Super Bowl victory parade underway in Philadelphia

Eagles fans are celebrating with the team on the streets of Philadelphia.
11:28 | 02/08/18

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Transcript for Super Bowl victory parade underway in Philadelphia
A guy and it's Thursday February V8 when he 18 just 11 o'clock. Here on the East Coast take a look at this by the way down in Philadelphia today. This is what is just gotten under way Super Bowl champions the Eagles are there today. In the big parade the city of brotherly love is gathering there at millions of fans expected to greet back the Super Bowl champs. For their first ever Super Bowl parade just a moment at sixty years in the making no big deal at all we got a couple of folks down there. Who are in Philadelphia at the parade route there standing there with some of those fans have been there's this early in the morning. We're gonna go live now to check out what's happening there Zachary keach is on the ground he's been there since early today. Zachary how only about what is happening down there today I think it's terrific folks are a little bit excited. It is clear to date that date big lie about your day we got around. It was cold it was written restarted the prequel. Up on allowed that recoup little bit with the sun coming out now there are people at blue Vietnam though it did this. Old school dump a buyout ever seen debris from the people together at a rate. It did you know if it meant he did then that dumped long top. In the making you know we get an idea right now what we want it now you want big bat that they dedicate. Would delayed replicate in. I think they did this yet pure joy from it would European. And Zachary reading stories all morning already about people who were camping out along the parade route leading in their car as an office buildings just to get a spot. Coming out of the net and of the people you've talked to Daryn how much this means to folks in Philadelphia. Yeah I'm not you know one of the first guys I'd talk to you walking on the street recchi yet the by the locked up the parade route outlaw Pennsylvania Avenue. One of the work done and I thought I did it help me understand what this means. People here and the look he we got to understand it not about this need. It's not about this year it's about that didn't. Local can't they're about all the he had been a bumpy for the go order but all the grand. Who have waited so long the day at any eat them and it also really. Added a little icons like the bit you know Thursday a group of people you have no doubt that went back into Latin sound. I picked up upon a time limit that wanted time. They really couldn't live digging. Ruin their ward need their what you begin pure Billy because lack. Did that by anarchy. Some. By living bike here keep them beat the bit the don't want could win this bull after everything they've been this year. I mean a lot he said. When they won it you know Don picked up the phone. He called their father we congratulate them on the big bend waited so so long been beaten. That is incredible attack and asked we'll probably be lending some of those game moments. We've vote on the ground there puke I was not a game they were supposed to wind they were up against and dine me I ate a lot of a last minute epic comeback king himself Tom Brady might pilot early and then. There ever act at their team could win. It if big if they did they won't tell you. They spoke loud dog knew they'd they'd. That in Italy you don't agree didn't Billy. That's that rocky. Laurie that that underdog who don't know big comic them no doubt he's being a parent. Not upgrade you've got no credibility that we could do to create. Com people card the eye in the right now at about. And scratchy throat. Garbage are part that. There must be when he got dirty blonde opera. I'm not one of the book every broker that bears beat people on cloud there aren't allowed it eight gritty spread of the you know you did what they did. I know one on the bed. Actually the live aren't there anywhere that's for a second exactly further along the parade route got an entity member out there carrying traveler is have been covering the parade today and often been recovering from a personal perspective. Just the Eagles and their progress over the last several years care and tell us that where you are what you're seeing and also there are any disclosures that you need to be put off its report. He thought. Great news and it beat up by more accurate I hear. I am why why I not being not. And and now. I coupled that somebody are up another he aid via Elliott yet I. Back thanks yeah rats start there and not what is going to be on pop the bet they're waiting in eagle flags and their. That the public Catholic here aren't out yet. In the NY. And pull relived it. I. I did state I did it. I am on the upper back at you in the morning to get there are right on and allotment rate urged. They were breathing they had. A tactic meant and he argued though that year it angers the other day irk irk you that apple and did and didn't see their people that. Like every court that there are a bad route. Will be. And I'm doing that but. It but I can't say. I blocking out and out right. Our way we did the final stretch that Marie and let. Like holiday like this year young kid older people are real they're making their way out. It and I cited by the way. They get out lack that there. And you mentioned a parade route there it's about a five mile route. We're seeing at the player I think hopping off the bus now going to lead them that they end to all along that route to they're a long it take to make it through there but it. And right at the art easy on them again and if that's that many people know Philly for the islands. The Lester Stallone ran out as rocky and acting excuse me out to Kabul for just asking if he isn't statue in. Plus option there are so many big old Irene. There are their own security that would play. At. But here's the gap. And eat it but incredible story and art and went went out. I'd bet that Ehrlich app or might be out Terry weekly play out that day and I never did the bond it can't be expected. Are out and it happened right. That it is not help keep the right Ali but all the way you're republic that that meant she. Pity really embraces that underdog that you've been rocked him yeah the eagle again that hurry to get any and it's not our. Looking straight ahead at pity pot. Lite act. And they are out. Here but it is fitting that that this and it. There where about well Jumbotron. Along the parkway here at 88. O'clock on that stream split up. And they started playing that super ball from start. And it's no commercial. Crowd. Great read. Act that earth orbit I had backed out everybody let not your. Screen because remember there that abatement but there on the downer not. Larry yelling at every cop in baker did protect and now. He act act out and ego not acting like that I'm here at the clock ticked at what is out out out on a. English though reliving some of those moments that act tell me about. Over where you are you being a bunch of old Jerry these two are people planning on getting a pig nick. And the next and her age and wedding band. You're you know I'm in a wanted everybody cheered him here you know that that they did this idiot I mentioned earlier that. Right now. The good thing that really really. Really love this team and I think you know what this could think of Philadelphia. You know it community had credit it is the long recording wanted to blow yet remember that the duck fans have stuck with it the ball that you. All the news that have come you're the about a grand opening in your view the big bat be what the be people like Ricky. White. I mean these are people. Who have left their mark on the city and let the market cot went. They were on able still get that all sides still only time will tell. How the layered. Are remembered it certainly. Nick bowl. You know you become the very question. It's funny you mention in accounting and Donovan McNabb hear people talking about Eagles as you provoking anger is in half. And big and anybody happened in the most unlikely of ways that make it matter more to them somehow. You you know YouTube way you know what it did he picked the years become an appetite debating at that point it's all good because there are you get you have to imagine. Then it needs more write imagine. Said the you know dead birds that date based did the team and what they were able to do in term there you billion concerned that this. Next man not mentality I think that all goes being matter at the end of the you know it it. You know one of the things that I really about sport I think it go the other people dropped four out board. Are. Art so often a matter what what light right. No I think what the eagle so people here is dead are never out of you know is that you get up in Mountain View with your stuff together it bothered you. Get out there aren't any given Sunday you can be champions in any given day you only get up go to work. In duke which you need to do with the president of Philadelphia anywhere else on the concrete you can get it down and go. I think that the Kinney brought ranked the map and certainly they cannot pick then would it mean could be downer now in India now. And I plan to make it work opened the mooted. To do to promote your. A lot a lot a lot of love in the city of brotherly love Eric today. Factory heat and parents grabber it out of Philadelphia for as good to talk to you guys. And hey you by the Coleman stay right here are gonna have this entire parade for you live you're watching. Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles on their victory parade their first ever a moment sixty years in the making a gap.

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{"id":52935959,"title":"Super Bowl victory parade underway in Philadelphia","duration":"11:28","description":"Eagles fans are celebrating with the team on the streets of Philadelphia. ","url":"/US/video/super-bowl-victory-parade-underway-philadelphia-52935959","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}