Ukraine Double-Team: Obama and Kerry Pounce on Putin

Secretary of State tells Russia to "return its troops to the barracks."
3:00 | 03/04/14

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Transcript for Ukraine Double-Team: Obama and Kerry Pounce on Putin
This is a special group. John Kerry in Kia. The secretary of state in Ukraine today with two missions. And provide symbolic and material support Ukraine's interim government. Kerry brings with him a generous. Aid package -- the threat of sanctions. Over in Moscow Russian president Vladimir Putin's first public appearance since the crisis in Crimea began -- said today that use of force is still on the table. Everyone I'm Michelle president New York with this ABC news digital special report all eyes on -- today where Russian forces expand their grip over military facilities. In the region today the tension reaching in and near breaking point. As Russian troops that had taken over the air base fired warning shots into the air. As 300 Ukrainian soldiers marched towards the base demanding their jobs back. -- Ukrainian troops eventually standing down after Russian forces threatened to open fire. And right now joining us from -- on the phone I want to bring in ABC's Alex Smart card from. The Ukraine on the phone Alex thank you very much for joining us tensions of course running high -- that entire region give us a rundown of what you've been experiencing. What are described just now doesn't it -- that happened this morning outside -- the bulk developer. -- -- abominable but the more dramatic moments that we've seen over the -- days. He noted Russian forces that really been tight -- control. But this is one of the first confrontation that we've seen between Ukrainian and Russian forces and luckily it -- -- peacefully there were you. Nerve wracking moment there when the Russian. Forces fired at years as -- warning shots it to make it clear that -- did what he couldn't or. Can any further. -- been a -- or four hours of negotiation. It means you side and then apparently the Ukrainian group. Retreated they're paid well we're not -- and what that day. The rotten so cold here they'll be Ukrainian -- control debate Ukrainian forces are still -- -- number of bases in Crimea. But that is really the only -- -- the on the peninsula. Russia has essentially. Completed its takeover of Crimea accept -- -- where there are. There are -- you bringing troops pulling out. And Alex we are showing video of that that as it occurred earlier today can -- an idea since. President Vladimir Putin has spoken has that changed any thing -- the tensions has it escalated anything on the ground there. Well it's really done -- all of the above. I mean it it's escalated and in the -- so -- I did not rule out that military action in other parts Ukraine so far the look and act in -- limited in the Korean Peninsula. But he bought today say they hope that he didn't. I do anything out in the restive and Ukraine which was apparent acknowledgment of the fact that books and who are here although he didn't -- as -- He was certainly on apologetic about about what -- why were -- anything here that was for the band brought in -- it than you. For the -- -- -- did emphasize diplomacy under and we've learned that. In the last few moments that Ukrainian and -- -- government are talking. Southern guided by a glimmer of hope. That we will be able to this -- late in India related diplomatically. Rather than -- than resorting to force which is still a very real possibility. And that Alex of course the secretary of state John Kerry -- ride since he adds that to speak at any moment. Also arriving with an aid package and President Putin was not. Shy about pointing the finger at the US for what he called interference. If Russia does -- Crimea. -- Europe or the US responded -- so. That's significant that's not requested -- the white outfit made it very clear that they do not see any sort of military. It's regarded recruit on the ground any sort of military. Deployment by American forces that is really is stable and bad that's the only thing that we know Parker are the other thing that have been talked about our. Our economic -- in the State Department but yesterday it United States is preparing. Economic sanctions against -- so what couldn't responded -- rather angrily today. There at all in the -- -- about. Is being. Out of the DA didn't -- and not -- -- immediate conference. In. And -- -- former -- but the US you'd be doing it is that all it quite believe we're -- -- its allies Europe and others soup. I won't look so. And but that so -- that doesn't it he worked in. So there's the threat of possible sanctions we are bringing aid. Package to Ukraine what about the role of NATO and the NATO forces. What might sappy. Orbit what examples of what in the US is. Certainly happy to be part of NATO because they don't want to -- any sort of unilateral are themselves. