Cuddling Kittens Can Kill

According to a new study, cuddling kittens can potentially be harmful to your health.
2:54 | 09/20/16

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Transcript for Cuddling Kittens Can Kill
Our it's time for the next several of the look at Debbie downer if you are discussing this through his life robbery. Because it's all about help coming kittens can actually be bad for your help but I'm not I'm not the one who say this in the CDC. Course saying that running called. Cat scratch fever OK it's actually. More prevalent than they thought it's not just south and no this is something that can be contracted if you're either scratched by an infected cats. Or if you touch the cat at your mum for many kids think that they say kittens and strays are more susceptible also are available when handling them. And basically what they're saying is that you should you know wash your hands after handling cats and in the cautious how ever. I am happy to report it is still favorite just has more frequent than they thought it still only four point five out patients in. 100000. But they're still saying a good chance you get scraps and you might died from cuddling that kitten. I mean that the Internet are headed even more rare but or appoint 500. Just watch your head that you think. All right so there's this record store in Brooklyn that's pretty popular and for. Those younger than thirty record stores are what blockbuster used to be before back when you have final in you can. Art and the video yet but the box store that was dedicated to since anything. That OK I digress there's a record store in Brooklyn and it's offering up the opportunity for you to spend the night in that store. Thanks to air B&B here it's a rough trade swallow and actually with music snobs two lucky people get the chance to hang out. And this massive store there. Getting includes. Roundtrip airfare to New York City. And this sale tell us they have angster roofs his. Lower it is this is this place and such tied him this isn't such high now they're doing today they need to spend and just imagine the idea of being there in a record store you can spin whatever. Record you want all night long you can have friends over they have to leave by 2 AM. Scott yeah. From Debbi doubted her former OK now I haven't durable story this is an eight year old boy's name is Thomas Moore and he stuck his mom. Watching a video of a girl who lost her hair to cancer and so Thomas came up at this great idea that he's gonna grow his hair out. For two years and there you see the results. His mom says after he cut a lot of he was able to made. Enough fair for I believe it was three wigs. And he is now getting a lot of. Still that's another creative youngster using. Himself for another reason this is in Scotland you know the legal age to drink in Scotland is eighteen so. He figured he'd dress up like his mom that's what his mom looks like. Think dressed up like mob scene there the fake ID to go get alcohol and by legally.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"According to a new study, cuddling kittens can potentially be harmful to your health. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"42214630","title":"Cuddling Kittens Can Kill","url":"/WNN/video/cuddling-kittens-kill-42214630"}