Countdown to historic summit with North Korea

President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have arrived in Singapore ahead of the high-stakes summit. ABC News' Tara Palmeri reports.
2:28 | 06/11/18

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Transcript for Countdown to historic summit with North Korea
It would be 6 morning on this Monday everyone were to start with president from just hours away from those historic talks with North Korea the White House has confirmed that the first of two meetings will be one on one just the president and Kim Jung un. And their translators secretary of state Mike Pompeo says the president is well prepared for the summit which could put North Korea on a path to nuclear disarmament we'll take a live look right now of Singapore where the summit this set to get under way it is in the mid afternoon hours there right now. ABC's terror problem Larry is there with the very latest. Good morning or afternoon tariff. Newton. Didn't afternoon here but this morning that getting candidate. So president talking very optimistic about striking a deal with Kim Jung. At the same time though he's downplaying what that deal might me. President trump leaning in Singapore confident about his chances of success at that high stakes summit with North Korean leader Kim Jung then. Less than 24 hours away for not historic sit down at a meeting with the prime minister of Singapore. Tweeting great to be in Singapore excitement in the air. Kim Jong-un touching down hours earlier staying at the heavily guarded saint Regis hotel. Riding with his sister Kim Yeo Jong in a black limousine with north cream flags on the hood. His body guards ran alongside the car Kim told Singaporean prime minister leak at its office quote the whole world is watching. The North Korean state media said trump and Kim would discuss quote a permanent and durable peace keeping mechanism. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo saying overnight that the president is quote well prepared for the meeting. President Tom warning it's now or never. It's a one time shot and he just didn't work. Very well going with his gut he says hello right away at the North Korean leader is serious about denuclearization. Within the first minute. And in a rare move not over selling the outcome the minimum would leave relationship he's he's. Meanwhile there are new reports that Kim Dong and brought his own portable toilet within the thought it now isn't the first time he did that. Last month when he met with it. South Korean leader men and he also brought his own toilet reporting in Singapore on our primary ABC news dying and that's. Dictators they're just like us Healy here above married Theodore Boras thinks there.

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{"id":55804651,"title":"Countdown to historic summit with North Korea","duration":"2:28","description":"President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have arrived in Singapore ahead of the high-stakes summit. ABC News' Tara Palmeri reports.","url":"/WNN/video/countdown-historic-summit-north-korea-55804651","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}