Students Given Lie Detector Over Stolen Candy

Virginia parents say one third-grade teacher went too far in pursuit of the truth.
1:35 | 03/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Students Given Lie Detector Over Stolen Candy
These Darington parents including PTO president Kelly brown Hampton. Save one teacher at this elementary school should lose her job she needs to let me let got. She needs to be terminated that ban is that -- Here's parents say happened on Valentine's Day brown Hampton says third graders these kids included were celebrating Valentine's Day. There had been candy in the classroom but some. Went missing -- to figure out where the candy when parents say the teacher whipped out a cell phone. Used a lie detector application like this one and made every third grader in the class take it. Third grader Stephon Smith wasn't happy how to feel about taken the test scheme quite you'll scare. That analytical be me Alice can't say no when they -- that he idea and Hannity did. These kids parents aren't happy either. Furious in fact saying their kids were given a lie detector test. Without their knowledge he should have called the park it -- let them know what was going -- -- and and she didn't act I just -- something else could've been done besides give the kids a -- detect assessed. Nikita Henry spoke with the teacher according to Henry the teacher said the lie detector was all in good fun even the kids idea. School administration will not comment saying it's a personnel issue. Something that allows at a jail. My kids are not in a -- a school you know that that he had to be educated not to be considered criminals what they have to take a lie detector -- about keen to.

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{"id":18728913,"title":"Students Given Lie Detector Over Stolen Candy","duration":"1:35","description":"Virginia parents say one third-grade teacher went too far in pursuit of the truth.","url":"/US/video/students-given-lie-detector-over-stolen-candy-18728913","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}