Celebrating black art

Since 1968 The Studio Museum in Harlem has been a focal point for art by people of African descent and now it's partnering with New York's Museum of Modern Art to showcase its works.
3:39 | 08/05/19

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Transcript for Celebrating black art
Today is a particularly exciting day because it is the opening day this thinking in Ohio on exhibition are artists in residence this is a partnership a cost to incredible institutions this Indian museum in Harlem. And Obama yes one this is part of a larger partnership. Which has these two institutions collaborating during monumental parts of there on institutional history and seeing museums keys here in the process of building and you Felton. I think most people knew that the city museums going to be closed for a number of years. And because it plays such a crucial role in the artists' community and certainly in the African American artist community I think. Those of us around town with other institutions of Phelps real responsibility. To help out in any way that we. Since its founding in 1968. The studio museum in Harlem has been devoted. Two rethinking re imagining and in many ways through the exhibitions. Are programs reading writing the cat orchestra. Fifth decision to war with mussina mind quiet moment PS one happened very organically he. Are working all around the city with many different museums and arts organizations. I was excited about it as opportunity to work with two institutions outlines and one as prestigious moment. I'm Williams and it's a neighbor ahead and Harlem. And I look at my entire line. A verb meaning the past two decades I've seen it change alive I don't know if it will be the same in the future. A lot of this out of the center of everything renovated supplant it out of the main vampire flick decades. The stated it was very important because as one of the hallmark cultural institutions in the Harlem. Adding to have that are really beautiful release Argentines. The cultural centers are religious and Arafat. When I think the far Harlem medical percent of that sense I think about Siemens you know. The body of work that I creative artistic and museum show. Is as much about my memories of armistice of Harlem as a isn't present moment all those images were inspired by. Just being up individual work walking on the streets of Harlem and different people that I saw two people with and making. I think it art can be universally good people are willing to pay and it aren't dependent. On his audience. At this studio museum we welcome the opportunity to bring this year's exhibition to a new audience. Now in some ways our audience in Harlem has always been to Paris people came from all over the city that countries in the world. To see the work of artists of African descent. It's exciting opportunity to think about what these next steps means for our institution and ways of reaching age you audiences and public safety thinking critically about the future institution should look like we look forward to the moment and we opened it to Lance on the new studio museum in highland in the new building what we hope is that we will continue. She's present artists of African descent to show our collection to have a residency program but we also hope that in that means we'll begin. Again to think about how art and culture can be an important part of the community. Of the city and the war. Just so beautiful there are big thanks to our producers district saying that Michael. Beckel for bringing us that yeah incredible piece that stretched. Got that she's living her best like right now out and gone on but. Loving norte that she left that we'll.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"Since 1968 The Studio Museum in Harlem has been a focal point for art by people of African descent and now it's partnering with New York's Museum of Modern Art to showcase its works.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"64777849","title":"Celebrating black art","url":"/WNN/video/celebrating-black-art-64777849"}