Tracy Martin Addresses Congressional Black Caucus

Trayvon Martin's father attends hearing in Washington D.C. to discuss loss of his son.
6:02 | 07/24/13

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Transcript for Tracy Martin Addresses Congressional Black Caucus
This is a special group. Report from ABC news. -- -- Hernandez and this is an ABC news digital special report trading on Martin's father -- is in Washington DC today against the congressional caucus on black men and boys are expected just to discuss his son's death and the effect of racial profiling. On young black -- That I'm there to receive from -- I think -- greatest gift would be assigned. And just -- -- -- your -- life taken away from new. When you molded him. And become Noonan and of student -- citizen of this country. It is in his heart wrenching. There's that something that you can never get over. I always say their trade while was -- grow. He saved my life and not to be there in his time when the Israel. Trials. Not to be able to say my son's life. And to have his name. Slandered -- and -- Harris. I think. As a father. I think is real important then. My message to the world. News. That we won't let this verdict. So -- Howell who -- while Willis. About to do everything in my power. Not to. Give up the fight -- you know. Not only to fight -- -- of but the fight for -- -- the other. Young black and brown boys in this country. -- -- The point that President Obama maybe 35 years ago that this could have been -- was was so important to the American people. Because. Obviously the most influence -- man. On them on the planet is weighing in from an African Americans respective. And just who have have the president of the United States. Comment on one our situation. Really touch -- And this -- moment and economies such as the -- You know it is -- the conversation and in every household over the dinner table. And their conversation is what can we do. As partners what can we do is Meehan -- can we do this as follows what can we do it has meant towards to. Stopped -- from pat -- to -- And I think that's what a conversation between hands. A lot of -- in its. That we've channel we've taken the negative energy. As has been throughout this whole process we've taken net negative energy and return maternity to a positive. Lot of people attributed nothing positive can come at -- -- But I disagree. I disagree -- Horton. Because. It is it is. What we can do to moral. Nation as a people. Two to stop someone else itself from -- -- no it is certainly. Negative and positive ones are. And that's what we'll put them lot of foundation. Is here for. -- an -- treat acute sense -- program against senseless gun violence. And mentor and programs. One to try to educate. Our communities. On Florida statues on the floor and walls. That that really. We need to understand how these -- apply to ourselves. There are so many positive things that -- and we'll come -- this incident. And that's why we're here -- we want congress want the members of congress this year. -- -- -- -- -- -- Nothing that we can do to -- back. There's something we can do as a foundation. Two. Help other families from -- to it is then we -- here. Thank you very much. Mr. -- -- you were very kind to come with mr. Martin. Of course is that them. The the man who so ably. Who represents him. I'm mr. Benjamin crime we -- pleased that you. Could be with us as well. The co chair of the caucus has arrived and. I should ask him if he wants to say. And opened an opening where instant and at the hearing at I think at this -- Thank you -- much. The only thing that I really mean to say it is truth thank. Horse to. You've been watching the congressional caucus on black men and boys and the testimony of the Traci Mark Williams father of trade bond -- -- Martin began his remarks by thanking the president of the United States mr. Obama or. Commenting on the case in saying that trade on could've been him 35 years ago. -- -- also saying that he hopes something positive. His son's tragedy you can watch the full hearing on -- See full report as well on -- Hernandez in New York this has been an ABC news -- special. This has been a special group. Report from me.

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{"id":19766712,"title":"Tracy Martin Addresses Congressional Black Caucus","duration":"6:02","description":"Trayvon Martin's father attends hearing in Washington D.C. to discuss loss of his son.","url":"/US/video/tracy-martin-addresses-congressional-black-caucus-19766712","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}