Mudslide Aftermath: 108 People Reported Missing

Crews in Washington state expand their search through neighborhoods flattened with mud 15-feet deep.
3:00 | 03/24/14

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Transcript for Mudslide Aftermath: 108 People Reported Missing
This is a special room. But desperate search and arrest whoever underway in Washington State after a deadly months by at least eight people. Are confirmed dead and there are some. Wondered -- reports of missing person but -- -- could be back to duplicate reports. Lebanon dance clubs are New York with this ABC news digital special report in ABC to keep -- -- has the latest on the. Rescue efforts. And the top -- searchers are having in trying to find those that are still missing -- Well then we did just get an update from officials -- -- that gives us a sense of the magnitude of this disaster. There are reports of a 108 people -- -- unaccounted for but officials stress. Those people have not been confirmed it needs now the good news is crews are getting a bit of a break from the rain today they are expanding their search. Scrambling for any survivors but admit this situation. Very great. -- no. Day of searching no signs of life. Rescue crews combing through months fifteen feet deep in some areas neighborhoods. Let there may be people that are in their cars there may be people that are in how the you know house's. We're trying to track that down the very best we -- half -- mountain slid through this community that mud slide a full square mile in size and not to copper 484. Football fields Shaun Wright went towards the screams to find a baby and his mother buried under the remains of their home. He used chain saws to get them out a life. Where we daughter was just -- -- you couldn't tell anything with palaces it was just all debris. Thirty homes were destroyed as many as eighteen may still be nude scene and bags -- The tragedy. And thinkable. No rain expected in the forecast today crews are scrambling to find any survivors searching from the air breaking quicksand like conditions on the ground. Heavy rainfall is expected later in the week. The hoped for any life teeming with every hour. And saying prayers every hour that they find people of -- ally of and can get them to help. And this comes on the heels of the wettest march in years this area got more than seven inches of rain that's about twice the average. Again we're expecting more rain in the forecast again but a bit of a breakthrough right now and I understand that this is not the first time -- my site has happened in this area. That's right snohomish county declared a state of emergency back in 2006. After a mud -- in -- It was 300 yards that slid into the river back then and this time they're dealing with with a much -- -- bigger area. ABC's -- of the -- with the latest on that. If you -- thank you. Right now -- and ABC's Neal Karlinsky who is in snohomish county in Washington State in -- Canucks went into this. Potential discrepancy between -- people there are listed as missing. And at 108. Person figure. Yeah I can ban this very very rural remote area. You know we talk about this community Yemen it's really just a smattering of home some of them temporary vacation home some of them -- -- RBs are mobile -- There really built along a river between some mountain and valley just gorgeous area it is very scary -- So a lot of these reports according story literally you know someone telling them hey I don't -- -- deal with brown hair. Is literally. The kind of reports -- -- dealing with so they absolutely do not think they are missed 208 people. That they really don't have a handle -- include those who live there that include contractors and construction workers may have been in the area. Saturday morning around 11 AM -- think workers like that might have been in the area. Of course motorists who were just driving down the road at the time. Now as a -- had pointed out that the rain has stopped somewhat at least temporarily. But what about the actual situation itself -- is -- is the ground stable enough that searchers were able to get in there. Honesty or out -- -- really nice weather over the last forty hours or more ready to come of course -- is -- really greedy. The world. This month has been -- -- than normal but not record setting. At this point. So you know the area initially would consider to be unstable out. They believe it is stable up they have brown is going and we seen this morning going to -- -- crashed not sort thank. But -- I mean it's it's sort of hard to wrap your brain around the death of the month they're duly. I mean it's really is that you carpet bombed mountain -- -- -- it down on the background you know in some areas we're talking tens -- feet deep. Very thick mud that it's mixed with trees -- parts of homes -- -- -- It's really can't take heavy machinery to get in there and right now they can't get heavy machinery. Is dramatic we're looking at some of these before and after pictures. And this happened over the weekend. And want a place about what the snohomish county emergency mass return to John Pennington said about what impact that the timing of it might -- -- This event occurred on Saturday. A lot of these individuals probably would have been gone away from those homes to work. But it was Saturday morning they were home we've also now confirmed that certain contractors and construction workers were coming into the neighborhood. And we can also obviously. Confirm that people were driving by. So -- how many homes are in that area that -- are trying to get you know. There are you know look back note here -- there are thirty some not all there 49 parcels. But again many of them are mobile homes and things of that. So 35 of them were actual -- It happened on Saturday we know the efforts are still going on right now and no additional bodies and survivors found last night or today. Our authorities and still expecting to find survivors given the nature that it is it is a mud -- that -- certainly it's a situation it can be survivable but because. It's in a remote area. And I mean officially they are still in search. And rescue mode but frankly. It is extremely unlikely in -- -- that there is anyone alive in merit that it's possible but it's been -- Saturday not found survivors and Saturday. And I'm like an earthquake or -- of that nature or you people are in an air pocket under current building in this case. It's all underneath -- very very sick -- -- -- someone who ordered the structure of that structure now underneath. Lots of stent market entry and rocks and -- sort of they're looking go -- trying to get dog's in there this morning and other equipment. And of course holding out hope -- it just. This steel of the -- And the size of this it's really hard to comprehend we we got up on -- -- we took a two hour drive an -- logging road could be only vantage point. We concede it's about being in a helicopter and really. If anyone you know fruitless thing ever -- -- -- forced him out think Helen -- scope of that disaster. This isn't that -- but it it's comparable. In that it doesn't look like a normal and did an absolutely enormous piece of land and -- been moved from one part of the year the other. And what about the level of the river itself I -- again -- know we're take it -- a bit of a break from the rain but more is expected. Has it crested. Well the river you know is stand up by all this -- and so. Up river you know it can't get through because of all the debris -- level rising -- river they were worried about this. Dam of debris bursting and Senegal floating through. That's not a concern because it's actually the water is just making its way through -- -- and -- So it's not coming through and a big -- -- like that this awaited building up a little bit third period and flooding but. To be honest this is -- -- -- flood prone area. All right ABC's Neal Karlinsky with the latest on the search and rescue efforts -- -- on -- county. Washington -- thank you for that of course you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading ABC news -- in -- this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now though I'm Dan -- New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Crews in Washington state expand their search through neighborhoods flattened with mud 15-feet deep.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23037134","title":"Mudslide Aftermath: 108 People Reported Missing","url":"/US/video/washington-mudslide-search-continues-108-reported-missing-person-23037134"}