Bubble Wrap Has Its Day

Appreciation day for the packing material has people popping and stomping.
2:55 | 01/28/13

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Transcript for Bubble Wrap Has Its Day
But what can now it's time up for had been mixing get this -- global ground appreciation day. Appreciate bubble wrap I mean it's it's it's. That's just fabulous in 1960. The adventures where mark should veins and Al fielding. They really want this to be textured wallpaper but that's in really really work out because you could profit. Shaw. When -- -- that idea of course failed and didn't take off. They decided to have -- -- -- -- -- marketing the product they had a greenhouse insulated with -- -- And Larry. I'm. He had all these great things you can do with -- -- you can make a bubble -- -- you can also -- first yeah. And you did -- -- Senator I really like to. -- -- -- -- -- -- of course you can wrap your favorite. -- In some bubble wrap yeah among journalists a bubble wrap is slang for a new story of little substance there are consequences. So that's another. Good fun facts and they always think that you can do -- with with the with the can make pop bubbles talk good -- 21 years ago when I don't have any -- you then. And also works as -- really good chance material. Material yes yes the first lap down by the way -- you -- yeah you can make up -- You can you can make up -- -- -- And -- wonderful -- That let me play a good. Volleyball and yet. What you can do it well we'll wrap. -- the data without. Well I didn't -- setting -- -- -- the exit routes to China is now I gotta you know limited. -- -- And I hope our viewers at home something like -- you can just so much fun there's -- anything that you can actually do -- Communist. So mother whereas everybody this -- available while they go after school special plan.

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{"id":18334388,"title":"Bubble Wrap Has Its Day","duration":"2:55","description":"Appreciation day for the packing material has people popping and stomping.","url":"/WNN/video/bubble-wrap-day-18334388","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}