More than 50 Percent of All Food Is Wasted

More than half of all food is wasted and sometimes for aesthetic reasons.
3:01 | 01/11/13

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Transcript for More than 50 Percent of All Food Is Wasted
Now it's time for the mix it and -- this was sort of depressing to me. There's a new report coming out today that outline the staggering amount of food that we just -- apparently. Had a four point four billion tons produced each year. 50%. Goes to waste any sort of blaming -- on a variety of factors including. Overly strict sell by dates things sometimes crops are rejected by supermarkets because they -- to sort of meet this cosmetic appearance standards. On -- that this is really. Something that. If so many people are starving and we weeks so much of our. That's crazy because of cosmetic reasons -- stupid reasons Mientkiewicz take this story out -- to. North Carolina police bust a north California police -- into a home the buses got marijuana but look at what he had protecting. His we need this alligator like creature of -- teeth. We -- he was detected in 34 pounds of marijuana in the south street value that a 100000. Dollars. Heads and other guy got targeted the we'd end up having a license for this critter and guess what Mr. T actually die don't let me it was very sick when -- got there maybe had too many especially around. -- -- -- we don't know what -- -- -- Politics and foreign films are all vulnerable -- Asked it's being. -- -- -- Braves their golden -- to school south console on -- hospital. It's during world news -- David -- is no John -- and Iraq. Angela Merkel whose model -- everybody thinks I have -- -- on him he. -- Again. News plus don't. -- -- Yeah. Then make those -- could break your it's we told. -- -- -- I'm in you sir -- They only do not. God told me. We are heading home -- national. -- -- -- -- Yeah. Club.

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{"id":18188387,"title":"More than 50 Percent of All Food Is Wasted","duration":"3:01","description":"More than half of all food is wasted and sometimes for aesthetic reasons.","url":"/WNN/video/50-percent-food-wasted-18188387","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}