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Problem with the European Union video that we the yeah united in the US wants to make sure there's. An international condemnation. -- well that the international unity and -- all its standing firm against and once again. I waited as much as possible -- president who didn't realize that he's making a mistake in that. If -- -- all that good will that Russia has really related. Oh with a unique in so deeply on -- but the -- that the village that gave an adequate -- but not done very. And -- you yourself you know have witnessed some of -- aggression stance from the Russian military give us an idea again what the mood is there. How hard it is or anyone to maneuver around their little reporters. Well it's really been remarkable over the -- negated because there hasn't been. -- not in any event it's not include all over the place but the government -- at the airport at various checkpoints we've done. We -- -- one of them -- walked right up. They -- paw you but it never been regret is that all of -- very is very violent they would really something quite different. Alex thank you very much I want to go to the secretary of state John Kerry who's prepared to speak right now. Thank you. -- first of all. How incredibly moving it was too large. Whose government institutions. Street. Two. -- disaster it would pay our respects. The American people. -- Certainly issues. It was really quite remarkable. Two. Season barricaded -- tires students are wire. -- Bullet holes. Street lamps. -- extraordinary. Flowers. People's rules. This Harold. Fired U form. You. For. The buildings. -- him. Had pictures photographs. -- People who put themselves on the line. For the future Brady. Was deeply moving to walk into the ukrainians. Spontaneously. Listen. To listen do there. Please passion. Or the right not to go back to -- -- was. Under. Former president. One woman. Put humans port -- -- moved well those powers of money they were. Particularly want to have told me that you usually travel to Australia. Come back here he came back. Determined. To -- the move as he had seen live. Parts. So it was burglary. And gave -- fifty personals -- How closely related. The people of Ukraine are to. Not just Americans. People across the world today. Are asking for their lives and asking for the privilege to be able to defining their own nation. Defining their futures. That's -- this is. The United States extends our deepest condolences. To those whose -- still very -- Those who lost loved so brilliantly. Snipers Lou Dobbs. People arms against them -- weapons. He is. Braved ukrainians from the streets and ordered to stand peacefully against terror. So instead. There were met with scientists. Pick them off one half. As people perished let's let's to get. Friends and give them comfort expose themselves. They raised their voices dignity. And freedom. What they stood for so greatly. I saved through full conversion. Will never please don't libelous. Or I -- visions. It cannot be silenced by thugs from rooftops. It is universal's. News capable. It's called freedom. So today in another part of this country. Weren't in today's struggle for it. And the United States reaffirms our commitment to Ukraine's sovereignty. Territorial integrity recordings and international law. We condemn the Russian Federation was after the crash. We have -- this moment. Evidence of a great transformation take place. -- that transformation. We will stand with the people of -- Today ukrainians -- demanding government consent of the people. I have to say that we all great when you order to restrain. The transitional government and shown. As it. Makes this transition. And it showed restraint. Despite. Independent. -- him homeland. The Russian government has chosen aggression and intimidation as a first resort. The contrast with the Qaddafi. To terrorist ukrainians demonstrating. Straight -- you didn't. The rushing off. Out of excuses. Heidi sand bar. False -- Intimidation. Provocations. In the hearts of ukrainians in the eyes of the world. There's nothing strong. About what rush is due. So it's time to set the record straight. The Russian government would have you believe it was the opposition. Who failed to implement -- 21 agreement called for peaceful transition. Ignoring the reality as -- -- Povich who went history it is. This city was pleased. It is clearly -- the nation. In order to decide the future. He broke his complications. -- -- British possessions destroying papers. Naturally. This country. The Russian government would have you believe that the Ukrainian. Government's. Is illegitimate. Were led by extremists ignoring the reality. -- -- -- -- Representatives of the people of credit. Today overwhelmingly. Approved the new government even with the purpose of Yanukovych is heart -- And voting overwhelmingly. In