"Dancing with the Stars" 2014: Disney Week Results

Results from Monday's eye-popping performances.
3:46 | 04/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for "Dancing with the Stars" 2014: Disney Week Results
-- -- this morning skinny fan favorite gets. Who -- -- ballroom nine remaining celebrities reunited with their original Dancing With The Stars partners to kick up their heels to Disney classics like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. New fairy tale I think for Australian pop star Cody Simpson is elimination drew -- in the audience but he made a -- collect. This is been. That's the very near experience remaining Spain saying the united obviously. It's tough but this is -- -- They -- laying people didn't really get a chance to see coyote you know he's an incredible it. Olympian Amy heard he is still very much in the game -- Actor and singer James -- -- claim the first perfect score of the season was -- and hello what is just one point behind him. Let's talk about the rumors that -- swirling around the next double 07 movie installment number 24 ruling for. Well that's amazing to get this reports have surfaced that Penelope Cruz -- -- -- next bond girl. The 39 year old Spanish beauty isn't talking -- but there's word believe Sony document naming her as James -- new love interest. In the follow up to sky fall -- she looks better and better I think as the years go on a night -- -- Cruz's name has been circulated Daniel Craig to the leading role what two pregnancies. May have made that impossible -- husband Javier Bardem just. -- play the villain. In the last -- That she has always done it for me I'd like my little girl -- she is my girl crush from the beginning of time so I cannot what I won't be. I hire baby sitter just to go see them back. She's nodding and oh yeah. -- you coming up next Heidi Kate didn't wish first smaller asset you're. It's -- -- I -- -- not only go there but you can tell on the fate light -- 21 year old Sports Illustrated supermodel has made a name for herself for the curvy frame and 34. I wish I had smaller groups every day of my life. She say as the that they're too big to go brought -- in spaghetti -- And I hate that she even went so far as to say she wishes she -- -- not like they were clip on earrings or -- bonnet boot -- -- You're -- you're not speechless there must be something you add to this story designed Rebecca watched the video I guess yet exactly fit -- I'm not gonna win on this one -- Ireland things fashionable -- and -- and Johnny Weir has patched things up with -- husband after a very public split. They split last month -- -- allegations of domestic violence animal abuse and vandalized handbags. Now TMZ says Johnny in -- is nasty divorce is off. -- -- catcher Victor reportedly wants -- to publicly apologized for all the nasty things he said. And Johnny must agree to no longer let his mom. Medal in the marriage all -- -- and his friends that is a cat fight. How how is this wouldn't marriage still on and their divorce is off if all of that is still happening. I don't know to get some good publicity -- you know -- -- All publicity is just -- candidate you better -- that OK and last but not -- today's birthday celebration. Celebs blowing out candles on this tax day April 15 Atlanta for I thought about it Thompson if -- Great 55 years. Singer Samantha fox is 48 years ago. Actor Seth -- turning 32 years old today. Easy yeah get another fairly young -- kind of -- now I feel really old actress Emma Watson she's turning in the area 14 years -- Happy birthday.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"Results from Monday's eye-popping performances.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23328325","title":"\"Dancing with the Stars\" 2014: Disney Week Results","url":"/WNN/video/dancing-stars-2014-disney-week-results-23328325"}