Therapy Dogs Surprise Staff at Orange County, Fla., Medical Examiner's Office

ABC News' Scott Withers captures a heartfelt moment in the wake of the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.
18:59 | 06/17/16

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Transcript for Therapy Dogs Surprise Staff at Orange County, Fla., Medical Examiner's Office
Ago there's. Okay. Who is okay. This can. Lindsay. Yeah it is okay. Yeah yeah. If you. The what then yeah. Okay we'll people who are yeah. One. It's currently. And it's Friday. It is Saddam. It's. I definitely in Gaza street. Again. John. The yes. Just to get pictures and now I'm going and and we. They didn't we did. This. We're live in the. They can be. Warning. Yeah yeah. Yeah a. Nothing. A yeah. Yeah. Oh sorry that we. Oh yeah. It's an intelligent person less than anything to him it's. If any are. Prison pictures here. That. He started to comfort. You when he started and why August. It started because we the dogs and disaster alerts and let's not yet you can hear. Bring Mike Mullen. And yet we got conferences keep going and he started two dozen dogs fighting started. Started because we saw that dogs could bring that calmness and healing power and helping people that are separate from breast. Disaster first. It's hot dogs here company how many do you normally it is most. We have a 130 some dogs when he. And then of the dogs who brought him down here when did you decide we gotta be you know. You really based based out of Chicago we on the go where were invited we got invited in Santa our Sunday afternoon. And we put up with some holes in the ground and a corona for realism on the morning. Knox he's an artist of the defense as soon as the wahpeton wouldn't describe them when when someone sees Wendy's McDonald's patenting going. What he's accused him hasn't helped the kind of melt they can amount that is. They start petting the dog leash their beloved underdog and they're talking. Smiling. They start smiling innocently. Over and over here. That the dogs and cause them to smile for the first time we're. We'll penetrating the dogs showed he can these dogs are just perfectly well in the and surgery and had eight weeks and spend twelve to fourteen months training each dog. No workable Williams is mainly due. In those positions. Because they're actually pump for drugs hard. If you don't. Where bush you know unfortunately we have had these types of things and expect to ministries. Where have you been able to help weird that result she's been on sandy hook we within the day after the shootings and even the dogs don't see any of government through school. Every day since its schools a little bit Boston commons. Oregon with machine college community college. Fertilizer plant that we'll win and you name has been an everywhere your Orlando movie did talk to you need help. We have been working with the victims of the extremely so we hospitals. Went into the field. Staff the yeah. Place with the bombing took place to adults we did women proud. We've been with probation officers those concerns online. By. Village hall that stand the commissioner. Record books yesterday so anyone that invites us and taken with the dogs and we do personal visits also. And their families and their home replacement work. Yeah he loop around being turnaround look good. Do they know what kind of last. Here today. Negatives are dealing with in the sorrow that you do here and consumer rights site and it's an accident. Talking and crying and hugging and don't help subdue him you know. And that's what is about to heal and realize that people care and for them to know we've got ducks and thirteen are among seven states and people on the end. For them here that there's so much support throughout the United States. Just love on the gauntlet of the slump. Didn't think you were at its August of these people and saw the doctor. Yeah I. Saturday. Robert Robert Margaret Buchanan and Angela yeah there's usually an investigator during this cousin. It's I think and very relaxing its it's about your days. We enjoy it and and it looks. And I feel now. It is. It. And yes it has been very difficult. But this makes it bring little smile to everyone's face. These dogs they're a great asset. He. Mine it is. And most definitely him. Yeah. And all we did it. Settling anything it a little better equipment. After a Langley has been Nina Hartley yeah. You know. Yeah him. Standard. Offices buildings it actually is much. It's him though. I don't you know you we kind of always have to give it doesn't work that we do. It's well. Obviously the man hours late in the week we just increases and we take your each of its non there. It's great scene that's and pretty much. I. Thank. And on the Mike while my dog my but. I was just what this dog's paradise. Let me know love animals in the doctors and means has been like that you changed the entire feeling. Of the day. To start out west are handling this was going to be eaten you know our sound. Are. Who. A lot better should look at yeah. Months ago. With turning. And the and the. You seem pretty excited to see the dot laugh. He's increase that is seeded. We'll do it what is basically I don't like crazy. Greece's beloved monument. It's right over here is. It. Oh. EED. We just beaten. You know what's been really great effort for us that this group is much here but it's been they've been out for several days now family reunification center. Justin it did most. First day in pain after the event. Which imagine the staff not just victims. That there almost surveillance and I don't know how many of them there where we saw few commoner. It's been really very. And it. There. I. I. Guys he makes a huge difference how many people are our animal lovers and dog lovers and and you know. Doctor staff and our world we have jokingly says increase happiness by 600. I'm one's comfort level as and neither minds of their own pets or distant generals as calm