order to improve this. It was thanks in parts of the votes for yeah. That the future. Of Ukraine -- Today -- Is the most representative institution. In Ukraine. The Russian government would also have you believe. That the calm and friendly streets one of which -- But many -- -- broke through that somehow these streets. Are actually dangerous. Ignoring the reality that resident neurosurgeon. Knows that -- no. Retribution. Here. The Russian government would have you believe against all the evidence. And -- mass defections ukrainians Russia. -- -- didn't massive tax charges and is going to bring it. They would have you believe that -- Russians of Russian bases. Are threatened. They have you believe that yes it is trying to destabilize. -- or that Russian actions are legal or legitimate. Because -- immediately -- the issues invited. And -- everybody knows. Us soldiers -- Primedia that is destruction of their. Stood their ground never Irish. Never -- -- provocation. Have been surrounded by. A group of troops and -- I've seen. An individual who got 3%. Of the vote. And so it was so called leader. Believe it yet it is trying to piece it was right there. But it's Russian leaders. Invited. Him about it. Not a single. Piece probable evidence. Supports anyone of these slaves. And the larger point is -- this. It is diplomas. And respect for sovereignty. Not unilateral force. They can best solve disputes like this. Inventories this country. Fresno. And one who really clear to Russia everybody in the world. We are seeking. Confrontation. There's a better way for Russia to pursuits legitimate interests -- great. We've learned so your citizens. They don't. -- Totally. Greatest Security Council. -- NC. Is that -- beautiful it's organizations. There are countless outlets then organized structure. Decent world. Struggled with. To resolve differences. So we don't see an Asian unilaterally. Invaded another. There's a better way for -- -- to pursue his legitimate interest in Ukraine. Russian -- to comply with international law and honor its commitments Helsinki final act. Under the United Nations charter. It wants to help protect the Russians. As it reports. And if they were threatened we will support. Efforts to protect them as well -- government review right. But if they ordered him that Russians who were the legitimate government of Ukraine. Which -- has its pledge to. It -- only permit. But. Must encourage. International monitors. To deploy -- you grade. These are the people who -- actually kind of threats. And we are. Asked if together with -- government -- -- together with the European community. For artists. Observers be. Monitored the situation. -- be the arbiters. Of truth vs fiction. Russia. Wanted to help the escalate -- situation. Who -- -- troops to the and yes. Expect. Now we corporate. Here today instructions for a make it absolutely clear. The United States of America would prefer to see this DS it. We -- reporters it is managed through the structures. Legal institutions. International institutions that -- many years. And ordered -- deal with this. Crisis. Rush. Choose the best. It is willing to work directly with the government -- as we hope it will. And our partners will have absolutely no choice. But to join us -- continues. Steps we have taken in recent days. In order actually through politically. Diplomatically. And economically. I would emphasize that who lives right. Spots and they see. This is it -- choices and forced us. So are we suspend participation. In the preparations for the so appreciate. So. We have suspended I want to military contacts. And Williams. We are prepared. To take further steps if Russia does not return its forces. Its. In a legitimate policy yes. That -- it. The United States and its partners are partners we will support grade. We've supported it takes steps -- you wouldn't. Appreciate committee. President prime minister. Other leaders. As we discussed how to strengthen the grew. Rapidly. Tourists. Free fair open elections. That can take place -- We are working closely and we'll continue to work closely with the IMF team. And with international partners in order -- development assistance package -- help you bring him restore financial stability in the short run. You don't grow its economy in the long -- I'm pleased to say this package includes an immediate one billion dollars in loan guarantees of support Ukraine's recovery. And we are currently. Working with the Treasury Department the United States there's -- way -- or more comprehensive plan. We were provided. The vast expertise available. To help Ukraine's economy and financial institutions repair themselves. And to work. Towards these free there pass whose elections. We're also working with the government for the interim government to help combat corruption. And to recover stolen process. And we are helping Ukraine -- -- when rush