Can Coffee Be Poured from the Tap?

A Norwegian television show tries to get coffee from the faucet.
3:00 | 02/11/14

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Transcript for Can Coffee Be Poured from the Tap?
I'm -- time it's about coffee I usually like to put in the mix because you know coffee in the -- that's -- we -- -- and don't try this at home and that's an appropriate. Thing to say because it's a Norwegian show we're about to show you entitles. Don't try this at home -- what you guys thought can we get coffee from the tap. So that rusty work yet they went to work -- hot water here that's that don't try to help folks I. -- hot -- in the coffee isn't coffee into the water heaters and a lot of people. But -- you know they turned it up nice and hot -- even works. Some cold water please hang its sewer -- today hot coffee. Why not try it out I think it's a brilliant well you just put out of the basement take off the night and the big old ranch four in ten pounds -- -- -- did a lot of you have not to handing me. He's finally at a news -- -- automatic drip coffee maker but nonetheless. I guess if your attention now -- I just don't -- try it at home I wonder if the water is still a little coffee flavor that we can premiere when does it finally -- -- exactly take a shower by mistake the often -- one OK so. Valentine's Day is coming up if you have not figured out what to get the special lady in your life here's a terrible idea. Okay thank you delicate says. From the Vermont Teddy bear company and it is called the biggest Hong gut love affair didn't let. Number -- I -- to advertisers before so they did it last year for Valentine's Day they also advertisements around Christmas. That it is at four and a half. Feet tall this giant Teddy bear and -- I don't know what would you do to move up the -- -- has put. People forget yeah. -- guy especially any ordinary or admit certain disobeying remain the -- cut back placements are paying rent. My goodness gracious the big hurdle. And all right let's go to the Westminster dog show last -- it's the best in show this evening that I. Westminster dog show your New York City high -- garden. We have some cool little shots of behind the scenes at the Westminster dog show oh yeah our laws but check them out there working out they -- it's a big day. Well -- got backstage. And all what a cute. Also he's getting in Nassau -- he looks like he's desert digital input from a handful of -- to abandon. And not less about these little love. Another Allen or Allen's fault you gotta have good balance -- Marcy. I know it OK so -- went on to the next picture. In this cold combined use one to forget shoveling snow go inside -- -- -- super some cup noodles -- And -- your cup noodles will shovel the snow for you this is outside of the -- we'll meet me on the in Japan except one of the employees out in costume disheveled look encompassing shovels for -- have a lot and you drink -- -- Henry Paulson.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A Norwegian television show tries to get coffee from the faucet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22457791","title":"Can Coffee Be Poured from the Tap?","url":"/WNN/video/coffee-poured-tap-22457791"}