'The Bachelor' season finale

Colton professes his love to Cassie and the new Bachelorette is revealed. ABC News' Jack Sheahan reports.
3:10 | 03/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Bachelor' season finale
This is me after watching the bachelor last. Anytime. It with another emotional season of the bachelor of its kind in the book is daddy love to get it going we have live team coverage will again. I'm not let the bachelor Bob hasn't been Monday nights are distinct from there but we start the Rosa got a sweater we started our chief senior national everything analysts. Jack Sheehan. Today candidates mercifully. This is come to a mental we left off with Colton trying to win back Cassie sport. So well one final time who were all bad here overall batchelor for us but it. Then knock at the door. Hank couldn Cassie one last attempt didn't love. I'm not sitting here. Asking for marriage you. Sitting here. Asking for a second chance that this is really crazy. There are Iberian. In vision continues. Island of me. All these families there do you characterize chaggaris hoaxes dating girl from boyfriend obviously not engaged happening in linked. I did today we have we left off on the vents to San retain they went there don't seem impressed. Tough questions from mom and dad to have concerns about living for a while we are a little bit of different pages right now Colton and Cassie. One last date may as well take the plunge. I am in love of jets play there is no safety and our relationship full way. Did you read may your gun collection and how much and your critic commissioner. Perot checks until. It's time for the Finnessey Swede Jonas. Oh my god it's. Better take those mics off. So MI. The morning after I couldn shall warring. Again last night live Cassie was absolutely incredible. I feel like a new man last night in Los Angeles. They giddy couple in the hot seat. We're enjoying dating her now cash he accepts the final rose. Time for a serenade. From air supplies. Yeah yeah so this thing really did its staggered to an end all be honest here who knew air supplies still even had an air supply. What's less anything else no engagement Neal lane the jeweler you was upset he did make the scene. Maybe he'll be there the next go around we'll see on that note. Analysts out. That we find out that it had their lives we now we don't know it has now.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"Colton professes his love to Cassie and the new Bachelorette is revealed. ABC News' Jack Sheahan reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"61649466","title":"'The Bachelor' season finale","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-season-finale-61649466"}