Dancing Dream: Fulfilling the Fantasy of Disabled Children

A ballet program in New York allows children with physical disabilities to perform on stage.
4:33 | 05/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dancing Dream: Fulfilling the Fantasy of Disabled Children
Wearing T two and dancing like a ballerina is -- -- part of childhood for -- little girls. And a very special dance program here in New York is making sure that that's true even for little girls with disabilities or one it is our favorite story in the day and our digital news associate Amanda van Allen spent time with the girls. And dancing dreams. I don't any -- -- Sunday. Just like many young girls adding he loves to dance her mother -- -- -- rehearsal once a week and right now Abby is practicing for her big -- -- to get here because it's not girls dancing and -- think -- -- it's nice yeah. This is dancing Jennings a ballet program for girls for physical disabilities. I'm a physical -- best and had a practice in PDF checks -- when Dan little girl that is treating. Was destined to guarantee to look to me instead post -- could be dancing. And it's. Continues. Dance dreams started in 2000 -- with only five girls and now over fifty dancers get a chance the -- -- its news and take their place in the spotlight. It gives them the chance to be on stage just like they're friends they're proud of themselves they're happy. And happy and -- case is an understatement. Dancing -- -- gives her hope. Something cause these special. Land banks and I can't kill an idea that isn't maybe I hear like get stronger Levy. And -- in seeing more. -- has -- -- -- and a which is the result of the spinal cord not completely developing and the well. There is still -- here and the causes are unknown at least one brother however does not have the same condition. About sticks and a sentencing -- yeah that's happening -- It's challenging having -- -- but come on. -- send out and I don't count in. Getting -- -- Dance injuries and her -- -- are helping her through those tough challenge. Love -- yeah yeah Leo is little man -- -- -- -- We talked nine to know she's comfortable let me show and that's me Levon -- hard to see each other every week. Finally the day after months and months of -- -- it's time for the and you -- dancing into the eastern right here in New York City. It's literally closed -- -- absolutely everywhere these girls are so radio show they're yeah. Okay. -- It's -- bombing and that. The flying it boring. And train and being able to block and then. Me I win them -- The San Joaquin -- -- -- -- I think everybody is just incredibly amazed by those that incredible girls I was appeared tearing up a little you know our nominee and I'm glad that the television -- -- it happened is yes my daughter started interior you just. This -- passes you get tough again. Anyway -- -- is a man is and in this story for us to think you Amanda. A remarkable young group of girls Abby Lynn wonderful child but what about the -- -- While her parents are incredibly involved me about the mother in the piece of cores and she is so helpful. Her bridge as -- twin brother of course he loves -- he doesn't like going although you know the shows and all that stuff but he definitely supports -- her older sister actually isn't the answer. So while -- gets to be found the cancer just like -- suspect. -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":19089453,"title":"Dancing Dream: Fulfilling the Fantasy of Disabled Children","duration":"4:33","description":"A ballet program in New York allows children with physical disabilities to perform on stage.","url":"/WNN/video/dancing-dream-fulfilling-fantasy-disabled-children-19089453","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}