was politically motivated trade practice. Whether it's manipulated the outages. Or -- the best tacos. In Ukraine. The fact is. This 21 century. We should not see nations. Step backwards society in nineteenth. Place entry. There are ways to resolve these rules -- students do that -- The fact is that. We believe that. There are -- options available Russian all of us that could move us -- appropriate policy appropriate. Diplomatic engagement. With Viagra. Particularly in light -- correctly. We didn't. Confident they are prepared help work through these issues and a thoughtful way. I'm very proud to be here in Ukraine. Like so many Americans and other people around the world would watch. -- extraordinary. All. Individuals. -- -- aren't. Except. Ideas. People will beliefs and principles. -- who have reached for a -- Equality -- opportunity. There's nothing more important in this world that is what drives change in so many parts of the world today. It's really partly why the world is in such a state transformation so many different places -- Because we're all connected. Dollars. The people who do -- choices. I think instantly. And all over the world people are saying we enough -- deprive those opportunities. That's -- this -- about. This is about all those who value democracy. Its support. The opportunity for this country joined the legions of more practice. United States will stand by the Ukrainian people. There's -- built strong sovereign democratic country that they deserve. That their countrymen and women. Just who recently gave their lives. Extraordinarily courageous acts in order to ensure. For the future. We must also. Answer -- apple. This question. Speaking. Tonight the great depression and -- -- -- behind the Yankees later. -- dancing yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- Couldn't. -- -- the United States saying that the United States. -- Or -- here. And he showed us on. And he makes it. A step down -- -- isolate -- Pregnancy it didn't crash shots fired. -- -- -- Ships and wrong is that you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- did not -- Yeah. Face as he. -- -- -- -- Relatives. -- programs for -- not at all. And I thought I actually -- Just. News. The current move that represented parties have come together and so -- president it's possible that. -- -- -- -- I've been in touch and working with. -- previously. There so we can -- conversation. -- -- respect due President Bush's comments. You know -- slogan is directly as a group today. I -- To. Invite him to engage him. -- Appropriate dialogue particularly human. -- Are good story. Knowing that there's elections -- is the people of Israel have an opportunity to ratify under his leadership. The fact is that he. In the eastern part of the country. Russia recently tried to. -- City Council. To actually. Home home. Those councils Netanyahu. They said we don't. Who aren't attendance. And I think that is clear that Russia has been working hard. Create a pretax. For being able to invade. Russia is questions speaking minority citizens or undersea. And in fact this government has acted remarkably. Responsive. By urging. Why not look. And by avoiding. Even their troops who had a legal right to resist. -- -- But I was ordered them not to engage -- pretty fast -- anybody being. Here industries today -- anybody who feels threatened. Except for the potential. An -- question. So -- Linda hope that the president. -- The it was a necessity -- all evidence everywhere in the world troops hitting me there. That he will step. Listen carefully that we would like to see this yes. We are not looking for -- major confrontation. I do not believe that his entrance. Which which we understand. Base. Strong -- Everybody knows it. You know -- job. In the Crimea. To Ukraine that in 1950. Horses it was we don't know these modern history. Of connection -- yet. Those things can continue and be worked out from legal process. Through. Should the government of Ukraine and is not appropriate to invade a country. At the end. Trying to achieve. That is not 21 century G-8 major nations behavior. And what we're looking Forward -- as a responsible way. To me it is the -- -- respect the integrity sovereignty. And territorial integrity. And in fact. The UN charter -- final act 2008 and 1990. And the 1997. Basic agreement. Between Russia and Ukraine all. Requires. Just circumstances. Which have not followed here. So again we would like to see. President Putin addressed problems not by deploying forces. Through confrontation. The engaging in a time honored tradition. Diplomacy. Discussion and negotiation. Let's forward. Which puts everybody attractive. This is region of the world war. -- -- Very further discussions I think. He. Thought before -- as vulnerable and having more conversations with -- -- I believe -- nine. I believe that yes. If any other places of -- and -- that's. Just