Bill Clinton Guests on Jimmy Kimmel

In a wide-ranging interview the former president talks about extraterrestrials.
3:00 | 04/03/14

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Transcript for Bill Clinton Guests on Jimmy Kimmel
That -- -- we start with a former President Bill Clinton. He was hanging out again last night and Jimmy Kimmel and they actually talked about a fair amount of serious subjects including the need for more people to vote in mid term election -- likened to. -- down to the lighter stuff mr. Clinton talked about the universe and whether or not we're -- If we were visited some that wouldn't be surprised I just felt so bad -- It's not like Independence Day you and Bill O'Reilly would be hiding in a bunker together. He'd ever main thing here percent about music. I don't care look yeah. He's a funny him. It also said Toronto mayor rob Ford is quote destroyed all stereo -- about Canadians didn't comment on whether his wife who run for president's -- sixteen but he did. Say that he would not run for vice president. It's always fun to see any president -- hey guys so I'll leave that happen late night shows but really he's rested he's yeah friend that he won't -- he -- doing the median name and he says he enjoys being -- begin but he did say he misses cheese and then Jimmy can last and if you -- being president more than -- -- here but. I had an all -- Larry -- it. So while wedding bells for veteran TV personality retirement legendary weatherman Willard Scott east tied the -- Scott who just turned eighty married his longtime girlfriend -- is -- and Fort Myers, Florida the couple has been to have been together for eleven years on the day that was announced on The Today Show where Scott still makes regular -- -- instead. When asked about honeymoon though you know said it is quoted as saying rather that their whole life has been hunting them congratulations. I mean cuts or -- -- next -- -- romance on display on the streets of New York City. X-Men -- -- Patrick Stewart and necessary Ian McKellen fresh off of their Broadway run no man's land and waiting for. Get up out of cars kicking back and taking in the sights here hanging on for dear life on coney island's famed wonder -- And here the two of them in Greenwich Village holding hands in front of that historic gay -- the stone wall at that. He is having that thing entirely ordinary -- Kelly at the -- iconic -- and Anna and Larry -- -- On of course not -- trip to New York would be complete without stop admits many give jobs. Therapeutic -- -- -- -- and horrible hi -- -- time Kidd president is getting his own TV series the YouTube star made the announcement in -- what else new video. Saying show begins on hub network this summer -- president by the way is really ten year old Robbie. -- -- His YouTube videos have gone viral with more than 75 million used. I mean I have met the adult president Barack Obama and injured in May -- and now he's going to be able to take his inspirational messages even for a good. Do you think we want to take -- message and reach even more people into the auction. I nearly 1030 minute shows. Actor -- Wilson's companies -- produce these. Can president starts in June on the hub network. He is absolutely. Adorable -- is was signaling some celebrity celebrating birthdays today Gallup poll released on fifty sex. And I am so we have actor David Hyde Pierce is just behind him turning fifty times and comedian Eddie Murphy turns 53 today. Happy birthday all of them.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"In a wide-ranging interview the former president talks about extraterrestrials.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23172068","title":"Bill Clinton Guests on Jimmy Kimmel ","url":"/WNN/video/bill-clinton-guests-jimmy-kimmel-23172068"}