Beer Company Commits to Saving Animals

Dingo Dog Brewing Company donates proceeds to no-kill animal shelters. ABC's Will Ganss has the story.
2:55 | 10/12/16

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Transcript for Beer Company Commits to Saving Animals
Why. Perhaps that's been duds in need. The big hits and a normal. You people. So. Yeah. People who put dogs it may you've got a big fat cat and a confused chicken what do they have in common. It's absolutely nothing but we'll tell you about all 3 this morning to teachers and well. We'll against. Good morning YouTube we begin with a story that seems too good to be brew -- means it's true. Bingo dot brewing company combine some of the simpler joys in life fear buds and man's best friend. The beer company based outside of Chapel Hill, North Carolina donates all of their proceeds to no kill animal shelters and animal welfare groups. Can go dog is currently opening a brand new brewery and within the next here also hopes to open a bathroom. With an outdoor space for dogs to run around while there owners enjoy some hops of their own. By entering can make life better for a puppet need hey that's the guilt free eyes PA I've been waiting for us. Next up from dogs to cats and one very unlikely hero. Kerry and barb Ginsburg both describe their cats brighter as lazy fat and quote a pain in the rob hate their words not mind. One thing that's writer does get right however is the strict ruled that he's not allowed in his owner's bedroom. That's why barber knew something was wrong when striker interrupted her morning routine by entering the bedrooms and behaving kind of oddly. Turns out that that we feline had spotted some real life cat burglars who had broken and. But Barbara fabled fifth scare them away thanks to Strider who took 1 morning off from his sleazy routine well done Strider. And finally RY it's a very classic line. This morning police in the UK has appealed the FaceBook followers asking why this chicken with crossing the road. Seriously take site police division apprehended the feather Jay Walker during the morning rush hour this week but. So far no one has turned up to clean debris bird several folks have time been on FaceBook with answers as to why he may have been crossing the road in the first place. Someone suggesting foul play and another said they think are chicken with being egged on I personally think that he just missed his bus and was. Swinging good morning commute. Candidate Diane what do you guys thing and I've been cooped up political laughs. And that maybe he was hungry any little bit packaged and talking. And he's no spring chicken I'll tell you that. He without acting and they're planning to Sonoma it's right. It took magnet.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Dingo Dog Brewing Company donates proceeds to no-kill animal shelters. ABC's Will Ganss has the story.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"42745119","title":"Beer Company Commits to Saving Animals","url":"/WNN/video/beer-company-commits-saving-animals-42745119"}