moments in an adult sentence and by the way he summoned the infamous yeah. He Lama admitted today about to America and brush. And rob and I -- And then got -- into the Ericsson of the Atlanta PS3'S. -- -- to mention something about when and how support what you bring. -- an excellent way. Parents. Those survivors. We're working. It's important as rapidly as we can make. -- already have people working. -- -- Consulting the government working -- facts together and turned -- fine and -- needs as accurately as is possible. And as -- said you wouldn't announce one. Aaron you actually have the money. -- we visual. Initiatives that can be quickly put together as our team. Works Washington president instructed all of us. If you look at every option what was respectively. Direct economic -- and president particularly yesterday. When he met with partners. The White House it is eight Ukraine which he -- congress. Which has been making very strong statements of support Ukraine. To come to the table quickly. -- -- an economic package appropriated by congress. We want to happen immediately. So this is -- we understand that. I don't think it's appropriate United States or any other country come here talk about the strength and people in the streets due to. Underscore the value of democracy freedom and people fighting we're here and then just walk away and -- So we are you and your good work to do he within our system as rapidly as possible. -- -- back to the first apartment. And you have been listening to secretary of state John Kerry speaking -- -- as he meets with the new Ukraine leaders at this hour speaking live to. Reporters there in that region. And secretary of state John Kerry also touring. -- of the independence square in that area and -- he said that he met with some of those demonstrators that -- caught up. In the violence over the last few weeks and we want to bring an ABC's Mary burgers at the White House -- also been listening in on this -- thank you so much for joining us. President Obama also just spoke on Ukraine a lot of words being thrown back and forth here what did he say. That's right afternoon the president is delivering -- speech nearby here in Washington actually outlining his budget but he did take a moment to pause and mentioned -- Ukraine he mentioned that eight package that -- has now brought to Kiev today it's a billion dollars. In US backed loan guarantees the president urging congress to once again act on that each package because remember just as the United States and its allies. Worked to gather. Proposition that could probably put pressure on Clinton to try withdraw some of his forces there this administration wants also offer help. To the new fledgling government in Ukraine showing solidarity -- -- government which of course is what secretary -- doing during his trip today. And the president said today that he thinks all of these actions are causing prudent to pause and think about the steps the United States is taking let's take a listen. There's something immediately congress can do to help us matters to help finance. The economic package that could stabilize. The economy in Ukraine helped to make sure that. Fair and free elections take place very soon and as a consequence. Helps to. In the meantime -- consulting -- -- our international allies across the board. Together the international community. It has condemned. Russia's violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. We've condemned their intervention in Crimea. And we are calling for -- and above all we believe that the Ukrainian people should be able to decide. Their own future. -- is a more tough talk from the present here today. Urging congress to go ahead and act and pass this aid package as they try to help. The new government in Ukraine get off the ground get their economy up and running. And once again urging Russia to. Secretary Kerry says that they're there for support we've heard president who wouldn't talk about. How it's interference from the US skipping an idea what do you think that the president in the White House. And his national security team will be talking about as this goes forward. Well actually the big question here is how is this administration and -- and the US allies. Going to respond what are they going to do to try and put pressure on to what -- so far. We've heard -- threats -- -- a lot of tough talk as we mentioned from this administration but no real concrete actions to try. And -- couldn't essentially to get him to withdraw some of those forces -- escalate the situation now -- Alex mentioned earlier there are several options they're considering. All are largely economic it's very likely that they'll pass. Sanctions against the Russian government that's one option it's getting a lot of buzz and of course the US has halted those discussions. In preparation for the G-8 summit coming up in