Violence erupts at white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va.

At least one person is dead after white nationalists and counter-demonstrators took to the streets.
3:10 | 08/12/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Violence erupts at white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va.
Good afternoon we're coming on the air in our breaking news from Charlottesville Virginia that is the scene over the last 24 hours of violent clashes. Between white nationalist and counter protesters in the streets. Of Charlottesville and just moments ago they shocking video to show you right now. A car barreling down the street that sports and water street and starts. And apparently ran in here. To counter protestors the white Nationalists on the CE the pilgrims in Charlottesville. Right now. Though you could see the chaos you can see the commotion. Right there tell us what you've heard. George you can see the actually intersection where this happened right behind me that two other cars that were hit in that aftermath still sitting there in that intersection people's things just the road on the ground we've spoken to several witnesses you tell us. That they were having their counter protesters were marching they net. Right near this location here they had a moment where they celebrated and the next few when they looked up. A car a silver or gray two door car came barreling down this hill. And started hitting people people who describe to us they would literally rallying people people lined up around them. Many people telling that they had to jump out of the way when we actually got down here on the scene. We're walking through what was left of that crowd you could see people laid out on the street paramedics working on them people wrapping up their legs. Multiple times a Harvard law enforcement and medics asking the crowd. Do you know of anyone else that has been hurt. In this accident they were trying to find all the people that had been hurt all the people that were on the ground whose friends were tending to them in that immediate. After that and you can see here now riot police behind us they have blocked off this area they have moved people out of the way. As they try to make this downtown area Charlottesville safe again. And the leaders of the white nationally have already called on their supporters to disburse. In the wake of the governor of Virginia declaring a state. Of emergency president trump has now tweeted out. In the last hour as long it was to see Vega a senior White House correspondent saying the presence saying we must stand against hate. We must stand against Tate we must be united in condemn all the hate stands for but Jordan wanna say this tweet came out at one. 19 PM the president has faced some criticism for that delayed response in fact the First Lady was the first person. Inside the White House to make the first treat her tree came out about 45 minutes first reaction actually we're from the White House came on Twitter from the First Lady saying. Our country encourages freedom of speech but let's communicate without Kate. In our heart no good comes from violence hash check Charlottesville. And it is also weighing George the Charlotte still mayor responded to president trump not long after his tweet saying any thanked him. At long last for condemning hate speech in and action so. So the president is faced some criticism for that delayed response we are waiting to hear from him of course you know he's in his golf club in bed minster New Jersey. That working vacation or calling it we expect him to weigh in on the. Soon he supposed to speak around 3 PMC they get thanks very much again. Violent clashes in the streets in Charlottesville Virginia car has rammed into a crowd of kind of put kisses appears that several are injured we're gonna stay on top of this. We back we have more.

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{"id":49180518,"title":"Violence erupts at white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va.","duration":"3:10","description":"At least one person is dead after white nationalists and counter-demonstrators took to the streets.","url":"/US/video/violence-erupts-white-nationalist-rally-charlottesville-va-49180518","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}