Antonio Brown’s former trainer accuses him of sexual assault

Brown is denying the allegations, saying all his interactions with Britney Taylor were consensual. ABC News’ Kenneth Moton reports.
2:23 | 09/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Antonio Brown’s former trainer accuses him of sexual assault
We begin with breaking news involving football superstar Antonio Brown. The New England patriot is now facing a civil lawsuit his former trainer is accusing him of sexual assault the bombshell allegations follow Brown's recent headline grabbing behavior. Reigniting questions about its future in the NFL. This morning serious new allegations against one of the best players in pro football. Antonio Brown's former trainer claims he sexually assaulted her on three occasions. In the lawsuit filed in federal court Brittany Taylor claims brown exposed himself and kissed her without permission during a training session that we seventeen. She also claims brown forcibly raped her at his Miami home last year. Brown is denying the allegations insisting all sexual encounters with Taylor were consensual. Brown's attorney calls the accusations a money grab. Right he met before the alleged assaults a brown was asked to invest one point six million dollars in the accuses business project but brown refused. The fact that she's using her name. I think it lends credibility. To what she is saying and with a loss of just saying there's no way to know yet what was true and what's not true but this is very serious. And the allegations add to a tumultuous started the season for the white receiver the raiders signed him for fifty million dollars. But he clashed with the team with much of the drama playing out during the HBO series hard knocks which followed the team this summer and I got a lot people around me that pin on me to performing. There's not a lot in a musty after publicly demanding that the team cut him brown released a phone call last week with its head coach bills. On. The raiders finally caved releasing ground. He was then picked up by the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots were one year fifteen million dollar contract to play with Tom Brady. Possibly joining the team practiced as soon as today but overnight ESPN reporting NFL commissioner Roger Goodell could plays brown on the so call exempt list. Meaning he won't be joining the Patriot Act of player list while the league investigates the allegations. According to the lawsuit Brittany Taylor's seeking more than 75000. Dollars from brown. Saying the trauma from the alleged assault meted typical to maintain her responsibilities at work as a trainer. And the patriots say they're taking the claims very seriously it will wait for the NFL to investigate US PN reports brown is planning to counter sales.

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"Brown is denying the allegations, saying all his interactions with Britney Taylor were consensual. ABC News’ Kenneth Moton reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"65532077","title":"Antonio Brown’s former trainer accuses him of sexual assault","url":"/WNN/video/antonio-browns-trainer-accuses-sexual-assault-65532077"}