Former USA Gymnastics team doctor sentenced in child sex abuse case

Larry Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison, with the judge saying she just signed his "death warrant."
18:10 | 01/24/18

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Transcript for Former USA Gymnastics team doctor sentenced in child sex abuse case
There you see hugs applause and tears in the Lansing Michigan courtroom. Where a judge has just sentenced former gymnastics doctor Mary Nasser 275. Years in prison. This comes out on day seven of his sentencing hearing the case of gripping heart aching and revealing and difficult testimony. From dozens and dozens of young athletes are seeing some of them there right now young women. Who in some cases endured years of sexual abuse. At the hands of doctor Mary Nasser. Hi mom and Abbas live in New York for those of you watching that entire sentencing hearing you heard the words from judge shock lean and there she said I just signed. You're death warrant speaking to doctor Mary Nasser some incredible moments. In case you missed them we're gonna replace some of them for you right here but I want to bring in. ABC news out legal analyst. Royal Oakes who joins me on the phone at right now and embroiled thank you for being with us I don't want to talk about Larry Nasr or the judge right off that I want to talk about. These women first a 156. Of them coming forward over the last week. To read some incredibly moving incredibly personal and incredibly difficult statements to the man. Who abuse them in some cases for years. On a dated it this unprecedented. In terms of these kinds of hearings in the way that those statements of survivors are incorporated. It really is normally at a case like this security will just allow a hand ball out statements but. This judge's time were drawn belt you know it's appropriate for everybody to have their say. She insisted on referring to the victims as survivors. And it you say well over a hundred people were allowed to come forward. One victim testified that university represented its that there were just don't understand the difference between sexual assault and medical procedures. Really powerful stuff she essentially was trying to empower the victims and just an extraordinary statement by the judge that we just listen to. And royal there was also a moment there at the and as the judge commented sort of explaining her reasoning behind half she had been processing to case. Behind it why she decided to let so many. Of those athletes come forward and she also read. An excerpt of a letter that Larry Nasser had sentenced to the court it was widely reported on widely mocked in some cases. In some of the embassy it seemed to be seeking. From the court but I want to play this little bit of sound from judge doc will Nino reading a portion of that letter. And then get your take on the back and here it is from just moments ago in the courtroom. I was a good doctor. Because mine treatments. Work. And patients that are now speaking out where this same ones that preys. And came back over and over. And remembered family and friends Cassini. There immediately mend them that everything I did was wrong and man. They feel I broke they're from. Hell hath no fury like compliments Gordon's. It is a job a home we nightmare. Story didn't that are being fabricated. Cute sensationalize. This. I'm so manipulated. By yeah. And now apple Alina. And all I wanted was to minimize stress shoot every line. Royal oaks with us on the phone now while you spent a lot of time in courtrooms. I'm curious how you processed that moment. Well I gotta say you know this isn't my first rodeo been through that. The OJ Simpson in the Rodney King case is Michael Jackson Robert like I've never seen anything like this. A testament to all the power with the judge did was that the crowd burst into applause after she was done. The statement was angry and emotional it was sarcastic it was personal the judge common and daughter. For many jobs she's held her stint as a soccer coach but mainly it was angry and wish you sit. You do not deserve to walk outside a prison never again. And I have just signed your death warrant in recognition of the fact that total number years that the sentence is a 175 years. She left no doubt that day she really took this whole process very personally. She was seeing herself as an advocate for the survivors this was just an extraordinary court appearance. And we're output at sentence into perspective for us now because honesty that was the moment everyone was waiting line that is meant to be protecting. Future victims it is meant to send a message in many cases regardless of the crimes. Committed fair but put that into perspective given the scope of Larry Nasr is crimes and given the scale of what he commit. Right well he's already been sentenced to sixty years in prison on federal child pornography charges. Today he's pled guilty to seven counts of criminal sexual conduct but as we've discussed. The judge allowed many more victims than seven to testify. And actually in the next week or so he's going to be giving up further sentence he's still pleading guilty to three charges of sexual criminal conduct so. Multiple court appearances multiple batches of the sentences but the bottom line is it adds up to as the judge said he's never going to cherish freedom yet. The world is comes back again and again at two. Those powerful statements made by so many young women over the last several days but also just the one woman who decided to come forward. In the first place one woman speaking out one woman agreeing to share her story and