Walk through a neighborhood damaged by wildfires

ABC News' Olivia Smith is in Sylmar, California, with first responders as they take in the destruction caused by fast-moving wildfires.
11:20 | 12/06/17

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Transcript for Walk through a neighborhood damaged by wildfires
We are here in Sylmar California today for the free fire has already just right. About the fires here in Southern California. And introduced you spew. For every vehicle fired have been thinking people but for joining us. So what I'm old. Tell your openness and Tiago has stayed up in Sylmar California is. One in the housing factually as giving them a number of houses that were. We have about a have some sort of fired them. OK let me let's continue. Since he had taken back here previously and he didn't show his flight home like that go up in flame. During a fire. Right CNN at kind of walked through the yard Tennessee this hillside. Real large mountain range. San NN band nicknamed the devil winds if you will. You get a real strong wind that comes off this bridge top and then basically comes down these brain ages. At a high rate of speed anywhere from 57 gust to seventy miles an hour but typically fairness and hand they'll be sustained at about thirty miles an hour. Well that win comes through that there's any bit of fire behind it. Obviously now you're going to be casting so many embers. Little balls of fire all throughout the community. A fifty mile an hour winds behind. Get an idea. Like campfire in the win or your fireplaces that they get any kind of. Either way fire activity picks up when you have increased winds. Well that's what took place in this community. This community is a modular home community what it's done. Always belongs on you raised about what. Fire's embers. That would make it away early in the woods I. Am. And there's crawl spaces as well. In addition to would some of these houses had wood decks. In the fire amber cast will make its way right that would. That entry point and and catch the house on fire from down below. And they'll be. Happening to numerous structures. Rather rapidly get a good idea if the fire up in the hills starts does that basic brush fire and it makes its way with a fifty mile an hour wind behind it being pushed into this housing. So very challenging for firefighters. They were able to with the help the valley. Really really well. And we able to get everybody out where we had no civilian injuries or deaths at this time so. Folks did real well cooperated really appreciated. So for those who are unaware of what the scenic Ana winds art which. In part help these fires route would spread how would you describe that again they're coming down from the mountains at least be behind us and we need to tap. Writes a typically hear in LA and California Southern California we have. Nice big ocean out there gives us some nice southern Marines at southwest breeze comes up the ocean. Very nice that's are typically a typical data de. Wind activity. Low speed right out the ocean in his Santa Ana event. It does the exact opposite comes out of the north northeast. As real. High pressure to it that mixed with. Vicki low humidity. Typically argument. These are anywhere from. Fifteen to two point 8%. 30% this time here today we're dealing with a 9% humidity that is extremely low and obviously. San handling that it took to complete reversal of normal wind through LA put the high energy when. I can fit anywhere from twenty to thirty miles an hour with gusts to seventy. That puts these fires throughout. It's gonna last through the end of the week. Usually the creative ideas. At the event and then also although he can hear that it applies to the word victory. Byrd Southern California fire season is pretty much now 365. Week. With a very peace camps during the typical. A month or July and August are September's we get our typical topography fires which are based on. Dried out fuel things like that and in our Thanksgiving fires November and December. Those are fires that are pushed by winds are standing and. Got it do what you CPI getting back they have. Wood frame home which was exciting again on our rates foundation. He told involved had sprinklers you know. What you're seeing are the sprinkler pipe. That our copper pipes that because they keep. And the fire that this structures. It and sweated all the pipes and created basically the waters between coming out of sight and it's no way to. Really up to cut down the whole track. So as you read that tired began yesterday morning. Left cracked around 5 AM. 5 AM yesterday morning fire companies. Yesterday were on this track. I forget how many homes but several hundred homes in this fact. I think closed at 300. And then we lost about twenty homes. Majority on this street. Only because of that wind event that came in and all these homes snapped up. Fire that was up on the hill that got pushed into these homes fell. You're seeing is just different we had several fire companies on the street. Yesterday. We did lose water because we lost power to the area so we lost or water supply because the pumps that. Com the hydrants in this area. All based on the way in. That we fire fired in the credible job as far as. Try to make a stop on these wood sided frame homes that are again on our race foundation. Fired travel underneath it it's very hard to detect early on so. It reels from lost from work. Job well done but firefighters and exit people really operated by. It happened. Oh. He. Right the hope is that we can vote back in today. Once we get. Get a handle on it and I can't anymore higher extension I can have anymore. Smoke in the area the bull in the fire department is if you back into their home. Get some normalcy on board and they. Insert them. That can damage. It's all. Right so typical. One of two things happened. Votes either fine am here. And have written with them. The red trot obviously don't know. That organization. Red Cross will step. And if these people housing a hotel room we'll get them bad clothes. And in scored away so they act against them toward normalcy. And Steve what's next for you today and he's that you were heading again there are other fires burning here in Los Angeles. And now you're going to be heading towards windows. Correct we're went so we leave here we're gonna take a group of fire companies and head into the oral five's over the past Getty Center is a real landmark. We have a second fire that started in the Getty Center about 5 o'clock this morning that also is being pushed by wind. In. Fairly high dollar neighborhood is well so we have fire companies that are working that right now we're just condolences. And the most important part is that we the people stay safe and effectively let me to a vacuum leak. Where can I information Adam in the heat adding I wonder if beat you need to evacuate where they're under a warning rate now. So I think and that's thing is. I would say on your social media pages pressure LA FT dot org we'll have information on that. We have the cal fire. Team that's in places well it's assisting us with this incident so cal fire is and other entities that so it view fire information. But. From our standpoint LE ST dot org will be probably the best. Source for united if you should be and in modern career. In social media mockery he. Typically others you guys offers that you. Steve my pleasure being me ain't right where we all thank you. Okay they're here again your theme destruction left over from the creek fire there are other buyers bring her mom Angela. And and eats that it is the fire's heat and all the litany in late December at this is the time. And now 365 days a year areas like this have to be aware of the fires and if he do little that closing out the destruction to keep you more of additional. What happened. Again if it's Sylmar California. It's northwest. The magic or Los Angeles area. And the thing and Ana winds come down I feed the fire captain had told us from mountain. And meet those flames. In homes just across this three other homes were fortunate. And people addicted within the evacuation order. He had set though it's important gateway are informed. Make sure you know what's happening in your area. He's so much for watching Libya and for more of our coverage. Of news.com and check hundred feet PEU. Can eat live.

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{"id":51619703,"title":"Walk through a neighborhood damaged by wildfires","duration":"11:20","description":"ABC News' Olivia Smith is in Sylmar, California, with first responders as they take in the destruction caused by fast-moving wildfires.","url":"/US/video/walk-neighborhood-damaged-wildfires-51619703","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}