Cuomo accusers respond to his new apology

ABC’s Mona Kosar Abdi has the new reactions.
1:59 | 03/04/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cuomo accusers respond to his new apology
This morning new reaction from the women who accuse New York governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment. After he addressed the scandal publicly for the first time I truly in deeply apologize for. One accusers attorney says the governor statement was full of falsehoods. I never touched any inappropriate. And I certainly. Never ever meant. To offend anyone or hurt anymore. Three women have come forward recently accusing Cuomo of unwanted advances and our Rupp claims he touched her face at a wedding and when he nineteen. Think Cuomo asked if he could kiss her providing a picture to the New York Times showing the alleged moment in his apology Cuomo said the jester is his customary greeting. You can go find hundreds of pictures of me kissing people. Men and women it doesn't matter mind intent. What it matters is if anybody was offended by it. And who I could intend no offense but if they were offended by it then it was wrong. An attorney for another accuser Charlotte Bennett writing in a statement that Cuomo. Quote repeatedly said he had no idea he made anyone and comfortable adding that Bennett quote reported his sexual harassing behavior. Immediately to his chief of staff and chief counsel we are confident that they made him aware of her complaint. This morning the governor is refusing to resign. I wasn't elected by politicians. I was elected by the people of the state in New York. I'm not going to resign. A third accuser Cuomo's former aide Lindsey boy when reacting in a post writing quote. How can New Yorkers trust you Governor Cuomo to leader state if you don't know when you've been inappropriate with your own staff. Cuomo says he is fully cooperating with the state attorney general's investigation into the accusers claims.

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"ABC’s Mona Kosar Abdi has the new reactions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"76247486","title":"Cuomo accusers respond to his new apology","url":"/WNN/video/cuomo-accusers-respond-apology-76247486"}