Student says shooter apparently killed two people outside of his classroom

Michael Katz, a high school student in Parkland, Florida, told ABC News he was locked inside his classroom during a shooting situation at his school.
7:29 | 02/14/18

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Transcript for Student says shooter apparently killed two people outside of his classroom
When I talked to though to Michael Katz is on the phone. Who was on the scene at the time Michael can you tell us where you were what you saw and what you heard. All right so close to the tall beautiful thing which is Ahmad who considered the press building. Pertaining that there is what you affecting. While over in that building. So it would undertake. Now to stop what we're. And all those banana to adult court of public sort of like a court be about who like banging. So I was offered that figured they'd get back we'll the third others and then also they hear boom boom boom. And this thought then I hear screaming everywhere and budget we don't but he knew what he is that it. It was the shooter clearly we thought about but. He was right outside of your class did you see him. Get paid I unfortunately I didn't get in but I heard our that are really broad public or II saw it literally heard the shots in. And there are three people. QQ rabbi Michael. Three people dead outside your door in inside the high school don't. Three people dead I don't think it will let out about my door to outside your door do you know about Rudy go ahead apparently. Yup summit so listen so you heard the shots about how many shots did you hear. To many. Did it sound like automatic weapons fire like a machine gun. If it started poorly to sort it out put more than teaching. Did you hear any talking by the sheer. Now but deterred greetings from. Key full body being jaw in your immediate result people by Bartlett but the speed boat but the record. So this was you say right outside your door what did you do once you heard the shots were you locked inside that room. Yet the door law all the beauty but look at the ground you want what is the other side through four or as you've been through the door and all over brought the point he didn't look pot. Where were just. But according to discuss with what he did. Your city anything that's we able to barricade the door. No we didn't have enough time both Portugal beat what the teachers what looked at least you're. Is there spirit strictly enforce the law book all you like sports right. But defense in the public departments but they've been quite a defendant incidental that happened billion dollars over a four month war. So you've had drills jewels for a shooting situation like this in the past. Not any drills but information Obama's book and have been actually break right Twomey in back from oh winter break. So nice and cold night in a month ago but polling at about what we should do anything peninsula is where the other opted. And an about it dean it's now 320 do you know about what time this happened what time you heard those shots. So under our own chief June 20 to 25. What does barge in and out they've probably ended around 330 bode well ordered for bike the 45. C news said that that that's about that's about 25 minutes right there but this is still being described of an act as an active shooter situation have you been told anything. About the shooter where he or she might be. But Ed you're still in the classroom. No bomb. We had bogeys. And debate indeed that school and you're big enough lead lead you of the populated. All fortunately my father was there to pick up in the moment over the foreign office. Doc waited my house where he ripped her. See your your your house or no C you're safe right now do you have any idea. How many people were left in the school when you left. 01. Auditors auditors made even goes so go without because there's about 3000 people in the high school right. Yes it even more and there was definitely period a personal doubt we are opposed to depart well. And Andy could you tell it clippers shot that the year's edition that when you say the first shots were in the parking lot. Like you know like what you're which we are closed parts. You're close in the parking that the first shots as far as you know were inside. The school right outside he said he saw two bodies right outside the door of your classroom. Yes yes where's your evacuating us see our votes you'd at bodies do you have any idea where the shooter went after that. Ohm I heard. Thoughtfully dumb luck next door to a under the Koppel collects. Like a couple more thousand. Opted daughters but that's a folk won't like what we've been very different you are. Right so you you see you. You say the police got there about 25 minutes after the shooting began. Kenya estimated all you said there are too many shots to count as looking estimated offer how long the shooting went on about how many minutes. I Hussein may need clothes stoic during our four minutes. From what I hear from where brackets won't. Right that the shooter was race car you could tell was also moving. Yeah. And you've been in contact with any of your friends from inside the school. On knowing how to some of the parts per unit I get out and I quote my prayers. It was one of the most of both books are all bitter experience to violate. But that make you my burger boat basin. But all the way home unchecked he was voted I didn't see on lake opening messages that we put this. Acts seen holding about a on the bones all important call waiting call and I'm sure a lot of our Burger King. Anything less your friends are safe did you know. That the students you found you saw outside your classroom. The victims or did you know the victims outside your classroom. No I didn't get a good look. We're watching this is still live picture they're still as we were still seeing more of the students evacuated right now people walking out. Where their hands up it sounds like your teacher. Knew what to do in the moment. Yeah. And for NN and and that Arab you've been able to see the text from any of your of your classmates from anybody else the school. Have you picked up any more information from those text from your classmates. And the other from about possible injured. We're victims. I've gathered I got there is but vocal people know for sure oriented and I like I guarantee you there's Q desert you've got to look where are allowed to back it is. Also note that. One of my book deadly friend's friend followed. I've blood although there are technically they're like as if it in the mobile and. And you may not know the answer to this but you'd get it from. Could you tell there wasn't one or more than one shooters. Foam. Off. Aren't we can't are no idea put it not be Arnold that you won't support it and figures probably took them all number water. And you know that did the shooter continued to go through you heard shots from other parts of the school that bad. Obviously do not come into your classroom at all be no never saw this year the shooter walked by your classroom. You know I'd been although it appears both what he looked so. Because you are because you were down on the ground will Michael thanks very much that was very helpful. Told us on unless your back tears your friends and classmates right now I hope we can call you back if you pick up any new. Information but thank you very much we are glad you're safe now were hoping for the best for your classmates schoolmates.

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{"id":53089731,"title":"Student says shooter apparently killed two people outside of his classroom","duration":"7:29","description":"Michael Katz, a high school student in Parkland, Florida, told ABC News he was locked inside his classroom during a shooting situation at his school.","url":"/US/video/student-shooter-apparently-killed-people-classroom-53089731","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}