a full -- from that so here's the obvious question Ngo. He's you know this when you go lot of these whale watching expeditions -- -- -- was guaranteed to see whales -- have you had a chance to touch and these folks did they actually see and Wales yesterday. And you know about log on my first question the -- you got a lot about they said yes we saw lots of -- In fact I think. One of the kids he was he was most excited about that because he says this was a whale -- -- You know he was. It was a happy about that he's like five years old so of course his sister maybe gave on the -- on them. Read it here is -- sisters like that -- -- -- but guess what we spent that night in the Atlantic stranded and -- are a good happy ending he's GO -- -- -- Boston do you expect that appreciate that. Of course you can keep up with the story real time by downloading. Apps -- sort of updates ago for now --

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{"id":24755663,"title":"Stranded Whale-Watchers Finally Reach Shore in Boston","duration":"5:44","description":"157 passengers and crew were stuck on a whale-watching boat in the Atlantic Ocean overnight.","url":"/US/video/stranded-whale-watchers-finally-reach-shore-boston-24755663","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}