British Olympic Team Has Luggage Mishap

The country's Olympic athletes returned home from Rio but were stuck at baggage claim because each had the same red, Team GB bag.
2:42 | 08/25/16

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Transcript for British Olympic Team Has Luggage Mishap
It's time now for the next. We're gonna try to get bids for yourself laughing at what of the stories about him. So we also be identical outfits all the olympians war they got a lot of publicity and Great Britain decided to take things a step further by giving everybody matching luggage instead. I say idea its current until they arrived at baggage claim well that's a problem. Here's an extent theater where a third quarter. Saying my record one. We can't. Veterinarians around her her Great Britain moment given adding to my redneck. If they all came to returning than on the same flags of I can't see this team great Britain's Twitter account baggage collection could be interesting hash tag same same hash tag great to be back. And and they arrived. Several days ago but there apparently still at Heathrow and I got their bags. And about as awesome now and it is very that. So imagine if you bought a beer and you're looking at it and the born on date says born on 45 million years ago advocate so there's this guy. Who's trying to. Create severe that we're the yeast. What's from 45 million years ago is an instructor roll kind he's a molecular biologist Keith out of my extracting. Much he's got it right. Microscopic bacteria remember to find crucial he spring budget teams from 45 years ago and he's bring it. And he's gonna release it. Later on this year. I don't. Think I want to drink something that's hurtful how you would taste that it doesn't sound appealing to me that maybe you went missing and a fractured maybe we're missing. Yeah and we will miss thanks speaking of missing out when you're open that they can of tennis balls that Julia smells of evil and great love it eleventh. Well in honor of the US tennis open which isn't coming up next Monday. To me fragrance company decided everybody should enjoy that's now not just tennis players but still here you have it for the bargain price of eighteen dollars. You can have yourself a bottle of nave of the fragrance. Fuzzy ball what scenario to her regular. I don't. Correct ladies and gentlemen. So that's just a name of the fragrance yes can. Eric. The guys are saying they love the idea that the death of the smell of tennis ball. I don't know where were you where it Mount Everest re there cough. The move on you know you are awkward. High school photo and now I'm never occurred and never popular but this young lady if wanted to recreate her kindergarten school picture rather it has gone viral.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"The country's Olympic athletes returned home from Rio but were stuck at baggage claim because each had the same red, Team GB bag.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41640387","title":"British Olympic Team Has Luggage Mishap ","url":"/WNN/video/british-olympic-team-luggage-mishap-41640387"}