Burning Man Introduces New Live Stream Service

Fans can now check out the week-long festival from home.
2:53 | 08/30/16

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Transcript for Burning Man Introduces New Live Stream Service
So every summer read about this time all of the Bay Area disappears and pops up. In the middle of the desert in Nevada for the right of August known as burning man since taking place right on this your for the first time we have a live. Picture of it so this is what is happening in the Nevada desert at this hour I think what I assumed and I think this might even as a benefit show in network television might see some naked people. And running around or others into twos and so that. I'm not exactly sure what we're looking up but that it is a pop up. Festival that has taken place event temporary community that promotes radical inclusion of self reliance of lovable. I think it promotes a whole lot of other stuff other than that but for the life. Takes place for a week. Last year he had the celebrities of the like this Katy Perry who was there in the dust during. On and floating around there and our good friend Susan Sarandon was here last year's laughed. Putting them at check in with bring men folks later. Okay full amount to a new look at Barneys New York Jets sparking some outrage they're putting up these new sneakers both calling distressed. That distress to the point that you can city. Parts of them are I don't this is not boarding duct tape it's got him. Jimmy Barnes coughed up some are one outraged that the price tag for these duct tape sneakers this 585. Dollars but. She's saying that this is trying Tim. Mimic poverty and make poverty. Trendy and fashionable and that that's sort of an insult to people who actually are port. Others are looking at it as an opportunity one person wrote I've got a pair of the data some buzz in the state just like that the sole have a whole another. You're. A 499. Found sounds like a deal and parties probably could sell it to the likes of Justin Bieber. Who go there to shop take a look at this here doubled this is a Romania and don't try this at home for in Romania over this is flop pollutes your nest you. Who's doing this. Trick up top behind the 840 foot the Kane chimney. And he lives to to. All about it that was scary enough when it looked like he was just walking yeah. Really putting her April. Cotton old man alone he sticks Orlando now. For the Romanian gymnastics team only had one person at the Olympics they could've used him I think there maybe some people who might be willing to join at police in the state of Linehan right now that's. Oh cool. Back to burning man shall we live pictures just fold. Did you see that we had some leg multi colored thing. This is what they go there and it don't start in the 86 when. For now enough and then an arrogant and doesn't act in Minnesota. And because it just looks kind of boring and it's over.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"Fans can now check out the week-long festival from home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41738115","title":"Burning Man Introduces New Live Stream Service","url":"/WNN/video/burning-man-introduces-live-stream-service-41738115"}