How Walmart is keeping up with consumer demand during the pandemic

Executive Vice President of corporate affairs, Dan Bartlett, shares more with us on how Walmart is responding to the crisis.
3:54 | 03/26/20

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Transcript for How Walmart is keeping up with consumer demand during the pandemic
As corona virus cases rise here in the US Wal-Mart is one of the leading retailers trying to keep up with consumer demand. Executive vice president of corporate affairs Dan Bartlett is here to share more on how Wal-Mart is responding to the crisis Dan. Thanks for being with us there are obviously so many issues affecting retailers right now what would you say. Is the biggest impact trying to virus has had on Wal-Mart. Well sheer demand of the public right now has been unprecedented if you just go back over the last ten days or so. The pattern of shot being was has been enormous and in the early days it was really focused on. Cleaning products paper goods and those things and then. As a lot of that talk about shelter employees and those things and people seem that this was going to be. For sustained period of time and at the same time restaurants started shutting down a massive push to bind feuding consumables. You are so correct every time I've gone to the grocery store my hats are off to the people there they are on the front lines truly of this as well so. How are you preventing the spread of the virus not only to your employees but to the people then also. Coming and purchasing items from your stores. It's a very dynamic process obviously across our chain we have severely increase in and greatly enhanced. The cleaning protocols we have in place obviously the protocols with our associates themselves about washing their hands key demands. We're also putting new. Social distancing. Signage on the floors. We are purchasing plexiglass it will be erecting at the cashier's as well as where the pharmacy is. Yet we've seen a lot of places I'm assuming you've done this as well who have amended their store hours to allow for some of that cleaning in at times allow. Elderly folks to come in its specialized times talk about what you've done in terms of changing store hours and maybe even maximum occupancy. We have done that and end typically Wal-Mart supercenters. Open 24 hours a day seven days a week but we have shut we're shutting the stores down overnight. To give that time for there to be deep cleaning also and frankly give our associates time to restock shelves. And and get the store ready for the next day so we have done that were also during a special hour every Tuesday morning at 6 AM for seniors to come in. And be able to shop that's been it's usually popular with our our customers who are over the age of sixty soaked. These things will continue to modify continue to find ways in some jurisdictions. And localities where they have for sure more restrictive policies with regards to how many people can gather in the store were obviously accommodating that as well. And that is certainly good to hear it in terms of anyone who feels that concern of that panic about they're not being enough that feeling of scarcity. What how are you doing on supplying that increased demand for you and for your ship stories do you community really keep an eye. Immediate. Well just think about it we are selling it every five days enough toilet paper for each individual American to have their own role. They just gives a little bit of contacts and amount of quantities that are going through our stores right now. The good thing is in the last couple days we seen a somewhat of a leveling off for I would say the new normal is land where is the way we're putting it. In which those supply chain is aim is is catching its breath and it's able to. Supplied the stores so. We are seeing there's going to be some specific items are always going to be under pressure. Like toilet paper for whatever reason but when it comes to the most important things like protein food. Food and consumables we are getting those shells restock there is not a concern. The American public. Should not worry and think that there's going to be rook no I'll run on food or shortage. This grocery stores like Wal-Mart will provide that future customers. And thank you that is very reassuring indeed Dan Bartlett thank you for your time in for your service we appreciate it. It's good to be with you.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"Executive Vice President of corporate affairs, Dan Bartlett, shares more with us on how Walmart is responding to the crisis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69818954","title":"How Walmart is keeping up with consumer demand during the pandemic","url":"/US/video/walmart-keeping-consumer-demand-pandemic-69818954"}