'American Idol' returns: Premiere highlights

"American Idol" returned to TV with new hosts Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.
4:23 | 03/12/18

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Transcript for 'American Idol' returns: Premiere highlights
All right kitty cat batteries start with American Idol making its debut on AB CS of the judges at this time marketing Carrie Lee Brian and of course Lional Richie C Crist is back. So let's bring in are seeing you're American Idol correspondent. Analysts. Personnel Monica mountains where two hours will Ganz is there with us. Oh good good good and it's great to have it back on TV. It's I mean it is so exciting to have it back new judges new talent and everything last night went incredibly. So like in the past you know the pool of contestants is of this set of real talent and some real weirdos among them this guy meego phones he's saying about what else warms me. And did not advance to Hollywood Katie Statehouse and all right there. There was also Coby who is a Broadway hopeful musical theater aficionado. She was a shoe and home. Until she's going to know for mean it had not this is singing competition. Think that I sang really really an outstanding season. And she can't. I. So again left hand hard like I. She's brought rebounds right probably hurt they said that you know she has a good voice just not. Not to sell records yeah on the willow meter I'm gonna get very merry broach I don't know if you guys remember her from several seasons ago amendment. It meltdown. We're okay yet moving gotten out tell harper grace. A few years ago she gained national attention. For her unfortunate version of the National Anthem packed and she was only ten. Today she is sixteen and has practiced all lot three with a minute stream glory. I'm. He don't even relevant and that's of those sales and announced it shouldn't happy sad some polls and Powell of lemon examines its hand in the now. That there. So in this period of comebacks on the give her a Jennifer Hudson on the millimeter okay. I'm without hot I think it if it says so much to her character that after. National attention for or not gracing the union backswing and and put herself out there so there's hope for Fergie. Eric and I don't really aren't something tells me where he's going to be just fine investment. Next up with Kentucky and Leila spring and her adorable mini me sister Dixie. That's cheating. Didn't show up for the puppy and next back to reload the automatically. Got her ticket to Hollywood and have given her carry under Rick Scott that's small town kind of AM local time. Dixie also got a golden ticket to Hollywood is. But it's only known in trying to receive such. They've got now to Dennis Lorenzo from Philly. I'm given heaven Daughtry on the will meaner. In a really cool story just assume personal way he plays strengths of the clearly and he plays things but. One of the biggest surprises of the night was no love from Arkansas. He grew up on a farm and he can't not not only can he sing he can sang. Plus a season. Need. No while how Holden. No did fantasia for me and a voice that just comes out of his god I love it he's also getting attention for this exchange with judge Katy Perry particulate. Rick okay. Waking as they went yes I have no way I feel that already. What is where does me no it's not airline thinks it's just for us. Way round I don't get him away so it's like when something's really really impressive your week gets taxed. Like loan write off area which thank you for making us is this like teaching us the Steelers are a drag queen who ran outside. Edwards and staff are not there yet to win bonus skinny coming up next the. Learning where much.

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{"id":53679863,"title":"'American Idol' returns: Premiere highlights","duration":"4:23","description":"\"American Idol\" returned to TV with new hosts Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.","url":"/WNN/video/american-idol-returns-premiere-highlights-53679863","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}