Former Yale admissions counselor 'alarmed' by bribery scam

Susan Shifflett, a former Yale assistant director of admissions, reacts to the case of wealthy parents charged for paying bribes for their children to get accepted to elite universities.
5:33 | 03/13/19

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Transcript for Former Yale admissions counselor 'alarmed' by bribery scam
No want to talk to Susan shift puts citizens a former. Yale assistant director of admissions good morning Susan thank you so much for joining us. First questions history action to this scandal of these allegations. It's shocking and army. Her. Paint if I eat. All. Its use aren't there are great. Arms collected scandal or cause our markets are witnessing. Scandal hurting fox you're there are. What one what is. Also mentioned certainly in in this in this cases is Yale University where you work. What are the things that that the prosecutors mentioned yesterday said this notion there's a front door of the back door and there's this side door right that there that is where there's criminality. Did you suspect other other doors and and and explained to us how this back door thing works as well. More. And now all. Essentially the way it was references opened Doris what the I'd be illegal if you are better than what walks everywhere it. It's purely a or. Near us in a sports net a leap and Nixon well look at all academic extracurricular experts Faulkner here which. And yes well. Port that was reference brings in feet is where it's instant. You won't mind me or you aren't some students for it he says he. Paper the construction of the building or whatnot he. Skewed it sees whose parents are looks at Disney are our. They're its elderly Hispanics. I'm a list that its own arm you know these are some of this be our priority the it can't play. And a way I I think. University. Just the quiet aren't people worked here we're pretty is our university in me. Health. It's night or what our youngsters apparently Lee. Create yet to see and you ask them on the act on what report that is essentially a way. Factor. It into university. PL. He noted that we're more or. Not necessarily guarantee its students don't eat you won't see what quartz eat certain standards act it directly. Or still out. Irony to people. So what you're playing on his really disputes here are that you're. Happy I just know it they're just a certain foreign money I 100%. Guarantee my health yeah. You know regardless of whether he actually out there are. So I think it irks deeper than yeah. So's Susan. And mission certainly as your as your expertise. But for those of us who who don't live in that space this scandal certainly and it speaks to wealth. But also arrogance right now not only where these people allegedly. Cheating to get their kids into these lead schools they also sought a tax benefit thank you very much so how do you clean this up if if if such people exist in this were right who would do. By any means necessary get picked get these kids into a oh lead schools how do you clean it up even after prosecuting these people involved in this case. Well I'm thinking its cage. You're really practiced sent a strong you're not the people who want to keep its stunning hopefully it's yet. External and he eats all on. Its derby I don't think parents are well lit. Her uncle is apparently Everest the second yeah all summer. Yeah I was eating well he's calling me what you working and just say what you and putting forward or how. Applications voting on that makes its committee in its you know black and white there the break deceased are their number CTQ while slightly. That's you know. It did I don't think there's no one side stickball formula acting particularly disturbing at eight is that. Mr. singer and let it lead you liked the recruiting crop. I'm waits architect listened. And we are where I work weren't yet changed but athletic department with an outlet that he hopes cheery. I'm here did tired. You're procreate. At Legg Mason officer. 98 rally I don't know if your routine you know he indeed are bro are where I don't know you know feeling like so. These wrinkled. Act or act in our eternal and so you know ETB act having been altered and that it by the computer for the here disturbing. They are actually quotes it. On campus is that Britney rise in buying into that scandal also are in many ways even more disturbing. And that packing because they think squall and its officers are ready for a look at these four agreements well. You know what it never crossed my mind at what he. Athletics lit. Oh. Citizenship but thank you so very much this is a story that I'm sure we talking about for days and weeks to come thank you so much.

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{"duration":"5:33","description":"Susan Shifflett, a former Yale assistant director of admissions, reacts to the case of wealthy parents charged for paying bribes for their children to get accepted to elite universities. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61656637","title":"Former Yale admissions counselor 'alarmed' by bribery scam","url":"/US/video/yale-admissions-counselor-alarmed-bribery-scam-61656637"}