Tiny house community offers hope to homeless women

The village in Seattle is composed of 15 tiny homes and was built by a crew of mostly female volunteers.
1:45 | 07/12/18

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Transcript for Tiny house community offers hope to homeless women
You community in Seattle gets its first residents today say it was built for women mostly by women Jennifer Sullivan of our station in Seattle has the details. No into this tiny house village went untouched today I was here for the first nails look to be able to be here for and a decorating their rooms this really again. Bruno a retired teacher says she putter high school would chop skills to the test which she helped build several of the homes I'm not afraid of tool. To build the city's first tiny house village for women it took a crew of mostly women. They had great instruction from people like Melinda Nichols a carpenter for more than 45 years what tiny has villages were. This sort of make me think of this but a real community does to create a community. When the first group moves it tomorrow they'll be greeted by hanging baskets on their porches a supply kit full twit retreat a warm bed into hand painted front door. The low income housing institute run village will offer transitional housing for twenty women including same sex couples. Women who are pregnant and postpartum is well is seniors. Drugs and alcohol will be allowed just not in the public spaces when they come in to their new. Homes and their hope get a feel really cared for because that community. Is really caring for these women. While Nichols you know and others finished getting the homes ready today the curiosity couldn't stop passers by. People admired. A lock and adore. It gives them privacy this v.s are. Permanent the faster we can get people out of these the more we like. Right now there's an open house for people to check out the tiny house village neighborhood tomorrow the first women woman bit in Seattle Jennifer Sullivan -- news.

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{"duration":"1:45","description":"The village in Seattle is composed of 15 tiny homes and was built by a crew of mostly female volunteers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"56536568","title":"Tiny house community offers hope to homeless women","url":"/US/video/tiny-house-community-offers-hope-homeless-women-56536568"}