Axe Throwing: A New Trend?

ABC's Karen Travers visits the nation's first competitive axe-throwing facility... and it's BYOB!
2:36 | 09/29/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Axe Throwing: A New Trend?
We just gave up with our Halloween costumes in the breaking. Story a happy about the rules and standards allow us and to go with it so there's a hot new sport that's quickly gaining popularity in Philadelphia. And we've decided to send our intrepid Washington DC correspondent Karen Travers to check it out. Now Karen is best known of course for hard hitting reports on capital of England journal on a variety of other tough assignments that have yeah how we around the world hard news but we never see her quite like this. Investigator for the backwoods of Canada its warehouse in Philadelphia. Checked out this tax and meeting new trend didn't. What. It is the first competitive acts throwing facility in the US. Yes you heard that right axe throwing. I originally found out about act how to protect just a few weeks. City of brotherly love it's quickly gaining a cult following even pro athletes are into it to players from the Philadelphia Phillies downed spy to learn how to throw the idea is simple and rental lane Heathrow one half pound apparent that it Jerry it would target. Repeat it's a huge adrenaline rush. Yet speaks the sort of primal thing in having once you kind of get that accident wouldn't you just like yes. Maybe more what really cool thing about axe throwing is it a level playing the other straight really doesn't matter. You could be a huge dying in come in and you cannot borrow and then the little old lady next to you start nailing bull's eyes. It's actually not hysteria that looks Blacksburg Brian laying in says safety the key part of the training and demonstrations. We have coaches watching a rail times you know that sermon things. Don't be an idiot it's a matter. After a short clinic on proper form it was time to take my shot and did it first a and second. I heard you don't be just keep throwing. ABC news. They held the rate compared bullseye Q&A late favorite thing about this plane via its didn't feel I owe me to. It could not gotten. And the act and they act let's go right now I got because that's what you want to be YOB place where you can then grow. And act on Atlanta everything what's good about it case they're open for corporate events. That attacks and I got an ax to grind again we imagine that yeah Jim Florio quite exciting and really don't. Christmas.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"ABC's Karen Travers visits the nation's first competitive axe-throwing facility... and it's BYOB!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"42440960","title":"Axe Throwing: A New Trend?","url":"/WNN/video/axe-throwing-trend-42440960"}