Tom Brady to Appeal Suspension

Tom Brady, suspended four games for his role in the Deflategate scandal, has indicated through his agent that he will appeal the NFL's ruling.
9:19 | 05/14/15

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Transcript for Tom Brady to Appeal Suspension
Breaking right now the NFL players association filing an appeal of the half of Tom Brady. Challenging his four game suspension in addition the patriots issuing a 20000. Word point by point rebuttal of the NFL's wells deflate gate report and on the web site wells reports on tech dot com is very own web site. Hello everyone I'm tired Hernandez in New York ABC's Elizabeth heard live in Boston with more on the patriots and Brady some analysts that. Afternoon to you and as you know since this report was released we have yet to hear Tom Brady directly address this matter but his. Agent is being quite so we'll hold this decision to suspend his client read ridiculous and today. The. The NFL's conclusions are incomplete incorrect and lack context that's according to the New England Patriots blasting the investigation that found quote. It is more probable than not that Tom Brady with at least generally aware of the release of ear from patriots cables. Brady's agent also on the attack calling the findings biased. I think it is wrong to criticize my independence. Just because you disagree. With my prime. Ted Wells the man behind the 243. Page investigation is standing by his report. Which resulted in the NFL issuing sanctions including. A four game suspension for Brady and a million dollar fine for the patriot. And fans what they're backing delete a new ESPN and ABC news poll showing. 54% of all fans. And 69%. At avid fans think Brady. Cheated. In what. Our biggest stars is doing this kind of thing and people think that he's cheated. That reverberates I think throughout the league longer than just this year. Meantime I hate that how people showdown with breeding. The NFL Brady reportedly hiring big time football lawyer Jeffrey Kessler who just last year helped reinstate both Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson after they are suspensions. A lot of athletes do appeal and occasionally these things are overturned. NN filing this appeal be players' association basically said that at Ted Wells and the NFL is confident that their report is truly independent. And if she did it feel confident in presenting their case before someone who is independent arbitrator and back. Expert you just heard from when ought to say that. What to expect well they say it is possible that Brady could fight to get that four game suspension possibly reduced. 22. Hi back to you I'm right thank you ABC's Elizabeth her reporting from Boston. And lol let's bring in ESPN's Daryn rebel to go over some more of this issue right now Daryn the NFL players association filing Brady's appeal. Just a short time ago that was expected. But how likely is it that Brady's gonna see reduction. Well he has Jeffrey Kessler tie and that is the big Bosnian among all sports lawyers no one no lead. Fears Jeffrey Kessler. Any lawyer more than Jeffrey Kessler. So he's got the right guy he has the power. Now let's see that make their case in as we said. You know now they're just looking for someone more independent unfortunately. The way it is set up is that Roger Goodell is the judge and execution executioner. And so we're gonna have to see how this really unfolds now. So we saw on a lizard its package there there's a new ESPN ABC news poll shows that by. Nearly two to one margin Americans support the league's punishment of Tom Brady so what does this do anything for the league's position and while Brady does have some big guns on his side. Belabor this white keeps his going stretch this out. I think for Tom Brady it's certainly his legacy. His legacy. Is damaged by this and I think the you know they that the toughest point here for Tom Brady and his agent to accept. Is the fact that you don't know if you are deeds saying that he did she how far back he cheated. And you know there are allegations this. This week that it went back to at least 2004. While news Humphrey was drafted in 2000 so. You know for hand if he's to be considered one of the greatest if not the greatest quarterback of all time. If you save for 75%. Of his career he was doing something against the rules you know obviously this is to see Tom Brady's legacy. I would say from a patriot side you know Robert Kraft came out said. It originally that he would just respect whatever of the week handed down I think he relied on his relationship with patriots owner. Robert cramp Robert Kraft relied on his relationship with Roger Goodell and I I think now he's regretting which now you have to wonder you know for so long. We've said that Roger Goodell is not really threatened despite this horrible year. That he's had because there's no internal turmoil. By the people who employ him which is essentially the owners. Well now you have Robert Kraft who was once his friend who is clearly now against him and that now creates this tremendous subplot. Is there any way that Robert Kraft is so mad that he's now wouldn't try to create some Serb insurrection from within. And maybe this could be the end of Roger Goodell I mean there is so much. To this story so many layers. It's it's ridiculous at this point. When you look at that response from the patriots and we're talking crashed here. 20000. Word report its very own web site. Also try injury bide his response and is this really crap as you said potentially going after Goodell. You know I think there was a a lot of surprises I don't think people expected. This. To come down this morning a full web site with you know point by point going after them although. There have been some perceptive people out there that say well Brady has this person. Maybe this is the patriots saying they're not going to sue because. If they were going to sue the league in no owners kinda active agreed in the discipline within the league. But they can always go outside. Into you know the court of law. Perhaps they're not going to sue because why would be kind of show everything they have. But I think a lot of fans and the public for or for whatever that is worth. Thought that. What was presented today was well there might have been some points were. A crazed. The effort by the patriots did the did try to sway public opinion and just from the initial read in the early hours. I don't think they were successful. And when you look at this response is hitting back point after point and sometimes it you know. Not making that the case perhaps people would want to see and we're talking about Tom Brady's legacy wouldn't be enough for Tom Brady to say you know what. I completely disagree I didn't do any of this on the team player and I'm just gonna. Play my game and I'm just gonna move forward instead of trying to fight some thing. A battle all around Allen neck now yeah. Now now now we're too far down that road tie I think we're too far down it. It's not just the NFL PA filing on behalf of Tom Brady an appeal he is Jeffrey Kessler involved. Which means that he is fully engaged. In in trying to get his suspension reduced the natural place would be two games. But then this that even the suspension take that way I think both he and the patriots are are trying to say. We did not she. We do plate clean in you could just look at the patriots Twitter feed changing their avatar to Brady's Jersey the other day. They are in this to get there. And I think that you know both Tom Brady's legacy. And the team's legacy that dynasty that they created. Over though past 1112 years. This team is also worried about how people perceive them and I think that's why they're in this together and I think they're waves far down the road. The back up anytime soon. All right well we're certainly gonna be witnessing the fall out as the days. And weeks. Move on is kids Darren about thank you so much for joining us and you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starring the story for exclusive updates on ago. Anti Hernandez in New York.

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{"duration":"9:19","description":"Tom Brady, suspended four games for his role in the Deflategate scandal, has indicated through his agent that he will appeal the NFL's ruling.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"31052907","title":"Tom Brady to Appeal Suspension","url":"/US/video/tom-brady-appeal-suspension-31052907"}