Texas’ Rio Grande Valley battles COVID surge

ABC News’ Marcus Moore reports on how medical professionals are fighting the rising numbers of cases, hospitalizations and deaths in the Rio Grande Valley.
3:27 | 08/07/20

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Transcript for Texas’ Rio Grande Valley battles COVID surge
And next to what this could be the nation's current co bid at percent of the real Ronde valley in southern Texas dealing with a surge of hospitalizations and deaths leaving families in anguish and doctors overwhelmed. More than 1000. Dead to their in those numbers only continue to rise. Our Marcus Moore joins us now and Marcus what is the medical professionals that you've been speaking with telling you about what's been happening on the ground. Well Lindsay first of all have those numbers are staggering. And I'll doctors have I have talked about just be. The sheer volume of patients they've been seeing him I'm actually just outside a field hospital that's been set up here in McAllen Texas in the Rio Grande Valley. And it has tents inside. This is an overflow facility. There were dozens of people being treated here already low when it opened earlier this week they can house up to 250 patients. And it is an example of what doctors have been saying in the hospitals here there are twelve hospitals serving three counties here. About one and a half million people and doctors is that the they have. I'm an almost overwhelmed. But we're talking about cases where patients have had to base. Transferred to other hospitals as far as 700 miles away Lindsay. To fighting to get treatment. For various illnesses including. Kobe had nineteen and the doctors have been working around the clock to meet the need here and we're talking about. People of all ages thirties forties and up and the elderly. It becomes sick from this virus. And we've seen powerful and moving images of doctors. Indeed the DRs here turning patients over on to their stomachs. So that they can breathe. Breathe and we've also heard from doctors of how they have been the ones. To hold the hand of someone who is dying. From this this disease. And they're the ones who they are with them in their last moments because relatives and family members. Are not allowed into those rooms during these as their patience their founding members are suffering. Yes such frightening scenes when you see those doctors turning them over and Marcus before you go kill you give us a sense of what us you can tell us about this community. Well you know limited this this a very special. And very unique part of the country and part of Texas and we were right along the US Mexico border and that's significant because you've got a lot of fat with the majority of them. Well spent a lot of time historically. Bouncing back and forth between the two countries Mexico and Texas it's so easy. Am and wit that you have a number of large families that. I have historically always wanted to be together. And that's one of the things that we have heard from doctors and health officials here. As of the reason why this may be the next hot spot because in the midst of this crisis has been unfolding you have Bally's. Who want to be together that's just what that's what they know and especially at a time like this. But it makes this area are vulnerable to this virus and also live they consider this. Well this is one of the most impoverished parts of the country and a lot of people here living in poverty. Back a third of the people. And also a large segment of the population are they don't have insurance. And then you have people what would diabetes all of these things compounding. The situation here and making it look a hot spot for this virus to spread. And I'm so many lives. Certainly making circumstances a lot more difficult Marcus Moore thanks so much.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"ABC News’ Marcus Moore reports on how medical professionals are fighting the rising numbers of cases, hospitalizations and deaths in the Rio Grande Valley.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72225341","title":"Texas’ Rio Grande Valley battles COVID surge","url":"/US/video/texas-rio-grande-valley-battles-covid-surge-72225341"}