Baby Has Shocking Reaction After Father Shaves

A new viral video shows a baby's reaction when she sees her clean-shaven daddy.
2:56 | 09/24/13

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Transcript for Baby Has Shocking Reaction After Father Shaves
-- -- -- -- welcome to that makes me start with probably the most normal viral video that I seen in quite a long time. We've got -- in the Huffington Post and this is a little girls his toddler who. It's about looking a certain -- yeah. He doesn't look that way anymore and she have a complete and total meltdown and enhanced because it's a -- I don't think so either take a look. -- -- -- You're so much as she does know -- the guy holding -- right. Julia confused so I think the problem is dad disappears into the bathroom yeah when he comes out he veered -- and so -- -- they didn't let her watch the process. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You wouldn't section jarring reaction doesn't usually -- in -- and so here's a little bit of the back story. Her dad to have endeared her entire identity goal -- to -- our -- I doubt that appeared now he hasn't been shares are getting this -- side the latest. Viral video we'll -- you like a few clips let me set -- up -- quick. Cameras are nothing new coming people who get their kicks. Doing it in front of the camera and a public place -- I think everyone in the stadium high that infamous ones. This one's pretty infamous really this is that cars mini van -- Gelman stop -- right here. -- -- the guys dead on the -- that's his girlfriend basing and yet on when exactly what you think they are they're being reported by people next car. And this is on an expressway in Chicago the Eisenhower expressway this is not on a back road. They know that they're being -- They keep on going and basically the couple in the cars going did you get that it does look. Anyway column they better be careful obviously it's very dangerous and a couple in the Mexican in the same thing in -- The woman got -- from the car how I got arrested. She's okay but she was ejected naked is. Not a good idea folks like a little. How hot joining the I love is just. Much easier yeah -- here they have their candidates I -- yeah. -- The thirty seconds ahead for you guys to meets there's nothing to and a half the toughest little penny out there he is only one -- -- -- -- But -- you really don't want night kiddies but it's adorable he has become a viral sensation he -- arrested in. You -- this -- His isn't what I'm after he was rescued because he had some kind of disease but he's been taking care but somebody who absolutely adores him dresses up like a pirate and takes -- -- -- of -- -- I have to go over going to be -- position.

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{"id":20353718,"title":"Baby Has Shocking Reaction After Father Shaves","duration":"2:56","description":"A new viral video shows a baby's reaction when she sees her clean-shaven daddy.","url":"/WNN/video/baby-shocking-reaction-father-shaves-20353718","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}