Cissy Houston's New Book on Whitney

Whitney Houston's mother puts out a tell-all book about her daughter, Whitney.
3:16 | 01/29/13

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Transcript for Cissy Houston's New Book on Whitney
Yeah. -- -- Got a good way to relate to a contract included. Whitney Houston back in the news -- a book coming out today by her -- CC Houston kind of ventures that you kind of wanted to put it out there so people. Didn't think the worst about her daughter leave or not we're coming up on the one year anniversary of acquisitions. -- that was the night before the grammys out there in Beverly Hills. And a leader of the book kind of -- reviews -- -- reveals a few interesting details one of which is the we've all talked about the impact Bobby Brown had all her life. Recorded the books -- he says I do believe her life would have turned out differently it would have been easier for her to get sober and stay sober. Instead she was with someone who like her wanted to -- to me he never seemed to be -- to her in the way that she needed says she has no concept of Bobby brown and more these days. Had also. She points out that she -- -- could be mean. And difficult and in one line even said in my darkest moments I wonder whether -- her nickname for Whitney who loved me she always told me she did but you know she didn't call me much she didn't come scene is much as I hope she would. -- -- not -- very candid very honest book about. Whitney and that kind of always interesting mother daughter relational and answers to especially adding fame and addiction and spotlight all that so. And just coming out today yes indeed going to be -- read. Some entertainers Chris Brown I mean unbelievable always in child what to get ready -- yeah also before the grammys that -- -- -- His in 2009 his then girlfriend Rihanna well he is now. Being accused of beating up a frank ocean. Hop over -- parking spot which is what really gets me apparently Chris Brown allegedly landed a punch Sunday night in this fight. We've got frank ocean then tweeting out. Got jumped by Chris and a couple of guys hello I only wish Evers was there -- -- his mountain dog. And he also says that now one of his fingers just cut -- he may not be able to play with two hands at the grammys and apparently he wants to press charges against Chris Brown. So I'm sure we will hear a lot more about this and this is a problem for Chris because -- still want. Probation we'll from the deep down they can't Rihanna. The man does have few languages we know that clearly had at least she's you know I guess would surely -- not men yeah. Running away from the scene -- man Chris sister. They did back in the news -- -- -- big sag -- and talked about that yesterday comes home Sunday night -- to his home in LA five to rob -- in the garage areas with his wife. And looking for items is still in the garage so we found this guy when he tried to run away -- chased the suspect down the street was able to detain him until police arrived this -- -- suspect was arrested at 11 o'clock -- paying -- says Amy Thompson. Remember when LL cool days and I don't really well and that's right not a good idea that -- go get a group met him. -- and Chris Jenner get her own talk show. A low risk Jared yeah it's critical because Chris on fox. She's 57 years old and -- -- -- be produced by twentieth television buying. I'm shocked -- card that she would seek the media spotlight to think.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Whitney Houston's mother puts out a tell-all book about her daughter, Whitney.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"18342239","title":"Cissy Houston's New Book on Whitney","url":"/WNN/video/cissy-houstons-book-whitney-18342239"}