her face agreeing to talk to the press. One it reports. Coming out to adopt Alina mentioned that as well. And the prosecutor mentioned it in her final statement as well take a listen to this than one if I wanna see what you think about this on the back and this is the prosecutor talking about the impact. That those women coming for it could have. In the future. Every day at this podium that I stand use our strong brave and fierce survivors come here. But that's not clearinghouse or saw. He was attracted and it views to those young girls in those pictures. But your honor. What you did not see. Hi this sweet young innocent faces of girls who have been spared a similar fate because these brave women all spoke out. And more importantly never get up. For well the judge mentioned it is well she cited some. Alarming statistics that we don't talk about enough in this country that one in seven. Young girls by their eighteenth birthday will be sexually abuse one in 25 boys. She also said that this is a turning point and I want to get your take on this this is one case this is one. Man these are many many victims and survivors across many years what kind of impact do you think this will have on the larger conversation and then. Similar legal proceedings moving forward. World enormous publicity. Appended to this proceeding of course is go to a power a lot of people I guess it's similar to way to the B two movement that. Sexual harassment development systems the Harvey Weinstein story broke in October be it simply opens the floodgates and that it does empower people. And looking down the line of course you are gonna see further inquiries as to the institutions that employed. Napster you you see the and I allegations of these institutions turned a blind eye. The allegations. News really powerful that this judge what's this case innate and overall sort of macro societal context. To really try to send a message. As to how important this issue it is just again a very extraordinary performance by the Joseph it. And while we of course this is the sentencing of Larry Nasser this is the one man at the heart of all these despicable acts there whereas. Institutional support along the way we know that he was working for Michigan State University treating it many many athletes over the years for USA gymnastics. Both those institutions have come under fire now buys some of these athletes who are speaking out now. If there is an issue of accountability could be see the investigations. Spread even wider beyond this one man. Well that's right of course if you think back to the Penn State and Jerry sandusky situation. You so all our focus on. Who were the enablers who were the people who again. Turned a blind guy you could see this situations regarding civil litigation possible criminal prosecutions if in fact there's evidence that the people world aware of the commission of the crime. So absolutely that's that's down the road. It was interesting that for a role of the talk about the judge's it was her little response by Nasser and his lawyer Nasser beat give a statement they I think it was less than a minute. Very short he seek your words of the victims which shaking me to my core. His lawyers should do your worst appears to Seoul and softened just sort of a lawyer. Said that there have been the death threats threats against the families of the lawyers for the defendants and of course. Judge weighed in on happens naturally they're there should be no kind of recriminations we all support the idea of the right to counsel Booker judgment. Quickly turned the focus back to what she called the survivors. Royal oaks with us on the phone there on the go live now outside Lansing Michigan Lindsey Davis has been covering that last. Extraordinary seven days on the ground there and Lindsay you were there. In the moment this was the moment everyone was waiting for to see. How this could all and after days of powerful testimony from so many brave young women. What was it like in the Portland. I direct your attention of course now lives. Steady stream. Some of the big. People like their arms wrapped around the neck and happy. People here who is standing out in support. I'm. Survivors. Larry answered her. As a surprise to many people like this is a big. Four year old man you are me. Child pornography. I think we've got to California signaled and I feel we can get Lindsay back sorry Lindsay got cut off for just a moment but please continue. Okay cell I think that it was just symbolic. They're talking about 54 year old man himself while he really didn't have much reaction or emotion. Really didn't matter already was a life sentence for him he already. Sentenced. Here's the child pornography charges up whether it was a hundred up. 50300. Years it really didn't matter I think. It was up more than anything else it wasn't about Larry Nasser it was about sending a message to the victims were. Bird flu that she did not take it easy for the home fearing it. His reference. And out of that we'll. Things up. Supporters and we're we're expecting to hear from a number of the victims. Say again I am calling victims the judge instead they may have come. Lying about an hour. No mercy at. Started all of this who was the first woman to you to speak out and filed a police report news has resulted. They're out looking. I can answer it and really it was a profound words. From her today I mean she talked about how this are Christian faith that allows her to offered forgiveness. But at the same time that you can't use him. Until he's able to relate to you count and those. Powerful moments that seniority plays where the judge read