Best Looks from Cannes Film Festival

Stars stun on the red carpet during the opening night of the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.
4:45 | 05/12/16

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Transcript for Best Looks from Cannes Film Festival
Craig topping the skinny this morning. We're gonna sent overseas we shall say full fledged fashion on the French Riviera. The 69 annual Cannes Film Festival kicked up yesterday evening and for the opening ceremony the screening of woody Allen's film cafe society. And leading the glam pack on the red carpet Blake lively showed off her tiny baby bump. In and did share down its shimmering panels OK and also going sheer. Julianne Moore. According to our writer Matt looking stunning that the just can't get these words out of my mouth in an intricately woven black gothic design covered with silver and gold shimmering world's curling upper chest. Into the shape of two cobras. That in just were all right up there it's just. Paymah. Naomi Watts on the other hand went strapped lifted an ethereal Kayla I love covered dress with her sober embellish. Since OK so Chris answer those forgot the red carpet debuting her new. Bleach blond hair. And stepping out of the sheer black blouse with a full black pattern. Speaker we like. Allred gay yes it's bold and an up and where it. Should a chat on the show to learn C have got let's not concede that we did it and why weren't when you don't have to supermodel Victorian back. They should look like landing rocking album with simple black and white jumpsuit proving that. Sometimes less really is more and she looks stunning she read anything clear. Next closer to home. Prince Harry is making some new friends here on fifth that of the pond gap on day three of the index's gains in Orlando Florida. A touching moment for the spare to the air as he presented the gold medal for swimming. 225 year old Arizona born. Elizabeth marks she pressed the metal back into his hand. It is telling him to give it to the London hospital that saved her life at the Texas gained since two years ago she nearly died from lung condition. Prince Harry was also making a new four legged friend as he presented a gold medals to retired special operations command sergeant Leonard Anderson. With his faithful service dog as a. At his side OK so air Perry also found time to slip into Disney World. On of course by our parent company Disney for a late night ride on splash mountain. The young prince last visited Disney World when he was just eight years old that iconic photo. With him and his mom mom her Princess Diana and his brother wills. Beautiful photo that's killing 38. Kept hoping had a cancerous face them queued up my favorites this town has glances exactly I looked great since basement. Just in the dark. Next why Serena Williams says that she was riding the struggle bomb. The number one ranked tennis phenom chip to snapshot to caution one about why shouldn't it Doug good. That's right in Rome with her pup ship for a tournament Williams says. The gore may dog food came up from the chick at the kitchen for chip and it looks so good she couldn't resist. And then this happened. I mean if it did taste weird like our forests our ports swallowed it like it was a little. I don't know. I don't think it's consumable. Consumables won't. For a few movies. And. Not for human consumption. It was seven resident and it's so bad it looks aren't but remember pet food. Contain Rami many of the time. Your pet can it find for them not so fun for us. As Sheila an apartment that looks looks Steve's decent. Yet invented a new word consume all felt if she Egypt and what's of Jonbenet he Connecticut. It the board Dokic a big issue figure when he Rome. Do that. Finally get content but they're back Thursday looking back three decades it was exactly thirty years ago that top gun held its world premiere here in New York City. The military action drama starring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis winning an Oscar Grammy and a Golden Globes will. Would eventually breaking a nearly 354 million dollars worldwide. And help them earning at thirty your milestone Heather Locklear posted this photo on instant Graham she and her ex from Tommy Lee. Caption happy thirty baby how many are not married anymore you have if you for a lot where 53 year old they would have been married for thirty years that it better this week. Except they divorced when he three years ago happy anniversary not. Business we're backed Edwards.

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"Stars stun on the red carpet during the opening night of the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"39058565","title":"Best Looks from Cannes Film Festival ","url":"/WNN/video/best-cannes-film-festival-39058565"}