Americans stranded overseas

Many U.S. citizens are finding it all but impossible to return home from their trips abroad due to travel bans. ABC News' Zohreen Shah reports.
2:37 | 03/19/20

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American medical students Michelle look Ryan Matthew long we're traveling in Morocco would be suddenly realize their vacation escape. May have gone too far. And pretty shocking how quickly things change. When president fronts travel ban to fight the krona virus came down they immediately started looking for flight. Spooks and stroke sloppy. Work. Now all sorts Arabic are really there are no flights and no help from government officials we. And very sharp how the US and nine minutes when we went to and that's the end where art. They told us that I know Morocco has. And I'll chapel in and out of the country they say they're taking precautions steered of what may happen if they get sick in a foreign country. Each individual city only has 600 patents now so I think that we don't know about how you're assistant here are pretty cheerful and they're not alone Stephanie Goldberger is in Peru under a fifteen game locked out. In Honduras a woman's football team is stranded. I think Eagles concerns are people kids. Kids are at home and you know not knowing what they're going near it sort of cheer and the order. And sandy KL from organ is also stuck in Morocco never in my life dying. Not had control over what I can do where can go Cahill says calls and emails to US officials have gone unanswered it's it's just very unsettling it's at and that's the best Wordock and come up with but all of them still determined to get back home and then I'm reading on Swiss currency scratched. None is saying that the people that have signed through that are unable to get anywhere it's around the world China obviously. In Central America as many as 500 foreigners are second Panama after a big music festival there can and I just imposed Ing nice tight curfew with more than 800 corona virus cases so far. And it Mona signs are you think you Mona I know that the State Department is monitoring the situation but federally elaborated aren't exactly. More they're doing to help stranded Americans and that's. All that uncertainty of not knowing when they'll be able to get back not knowing what the US government is doing for them. Not knowing even just what the airlines are doing for them that's creating even more of this unsettling feeling for. Americans not judging I'm just a little surprise that people are still taking their trips in the middle of all of this you actually canceled. I try to cancel my trip but again issues with the airline saying that. Maybe your trip is in April but we only have travel restrictions so look 31 so everything is still up in the air so I feel their frustration and really down.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"Many U.S. citizens are finding it all but impossible to return home from their trips abroad due to travel bans. ABC News' Zohreen Shah reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"69682246","title":"Americans stranded overseas","url":"/WNN/video/americans-stranded-overseas-69682246"}