Bracing for triple-digit heat

Forecasters say the duration of the extreme heat is the biggest concern this weekend. ABC News' Janai Norman reports.
1:55 | 07/19/19

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Transcript for Bracing for triple-digit heat
Good Friday morning everyone thank you for joining us as we head into a steamy weekend 175. Million Americans under weather alerts right now. As a heat wave warms up for the weekend. Dave if you're like temperature and half the country will be over 100 degrees look at some of these temperatures triple digits all the way from Nebraska. To New York. But forecasters say it's the duration of this extreme heat that is the biggest concern. This morning this summer scorcher turning downright dangerous. Triple digits are expected today from the Rockies to the East Coast. Forecasters calling it the worst heat in the years they see these conditions will last through Sunday with 87 million Americans living in cities that corn hit record highs part. For Connecticut and Washington DC places that have not seen 100 plus degrees in three years Philadelphia New York City isn't seven years I think all four plus thousands of others are gonna see that century mark this weekend and. Geysers canceled this weekend's triathlon in New York City because of the heat. And after last weekend's big blackout in the Big Apple the power company is insisting the power grid will hold up. We've got over 4000 crewmembers on the ground ready to respond to outages as they occur. In Chicago a heat index of a 116 degrees as possible commuter trains are being ordered to slow down the oppressive heat or even be making it harder to get around that metro trains that run along these lines will be moving slower because. The access that he makes these steel tracks expand creating problems that dangerous weather comes as no will release his new data showing last month. Was the warmest June on record for the planet. And nine of the ten warmest June on record have come since two when he ten. And in Phoenix in air conditioning repairman has been found dead in the attic of a home his staff is believed to be heat related to sequel out there. All of a closer look at today's forecast in less than Eichmann.

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{"duration":"1:55","description":"Forecasters say the duration of the extreme heat is the biggest concern this weekend. ABC News' Janai Norman reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"64436195","title":"Bracing for triple-digit heat","url":"/WNN/video/bracing-triple-digit-heat-64436195"}