from the excerpts from the letter ended in Lancaster Hadley. We're we're basically she's saying he's still getting and that's why she said that she sentenced to so much time because he's still talking about happy with the good doctor he still has talked. People don't even minimally. And now the same women. Once praised his medical ability were now coming forward pieces from media attention and perhaps financial. Lindsay over the last seven. By the young women hits came forward in that courtroom they resonated across the country right they have been. Cut into a master cuts across social media they have become the things put it on placards in the in the women's march this is the come about so much more. Then this one case and I wonder how that's resonated on the ground there. He you know really hasn't and this is just beginning and there was up. We spoke about it it was. He talked about how she shouldn't milk and feel comfortable incited. Younger then and now she. Going to get ready it's. And Michigan State should be prepared to be an apartment so you get the sense that even though this was this marathons. 78. Seven days a this is don't mark the moment and in fact maybe this is the very beginning as bars. The NCAA has just announced that they are planning investigation and many others as bars. What can't miss. Blood USA gymnastics you it's seems like so far from over. He would sentencing was not Larry yes this is becomes into a black guy on USA gymnastics and perhaps MSU you know as we know there's rallies scheduled to take place on Friday the Michigan State University students. Demanding that the president reside president Dennis yourself. A lot of fall of the. And Lindsay is an excellent point you raise because I'm see this is not the end of something it could become the beginning of something. Much larger Alley Grayson has been alone many of those places to stay there is larger accountability issues here we half. To keep pulling this threat. If that's something that you have heard a lot of people you talked to on the ground there that they want to see this for something bigger. Very much so I mean every kind of parked his back. The Miss America just happened where it was kind of like a clean slate and the board members resigned in the some new leadership there and it seems like that's you know what's being called work here would you party scene several of the executive. Board USA gymnastics stepped down it just seems like it's just like a number of dominoes. Ball and that's when people aren't demanding you know base line. Accountability this is much bigger than Larry Nasser and others saying that you know they were institutions that protect you can't work. People who enabled him that this could not have been able to go on for so long had people just listen. Lindsey Davis lives whereas there outside the courtroom in Lansing Michigan thanks anything. Royal oaks I believe is still with us on the phone and while I wanted to ask you something else because for people who don't spend a lot of time in courtrooms. The wave at the judge has conducted herself over these last seven days and indeed today stood out. Two a lot of people she's made it very clear that she is not eight days passionate observer. When he came to a lot of the victims and survivors statements being graduate puncture wait each of them with gratitude or even a comment of support. In some cases. Do you think that that affects how people will see what happened in that courtroom and it is happening nor in terms of paddy sentencing hearing ago. It's absolutely not normal most judges try to remain as dispassionate as possible are always kind of sensitive to the charge that to approach your personal feelings are influencing your decisions. But at the end of the day I think what this judge has in common where all judges is that they very passionately believes in doing what mutual right. And she just dude where's her are commercially a little more. That many. Judges are very protective of the rights to jurors of the time with jurors they're really appreciated both the dedication of people who. Who give up part of their lives to the court system. And similarly. Judges are passionate whether they show it or not about the fact that day in and day out they see the results of crime. This judge was just willing to to speak out I mean she said. Right to be a defendant today you don't get it accurate danger I believe in rehabilitation where that's possible I don't find out as possible review so. She just used varying usual in the greedy extent to which. Key it is expressing her emotions. And her dedication to the rights of victims. And of all cases with the hunger and 66 some. The victims that she allowed to testify. You can understand why this hit her so much. Why she felt so strongly about justice for these she called survivors. Royal oaks ABC's news legal analyst joining us on the phone there thank you for your time rile. Ines thanks telling you for watching as well you can head over to Any time to get the latest on this story. And many others are download ABC news that get all the breaking news and latest headlines right to your phone for now I'm on an Abbas. And if he back here soon.

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{"duration":"18:10","description":"Larry Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison, with the judge saying she just signed his \"death warrant.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"52583807","title":"Former USA Gymnastics team doctor sentenced in child sex abuse case","url":"/US/video/usa-gymnastics-team-doctor-sentenced-child-sex-abuse-52583807"}