dogs like this with great anglers so. I think it makes a huge difference for it's just an evident joy in their an airline pilots and a background do something that's really difficult what's jobs have been very. Very much. There. Right right now I figured out. I. Everyday so that newsman. I don't island now. These new and I can. Yeah. It's and it helps people relax and gives them some moments with no outs you know reflective moment recently justice in the moment it's kinda don't make it again. And now and very tough and it's an outlet to go back in that it's it's. And again go. And. You probably couldn't. Yeah oh yeah and India. And minds of the Baghdad. The read the numbers they think the I see your doctor you beeper restaurant. Why it's important. You write your dog and we got it into why does that put her three. Just look at the faces and noses. Whom started this week is it was nonstop. So. On Tuesday afternoon when them most of there until it was over armed he let time reflect I think its thickest jungles the last couple days. I cast in the voices he had a new thing. Ninth and I naps every office you had thousands of office. You know knew what it would do you and gentlemen. They would come today. I think very quickly and violently after a few hours ago. I'm reminded Chittagong to select negotiate these here on today and and it just see that racism and of these afternoon. You know in the smiling and is this it is an excellent. Helping you to the end be mice that Nina all of the of the two. Taco opened with with a feeling the interest this. Oh my that's my the last thing. It is a change and maybe a NC adversely tell. It's been laying on my. Because it didn't enough to ups and announcing signs but I think now people are trying to open up in this with a he's an actor and almost to commit to look at home its own people ask me how I dealt of that size the homeland sound like it's an island. Inside and among them 22 but it's definitely have some work. As different as Sosa Markowitz. And so. Maybe there's some label helped them get back to anomaly even though. We're still and that's his balance and still every day we talked who has the worst like I tell us everyday you come alert. It really doesn't London listed alone so. And we just take an event. Apparently a decade doesn't it weighs on them is is getting to them. In this is a huge and they didn't actually asking for years that. Dog days because they'll those owning the peasant. This even asking him where ever to imagine that. Completely. We the humpback guys instant of these witnessed. Doctor you might have a good. Staff as the word is spreading into the building. Here. Growing yeah and I think it's good for his good teams didn't city I was at an all around. Questions. And maps of how madness. The images and I was known elements that they would most and we recognize shifts as an anonymous him. I really English and our experiences. Gave me. Dogs right. It's. Yeah. Its news. In essence lay supposed to be an enormous expenses and hospitals yes the snow we do it we just. A government service. Service and buzz it and then you know you get. The date with him. And you wouldn't it now and that's something wrong. You don't give us you don't hear well we do and so is really hard for a myself in his office to be thrust and is it's when I used to talking nationally nice talking to local. Anderson on. Intensive you know focus on us and we don't. We still like and unlike yes I think this is not who you are and personal analyst we to this point. Reason. So. When this can happen. Is it. So the president is getting a choice and we we can immediately and totally cement job now as passionate people. Spending commands. Today is just affect him but look I mean that's my program manager is known for days alone on the support staff friends but it's not just. My doctors my best game tonight text is avidly anticipated it would it was still. Restrictions. Office stands. Even though we may not be at the scene into the others are still here there's still have the same. Increased workload this of the deal. This stuff in the on the same precious. So are. Many even. For the people who are transfusions and build conveniently. He concede power and mrs. Clinton really. Hockey in the suit and blue shirt over the here. He. Crises I all of them. We want them behind over their sky high right there in the blue shirt. It's that you. It season things it dug up. And thank you Doctor Who I hit him you know. And isn't. Doesn't distance. In CD dogs. Making huge difference here at the Orange County medical Examiner's office. About twelve dogs from the Luther Terry through charities these dogs come from all over the country. They they go to where they're needed whenever there's a tragedy there invited game they've been. We've all different types of visiting all different types of people throughout Orlando obviously our first responders and families of the victims. They've been talking with the survivors. And now in and they've been around. They were down at the memorial a few days against talking to people that. We're didn't have any direct connection to other than being residents of where this morning. Now today there was some of the people that we never seen we really don't hear about medical Examiner's office. Inflated big role in the last few days. And. He didn't leave you can see the love in this room you can see how all of the faces have changed he could feel the you feel the excitement and intrigue your screen and it's something that you're only missing ring here I'd ABC. Yeah. Yeah.

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{"duration":"18:59","description":"ABC News' Scott Withers captures a heartfelt moment in the wake of the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"39941321","title":"Therapy Dogs Surprise Staff at Orange County, Fla., Medical Examiner's Office","url":"/US/video/therapy-dogs-surprise-staff-orange-county-fl-medical-39941321"}