Trump threatens to close border over wall funding

The federal government has been partially shut down for a week as Trump digs in his heels on funding for his proposed border wall.
2:46 | 12/28/18

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Transcript for Trump threatens to close border over wall funding
Are gonna get started here on this Friday with that government shutdown which is entering a yet another. It's already been a week long government shut down terror from Larry is joining us from Washington and Terry does seem as if this little stretched well into next week. That's right and it is a seven today 800000. Federal orders have been affected either staying at home. Or working without pay and today we spoke to see you then chief of staff make molding and the White House and he says there in their for the long haul. And if there is any question about it the president was actually gonna head to Florida. Over the holidays they keep plants and he is going to stay here and buckled down. He also said that. All negotiations have halted at this point between the White House and the Democrats they don't expect the bill pick up until January 3. When Nancy Pelosi becomes a speaker of the house and the Democrats take over the majority. And she promised that the first vote that they have. When they are in the majority is to reopen the government but that bill. Will not include funding for the border wall which means a lot lot of challenges in terms of getting. Support from senate Republicans and of course the White House the president still ultimately has the power. To veto a bill and I would keep the government shut down. So it seemed that at this point. Negotiations have gone to a halt and there Wilson the government we shut down until the new year. Yes and and it seems as if the president is doubling down are trickling down there. By my count five weeks so far just check in the morning hours alone all about the southern border. Right he adds these Allman. He's firing away and you know he's calling. The Democrats obstructionists and this is the latest week this is a threat. To close down the southern border if he doesn't get the law he's also saying that he would cut off funding to 3 central American country El Salvador Guatemala and endorse. He's blaming and then. For letting these migrants pass through here it's been a lot of attacks against the guy that Democrats he claims that. You know Nancy Pelosi is the one calling the shots she's the one you pick sixes not hand. And now it's sort of become a game of who is to blame. For the shutdown but let's not forget that a few weeks so president until list he'll take the mantle for the shut down. Have been as this progresses every single day you'll see him distance and salt away from that. And I'm sure will see a lot more tweeting at is this is really become a political issue. He hinted it totally has and it's just such a head scratched or because the Republicans do for this moment at least control. This White House and the house and the senate but yet do you need ten Democrats to pass the bill on that at Holloman this and it yeah. Are out terror from Miller Jordan us from Washington DC on this Friday thanks terror.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"The federal government has been partially shut down for a week as Trump digs in his heels on funding for his proposed border wall. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60054354","title":"Trump threatens to close border over wall funding","url":"/US/video/trump-threatens-close-border-wall-funding-60054354"}