Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies at 87

She was appointed to the Supreme Court by President Clinton in 1993.
26:33 | 09/19/20

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Transcript for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies at 87
How dramatically do you think this will change the dynamic of the election coming. They're they're so many open questions Byron number one remember. Real we'll presidential we know he's gonna nominate someone closer geek yes a little it's ready. He has the majority in this planet most Republican majority action in the senate right now will you be able. To. Sorcerer who. The replacing drew Bader Ginsburg in less than seven weeks remaining until Election Day in the lame duck session that comes after that is an open question remember what. Happened when. Justice Scalia died at the end of president Obama's term Mitch McConnell the senate Republican leadership when I could accrue or Arctic air access. To do any replacement that tidbits President Obama. A point in an election year. She is now gone back on that rule saying well that's different because they'll present Republican francoeur each it's unclear at this point whether. Democrats will have the votes to move to block any appointment. The depression would make in these final seven weeks. But this will become an immediate issue in the election it's an open question on whether or not president. I have trouble being able to replace the justice Ginsburg adds credibility to become immediately should the cancellation and potential issue in this election. And George a final question your your fondest memory of the just. Oh. I why are issues in the in the in the White House when they won't be the President Clinton appointed her. Back in 1994. A making mandatory and it was seen. Mission he. He has such presence. And church history womb and she had. We. Such strength that she carry you throughout her life detection. The eighth yesterday he's hard to summarize. In one worker one parent that your contributions. Two American life but she made her mark on the law she mayor mark on the culture she made her mark. On politics station Lou or mandatory long time. And then. ABC news chief anchor George Stephanopoulos George thank you so much. We're joining me now to fight we're talking now via phone to ABC news chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. China than what's been the reaction if any to this point at the White House. Byron nothing yet but let me tell you guys I think did George candidate. I'd have to be on the head here about. He fact that this amount suddenly becomes. If not the central certainly in east central issue which in this campaign 46 days left. I don't thrown Popeye A we we don't have any official word on this but I. IE we fully anticipate he will attempt. Wanted to fill that seat on the Supreme Court. It's hard for me to see if there's enough time two to get a justice. Confirmed. To go to confirmation hearings into the final vote in in this in this senate but but they will try I believe. And end this will be something big. Will be all consuming in this ski in his campaign. You know she was. Obviously more than just a Supreme Court justice she was an American icon. She was also. The it is the dugout BP. Liberal heart of the Supreme Court I mean she. Is Supreme Court that as you know the buyer and so well these these so he is evenly divided it's it's a conservative majority right now 54 majority. But that she its vote. Is Justice Roberts who sometimes doing that with with the liberals and the idea of Donald Trump replacing. The liberal. A war of the court with another. Justice like Kavanagh or course which would. Which would tilt to the that the court decisively perhaps Fred generation. Two to the right and this is something bit. Did they did it won't Democrats will fight inflate inflate. You know with everything they have over the next 46 states. And John we we we've known for a while now that she's had some serious health challenges was there any indication around the White House that. This was imminent. Did you know the White House did not have any visibility as far as I can tell onto the troop review to be. Accurately what the extent of her health issue was put obviously. They knew I did that it was serious and Andy as still as you saw it did just two recently the present in. He listed his potential Supreme Court nominees for for future next on this is something he did in the last campaign this was something he was just part of his campaign this message to side to it took to the right define him reelected. I will promise you that viable pick my Supreme Court nominees if I get any from this list so. What they've been prepared for this eventuality. But I don't think that they had any more knowledge should into her health conditioning you or I think it's. Just a final question do we expect to hear from president trump for getting any kind of were from the White House tonight. I've got nothing on that right now firing of the bet on the phone with you here for a little bit and so it's it's you know possible that. Did that there is word out there but IE you know I expected did the president. Which as you know the president. Watches the news more closely than most people would do that work in the news and I'm sure you'll have a response I'm sure that there will be. On page eight a response to this first a tribute to two Ruth Bader Ginsburg could. And then very quickly after that should. A question about next steps but it took the first step by I would fully anticipate from the president. We'll be attributed to to the death of an American you know did 22 an American icon who has just. Jonathan Karl ABC's chief White House correspondent thank you so much my friend we're going to be joined now. On the phone with Mary Bruce our congressional our chief congressional correspondent Mary Bruce what's been your reaction on the hill. Well we are still course keeping a close eye can see how congress reacts and of course everyone wondering. Why are Republicans going to do next the Republican leader independent national car. Connell had made it very clear that he will try. Just build this week even though we are now under keep eating. To an election timing here is going to be critical they don't have a lot of time until a transition in early January to try and fill this could be good leader McConnell has made very clear attitude and pension. Even though of course it is the opposite an argument that he made. When there was a fight over trying to appoint. Merrick Garland did so that the Justice Scalia in 2016 at a time but McConnell of course that it would be to boaters can make that his vision but now he then didn't have very different situation because it. It is. A completely different game essentially leakage he said currently. Of course Republicans are in control of the panic and of the whiteout KeySpan that she engine they calculate. Democrat candidate that is simply. Splitting hairs they are going to try and get laid and of course remember because of the ruled currently. Republican candidate -- who don't. I can billed this speech. But of course Democrat have the ability to try and delay and delay delay effect that you look certainly. The bat trying to build it the of course is an aide potentially risky lewd. Term purge from ten per Republican. A lot of eyes now are on moderate Republicans. Hand bullet critical moderate Republican. Several incumbent who aren't tight races. Could they potentially be sweet to trying to. A rush to build it eat it of course just