June in Sochi. All of the other global it leaders have also stopped those those meetings and there is of course the option to go ahead -- -- -- back into the G-7 and essentially kick Russia out of the group of eight. But so far all of these are just options that are being considered no concrete steps have been taken just yet. Mary Bruce from the White House thank you very much for the latest on what's happening. Crane also want to bring an ABC news chief foreign affairs correspondent Terry Moran in Crimea Terry thank you for joining us -- for a lot. Of rhetoric going back and forth what are the odds that Russia now pulls back calls its troops as secretary Kerry said back to the barracks. At this point -- -- zero. Russian. -- forces are now in control of this part of Ukraine good deed is done it's done. Quote -- now has complete control. All of the Crimean peninsula is crucial. Section of Ukraine he got control through his forces and we -- and troll now -- it is very client even though -- Leadership that is. There Kerry pointed out install here he also has control because. It is quite likely a majority of the people here in Crimea. Who are. Many of them Russian. Ethnic nationals. Support. The Russian troops we have been chased off a -- off a couple of these military. Confrontation that Ukrainian basis by. Crowds of very angry -- into. Want to the protection they say of Russia from a revolution you have -- secretary think -- -- that they don't agree with the state the year. And -- -- now in control he's not going to back down. This might be negotiated. Out of some -- but there's no way that -- President Putin backed down. And part of those negotiations we've heard about economics ancient sanctions being mentioned -- -- Russia. Secretary Kerry saying that they would also isolate Russia. In other ways diplomatic -- how could this work in those negotiations that you mentioned. Well that's very copying you got -- -- sixty got -- -- negotiations as secretary of state Terri is talking about sanctions and other. Mean -- the Europeans are already balking at some of those stricter sanctions that might be applied. Because Europeans Russia. -- Russia's gas natural gas needs Russia's business. The city of London which is a financial center needs Russian money coursing through it. There -- dependent on Russian deeply integrated and so it's unlikely that the kind of sanctions. That some in the -- in the US congress are considering. Would be accepted by -- that's sad. There's no question good -- lot ignited outrage -- in the west the question is how to negotiate. Forward. And the answer is probably some. -- on the ground here monitors from one the international. Groups. Who might be able to stand between. The Russian population to end the Ukrainian population about -- concern Vladimir Putin's some kind of super autonomy negotiated for this part of -- Ukraine. Perhaps even with -- role for Russia in -- Whether that would be acceptable and -- everybody who knows. But that's what diplomacy is sports for all kind of creative solutions what -- power is sport it is as I say what's already been -- Latimer who has created facts on the ground. And he knows that he holds the stronger -- in the negotiations right now. You know Terry -- seen video of course we watched Vladimir Putin and president -- speak this morning we also seen. Secretary Kerry as he visited independence square saying they spoke to some of these demonstrators. In the days let -- follow these -- the weeks of violence we haven't seen. Much else going on give us an idea of what is going on their secretary Kerry mentioned the great restraint that this transitional government has been taken in the -- But no question I would think you have who a couple of weeks ago when the protests were reaching their peak -- the revolution was. I was about to reach it is violent and bloody climax. And there's no question that the people who made that revelation revolution -- -- belong until it has ties with the west. With all of the promises its freedom and democracy and prosperity -- desperately poor nations. They want to move to the west in this part of the country it's very very different. -- the Ukrainian troops are outnumbered Ukrainian population. Is -- in -- here. Russian power I -- talk to people who. Who. -- forward to speak their views. That they don't want the Russians here quietly. Respectfully -- that the couple people black recruit was here what would you tell -- tell him. And it almost dropped their -- in their voice in modesty and humility. In the face of the power that group hasn't represents over their allies Saudi Ukraine cannot take on Russia. Militarily or nationally. At this point -- so they've got to find a way out. A way to keep their nation together away to avoid a war with Russia which they wouldn't win. And which would be kind of -- civil war these two countries very