Breaking the glass ceiling on Wall Street

Lauren Simmons, 24, is one of the youngest traders and only full-time female traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. ABC News' Briana Stewart tells us about her leap into history.
5:43 | 10/16/18

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Transcript for Breaking the glass ceiling on Wall Street
On a good always get go ahead. Very is one young woman who has managed to lure her way into one of the toughest. Most elite clubs historically relegated only to men. Her name is Lawrence Simmons and she's may subvert her way onto the trading floor the New York Stock Exchange. And it's the youngest she's the youngest and the only full time funeral traitor if he's Rihanna Stewart has her story. The New York Stock Exchange is one of the most iconic symbols and American business and a fast team environmental located in the heart of Wall Street. It's the largest exchange in the world and when the last to still use human brokered most of the men. I gotta get islands. Yeah yeah to look and turned Lawrence in. And 24 of this recent college graduate the youngest and only full time cannot trader on the floor. Are people surprisingly top what you do you always when people think traders at the New York Stock Exchange think you. Look Wall Street. At lake you must be in marketing arm now like street. Trade. And I think trade. So my job is about and I'll leave you now aren't they'll say how TV the only female. It's her first job out of school. Graduated with a genetic degree from Kenneth LD university and I surprised what I'm doing guessing you would have asked me while I was in college. You know trading or finance or any of the above I would have said now if you don't see people and that's facing you don't know until five that's. Faced her journey from Georgia to Wall Street the the largely unexpected she actually had plans of becoming a genetic counselors but with limited job options she headed to new York and thirds of the new cap. That's when she met Richard Rosenblatt is the hour for small brokerage firm. Despite having no finance background he offered verbal as an equity trader. She had self assurance. Believe that he had a shot at achieving a goal that he would it's that anybody who thought he came across thermal. She aced the required series nineteen exam earning that coveted treated bags. They're people on the financial industry that have been here for twenty years to take. Have not pass so for me to do it it meant so much more. She became the second African American woman in history to sign the constitution of the New York Stock Exchange. All I can think it was 202 point six years of the second African American when. How are there glass ceilings still being broken. A recent survey reveals about a third of men and women say and I'm supportive corporate environment is the biggest obstacle. Vehicle that prevents women from advancing in the world of finance and you. One that you have to get comfortable with being I don't care I'll. There are opportunities that are givens wheel and you can't let fear. Dictates if you choose to do it or not an ending often times people decide not to do it because. They know they're going to be the only woman I think they were feeling my. Around 915 is when I'm home on. Actual deployment. More and took me down to the trade floor giving me a breakdown occurred dvd work. South island you have to have seen a boy's hands feet com. You off because your lousy. You will not be able it get a life. And why she might be the only full time female trader on the floor there's one other woman that keeps her inspired every day they feel its current statute did. It's hard to you'll first story at what she means is exactly my story. On the trading floor and it's crazy that we came to sing here. And just as that statue inspired her her viral advance story isn't barring women I'll go with the more own encouraging them not to be afraid to you bring. I've had expect that women who go very stagnant air carriers say to me hear our story has sparked fires. And while some stations aren't broken glass ceilings aren't that she's just getting started this six need any doubt we'll ever break we'll never stay. And she'd get into this boy's club for say isn't. People watching here they are encouraging I'm still learning but I'm enjoying all of this and this wall for ever be as great chapter. ABC's Greta Stewart is joining us now think so much for introducing us to Lauren is pitching great at hard to believe this is her first job. Amazing moment just 24 years old and even though will be trading floor still looks a lot like it did fifty years ago this is a signal. Of change does she have any tips for other women that might be interested in finance yes she does her number one tip is believe confident we don't be afraid to take that job that you think she maybe I need another year or two before I can. Applied to this position are maybe I should change careers just go for it it's the one thing that she fed her have in common also credibility for him. Thank you appreciate it we'll hear a lot more from her.

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{"duration":"5:43","description":"Lauren Simmons, 24, is one of the youngest traders and only full-time female traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. ABC News' Briana Stewart tells us about her leap into history.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"58524835","title":"Breaking the glass ceiling on Wall Street","url":"/WNN/video/breaking-glass-ceiling-wall-street-58524835"}