Breakdancing Monks Honor Beastie Boys' MCA

Dancers dressed as Tibetan Monks honor Adam Yauch, the late Beastie Boys member.
2:57 | 05/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Breakdancing Monks Honor Beastie Boys' MCA
Are welcome to -- makes everyone. -- the -- city word this video that we're gonna shaved celebration of NCAA day and this is the anniversary that honors the late these two -- -- -- yeah. He actually died of cancer back in May 2012. And in honor of the out this is what happened. Today in New York City to. Guy -- adds Madden. Actually my. They're great dancing with The Beastie Boys Don kids kids -- get out. I think that's today. -- the reason is because the -- was -- It's is also this is an epic fail from a parking lot in Pennsylvania. I have -- laughing about why today. This idea I didn't talk about ineptitude. You have to back out a little more money. It clearly will -- little too far and this goes from bad to those of -- mob rural Pennsylvania and a Miracle Mile shopping center. -- -- -- They got it yet. The police that eventually show because he'd -- to nick got caught. Take on the left accidentally. -- never give back out of his face you have to. So when reversed a little while before hanging -- -- You know I feel like this driving it's all about the way you feel like -- do you feel like it's going right probably -- back that you go back to where you start getting start all over again there's no real -- and then we went that way. Oh yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- Parallel park he's just driven in how likely. It's just a wonderful OK so now -- another video this is a parity of one of roses song there's a lot of charities and present time battling a lot of let it be that other -- finance. Do you want to build a snowman I'm sure you remember all this one is a parity that includes. Something about everyone's favorite. Copy changes are two girls two. Are singing to you wanna have go to start back -- him plunging me. Do you want to go this time. And it -- -- do you start. I'm envisioning a college on -- and delegate -- thing. He's -- really -- -- plus Kelly's younger maybe and maybe murder and looked over corporate thirty. Thousand -- calories get intermingled. That's John Clark studio and mr. -- relationships and day yet he made this 25000 dollar calorie. Ted murderers stacked upon each other it's got all kinds of things to five feet four inches tall. Yeah.

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{"id":23619068,"title":"Breakdancing Monks Honor Beastie Boys' MCA","duration":"2:57","description":"Dancers dressed as Tibetan Monks honor Adam Yauch, the late Beastie Boys member.","url":"/WNN/video/breakdancing-monks-honor-beastie-boys-mca-23619068","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}