to explore boat and flipped it to try and block. Whoever the president put forward I think right now bay hill much like the White House that Jon Karl that it simply trying to door bid he added. You tragic loss for the country but of course everyone given the timing and it is now completely changes. To calculate that we head into this election and all live now on that Republicans and their next bills. Maris a noose is just coming into us ABC news has confirmed from several sources close is close to present trump. Think he will put forward in the next few days the name but his nominee. I did not deprive me of course we know that the president is eager to did you try. And build it he maintained that balance. Are cheated on the court of course. You know did didn't mention a link the prospect that there is time to try and fill this week. But this is not something that happened instantaneously there of course you know you hear if you haven't nominating fight you have plenty of time of course certain members put forward. Two to go through it during batting practice but Republicans that respect are going to try. And do their hardest to push through whomever the president Nene. Very a final question any sense of what kind of nominee we are certainly we know it'll be a conservative what kind of nominee we expect the the the president will put forward. Police you know loaded some names that night certainly you know everybody is wondering that we movie will be we do know. Of course it will be very conservative. Just get back to back the president very enters data try to. Side to change the balance but. It is just such a monumental decision Annie you will have to pick someone who would not too controversial public records who. Potentially be confirmed. Now what he's a very short amount of time and certainly we have seen his previous. Nominees. They intense scrutiny just a Kavanagh confirmation hearing. It was something that I think that certainly not a way vivid the president many expected it to go down so there did. It pregnant want to do that quickly is going to have to become on the Republicans and I can unite around especially getting the support. Vulnerable Republicans who are difficult political traditions right now. Merry Bruce ABC's chief congressional correspondent thank you so much joining us now via phone is Kate Shaw long time Supreme Court correspondent. Kate you're reaction to this news and what are you hearing from your sources at the Supreme Court. Well you know I share the sense that George and others simply that this is just an you know I am a huge upheaval in American law and American flights that she was a giant. On encouraging we're all still absorbing the news although of course everyone knew she would kick and that undergoing treatment for cancer she did appear in public as recently as a week or a week and a half ago and she did appear to be you know in decent health collecting that this did take. Many by surprise I mean on one thing I think we should say is bench. There are a lot of questions that you know still Roe vs. Wade into the net but noted mentioned yet not a decision that very much at hanging by its threatened to thirteen evenly divided Supreme Court this course staunch conservatives there were until today or for liberals. Chief chuck Roberts as the new swing. He counted but with the liberal junkets is just a few months ago to preserve the right to an abortion and algebra vs wade in 1973. Not only again by the narrowest of margin and I think there is no question dead. If president trump is successful in getting a replacement confirmed. They'll vs wade will be overturned in the very near future impact that is what president trumped up on the consult our you know on the campaign trail in twenty Eckstein and even before that. On selecting good doubted very much what is at. To me in addition many in in in that her confirmation battle and one other thing I'll say is that. And if so why don't move quickly to put a name forward and it sounds as though they will come I presume they will choose someone who has been confirmed to a federal appeals court in relatively recently and dogs had been vetted and go there at the degree of certainty that the process could be booed but the only college. Greg Kavanagh. Sometimes unexpected does occur in a confirmation process. And of course Christian party scored coming forward nearly derailed his confirmation process so there's a degree of uncertainty even at the White House want to move as quickly at that can't there's only so much as you can control. We'll have certainly have played talk about the net front for for the days and weeks to come. But about justice Ginsburg we know how her fans felt about her tub water appears in the Supreme Court. Slushy with fear I would tell her colleagues on the court the lawyers who argued before her on knew that when you were discussing anything extra the Ginsburg had to bring your Iggy because she was the most prepared the most well read the most precise in her thinking and her analysis Chad Jerry high standards for everyone around her Gary hiked interest workers held on the and but I think because she include looking kind of standard on herself she would be loved and respected by virtually everyone who came into contact with her actions which usually close with justice Antonin Scalia and of course tied in 2016. Don't they disagree on just about everything in American law on there with a degree of mutual respect and affection because they were both just you know such crap and that and touched your book picture at the top of their respective gains and they had a warm personal relationship on an attrition with those close to all of her colleagues on the court has done. I'm but it can get all had a great deal of respect for her and you know just the American legal profession in general and she sort of within a category of her own even the war in the last few years she became this kind of icon in the wider culture particularly to young people ready really embraced contrary to our BG. Kate Shaw thank you so very much for far forward and go back to ABC's chief anchor George Stephanopoulos George for free or at your your final thoughts. On this incredibly sad evening for a nation. Saddam down the hatches fire and I believe this is something we've never seemed sure we are now lesson for the leaks or presidential election. The Supreme Court that this guy who had this been project with that this opens up the pocket or be changing the ball from the Supreme Court can keep children also. For a generation I would say in the coming days and week. Think you try not only a presidential not only I'm sure vice president Joseph Biden got structural chief Danvers. Look at Susan Collins let me Jodi arts. Iowa Cory Gardner Colorado Lisa Murkowski. Of Alaska until five North Carolina even moved to Graham. The chairman lieutenant. Judiciary Committee from South Carolina could appreciate goaltenders make. In coming days and weeks when the term in the course of the Supreme Court perhaps of course in the country. Sure my generation. Indeed George Stephanopoulos terse thank you so much I know you have much more on Good Morning America in the morning thank you very much. Later we'll have a look comprehensive look at her life and legacy in the on line and Again. Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died this evening at the age of 87 we'll have more developments throughout this evening. Thanks so much for watching. This has been a special report. From ABC news.

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