Dan Harris: Meditation is the Path to Happiness

After an on-air panic attack, ABC's Dan Harris discovered meditation to become happier.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dan Harris: Meditation is the Path to Happiness
Discovering their power is a powerful thing you just -- -- harris' report about his journey to -- -- mind and improve his life through meditation now earlier I sat down with Dan on the -- that I asked him how he made his transition to meditation. I wife gave me a book and it was about buddhism and I -- but that is -- thing. And it did seem to have the diagnosis of the human condition that I thought sounded right that we at this racing mind always wanting commenting judging consider -- that are. But it said that the antidote was meditation I thought that's completely -- except it's gotta -- time he's not going not not -- just that I -- associated with you know. Incense and and random Malarkey that I was not -- get involved with. So how many minutes a day do you think somebody could benefit from meditation you needed now -- if not five minutes now. Five minutes I tell -- start with five minutes tell yourself you're never gonna do more. Five minutes you'll start immediately developing a different relationship without voice in your head. You'll you'll be doing battle waited for five minutes it's like holding a -- -- your hands. All of a sudden when it starts telling you to do crazy things you might some percentage of the time. Give it a reaganesque. There you go again and not take the -- And that's -- superpower. Real quick any advice for the beginner -- Find simple instructions -- -- available all over the place -- on this meditation you can get on abcnews.com. I have a three step rain -- for happiness on there. Do it five minutes and it's the daily -- that matters. Do it every day and again you'll develop -- different relationship with the voices now really inspiring great luck with the book to and I appreciate him.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"After an on-air panic attack, ABC's Dan Harris discovered meditation to become happier.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22871879","title":"Dan Harris: Meditation is the Path to Happiness","url":"/WNN/video/dan-harris-meditation-path-happiness-22871879"}