closely bound by language. By change -- in -- history. -- they need to walk that careful path that you talk about and you -- -- that year however this whole place I must tell you show. -- is a tinderbox. It seems -- this -- this problem at one of these standoffs. Can a young soldier. Opening -- -- protestor perhaps getting -- could touch off a wider war and everyone knows. Military give me an idea -- it's a scenario like that happens. Who does that benefit the most in this case. Yeah -- -- -- right now I don't think Putin wants a wider war what you want to assure Ukraine and want to show the West Asia explicitly today that remarkable even astonishing -- -- -- there. Sure people want change he said but the west. Cannot and -- what he called illegal change in the post Soviet space in other words get out of my backyard. And that is what -- is trying to demonstrate so while he doesn't want a war. He's clearly. Making it biggest and harshest of -- here that he controls -- near country's been near abroad as they say to Russia. And so it kind of complicated kind of wider war -- the Russian military wouldn't would. Win and -- would demonstrate that Vladimir -- is in charge in this. Part of the war. And Terry -- that said how important is it to see secretary Kerry visit there today in a diplomatic way in a way bringing. -- -- billion dollar loan guarantees to the new Ukrainian government what message. Like that sent. Bringing. That message we show that -- -- being Cold War arms that he used about the courage on the senate like. Solidarity in Poland to the 1980s -- of the individual human person spirit standing up for freedom against. Against -- although it's important remember that the person they overthrew Yanukovych was elected free and fair. By a majority Ukrainian. But it was a revolution and this year secretary of cherry. Bring all of -- -- the rhetoric of the west and its ideals of democracy and freedom plot step billion dollars. And pledged we will stand by you. No question increases -- stakes. The United States' commitment to these people and the legitimacy of their revolution in the eyes of the world. That said we come back to that question. What you gonna do what what kind of cards. The secretary of state Kerry President Obama what what they have in the face of Putin's troops it -- -- You know Terry if you remember with Syria we've heard a lot about a red line being drawn that the US mention now the White House. Talking about Russian troop movements and -- in them to get out that it would also be a game changer space day. So what does that mean where do we go from here in this very high stakes chess match. Well it looks secured the senator Craig -- it looked like there some wiggle room there -- Serb aggression should should. Go back to their barracks -- huge stayed here so you didn't assert your -- halt. With the kind of pull back a little. The United States and others have proposed the international monetary. Who might. Be able somehow to provide a fig leaf for further negotiations. There -- this -- that the question of recognizing what could he says are the concerns that she has for the state -- political right. Russian nationals and ethnic Russians in Ukraine and the -- -- that -- -- revolution. That's that's happened in the western Kenya detectives that -- -- one of the first -- they -- -- strip. The official status of the Russian language in Ukraine and -- if you're Russian speaker that. That's a frightening side and -- Maybe there are ways to address legitimate concerns as circuit justice -- says to have Russia and other certainly leave but go -- -- -- based. And begin the process -- a political solution. To get everybody to climb down from on the precipice of the -- You know we've heard President Obama say that the Cold War is over. Has -- -- push to restart with Russia you mentioned a lot of cold or rhetoric. It hit it big difference that was the Cold War with the clash of assistance communism persons capital. This conflict is about. Don't mind and personality and ambitions -- one -- Wladimir group and its partners have verses the west. What is it doesn't need -- Russian nationalism restoring the -- even the empire but Russia is discipline order even. Even autocracy in Russia. It's a completely different system. Then then communism but it isn't ideology. -- -- -- -- Security in those legislators and in the elections that are really staged events -- even teaching school. It's not Cold War into conflict with with what you might call the 21 century czar of Russia -- recruit. Very good ABC news chief foreign affairs correspondent Terry Moran thank you very much. For joining us from Crimea Ukraine -- -- For your latest updates on the crisis in Ukraine. And all your other headlines for now I'm Michelle Franzen -- New York with -- ABC news digital special report.

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